Chapter 2 The planned future


After breakfast, the rest of the children started the morning class as usual, while Elena picked up breakfast to attend to Benítez, who was still in bed.

The area of the orphanage is not large, and Benítez's room is just a few minutes away from the dining hall.

The distinctive wooden and stone structure of the houses in the British area, though solid, is indeed quite deficient in terms of moisture and humidity resistance.

As soon as Elena opened the door, she felt the characteristic dampness of the lakeside house and frowned. The girl placed the tray in her hand and walked towards the window to open it.

The fresh morning breeze swept away the damp feeling in the house, refreshing the spirit.

"Fortunately, you are here, otherwise, the orphanage must be in chaos now, it's really hard for you."

A deep voice of a middle-aged man came from behind Elena, and she turned around, only to see Benítez sitting up in bed and leaning against the wall, although his face was still pale due to the wind and migraine. However, compared to the apathy of the past few days, his spirit is obviously much better now.

"If you ever hide from me again and fight in underground boxing to earn money, I swear I will never forgive you next time."

The silver-haired girl snorted and walked aggressively towards Benítez's bed. Her lake-blue eyes were filled with guilt.

If there is a selection of good people, Benítez can definitely rank among the top.

Benítez was born into a large and poor family, and his parents didn't have the money to send him to school. When he fell into drugs and mixed into society and sought help from the priest, he was expelled from the church. Fortunately, a Spanish brotherhood took him in and provided him with education to become a priest.

Thinking of his helpless childhood experience, Benítez simply set up an orphanage next to his chapel, relying on government grants, social donations, and his income as a priest to care for the orphans.

Elena was one of the orphans he picked up from the streets of London at that time. It must be said that Elena, who had just crossed over six years ago, couldn't even speak English. If she hadn't been lucky enough to meet Benítez, perhaps survival would have been very difficult.

However, as the children grew up, funding for the orphanage became increasingly tight.

To raise funds, Benítez, who didn't want to abandon the orphans, had to take temporary jobs in the neighboring town. A few days ago, he even secretly went to the city's underground boxing ring.

If it hadn't been for the severe migraine attack caused by the cold draft, Benítez would have had to confess to Elena for help. Elena might still have been in the dark and enjoying three hearty meals a day.

Elena energetically took the bowl, handed it to Benítez, and complained like a cannon.

"Last year's World Cup, there should have been a lot of money left from the bet! Why should we fight in underground boxing, and agreed on the funding source for the orphanage, let me think of something. Have the soup first-"

Although she wasn't a veteran fan in her previous life, due to the song "Don't cry for me Argentina," she still vaguely remembered the tragic Argentina led by Maradona this time, relying on those few unpopular games, she still won almost 6,000 pounds.

Even if the orphanage's house was renovated and everyone's meals were improved, at least there would be no difficulties to embarrass Benítez by going to the underground boxing ring.

Benítez blew on the bowl of soup in his hand, took a sip, and replied coldly.

"The six thousand pounds that you saved. The house renovation and three meals used up the previous orphanage savings."

"Why?! Who told you to save it?!"

Upon hearing Benítez's response, the silver-haired girl was like a blown-up cat, her arms waving, and the man in front of her looked at her angrily and asked.

If she didn't consider that her body had just recovered, Elena would even feel like pouncing on him.

Benítez shrugged and swallowed the fried egg in his mouth, looking at Elena with bared curious teeth, pointing to the empty bowl in his hand and asked.

"So tell me frankly, what is this? You need to know that the last time the Wildlife Conservation Association came to visit you was because you were frying fish at the lake. Besides, I don't know when there was a sudden increase called the chubby-faced Scottish breed."

Every time Benítez asked this question before, Elena would randomly find a reason to deceive, so Benítez has always been curious about the origin of this free chicken soup these days.

Elena reached out, so she generously admitted, "Well, this is actually stewed owl soup."

"O ... OWL?! Are you a demon?!"

Benítez emitted a strange groan in his throat, his mouth might have been as wide as an egg, and he looked at Elena in shock.

---Originally, he thought it would be some other type of wild bird. After all, there are several birds that live on the shores of Loch Lomond all year round.

"That is, these past days have been... oh, my goodness! You are the demon!"

Benítez, who had almost fully recovered, suddenly felt a headache, raised his left hand, rubbed his eyebrows, "Luckily, it's not the Middle Ages, otherwise you would definitely be condemned as a witch. Only the legendary wizard will eat an owl."

"No, as far as I know, the Chinese used to eat them, but now they are protected animals. Not to mention, the taste is really good, and I guarantee you these are not wild animals located in the reserve by the lake."

Elena blinked, smiled flatteringly, raised her right hand to swear, and then continued to explain seriously.

"Owls have good medicinal value, nourish the yin and replenish deficiencies, the meat quality is more tender and delicate than ordinary chicken, after removing the internal organs, the whole body can be used as medicine. Most importantly, owl meat contains some medicinal substances that can relieve pain.

Isn't this a recent bother for you? I thought of using owls to make soup and help nurture your body. It's a pity that Gastrodia is only available in Asia; otherwise, if you could cook a pot of Owl Soup with Gastrodia, it would be so simple."


Just then, there was a strange sound on the window sill, as if someone had accidentally hit a partially open window.

Elena paused her conversation alertly, turned her head, and looked out the window, only to see a clumsy brown-black striped cat falling from the eaves and landing on the open window sill.

She didn't expect such a clumsy wildcat, it would stumble if it walked! Must life be hard?

Elena blinked, took a piece of meat from Benitez's bowl, crouched down, gently placed it in front of the wildcat on the window sill, and said with a smile.

"Kitty, eat it, eat it."

To her surprise, at the next moment, she saw the wildcat, as if gravely offended. The cat suddenly exploded, emitting a deep growl, obviously extremely angry.

Look closely, there are strange square lines around the eyes of this wildcat, and it looks like a pair of glasses.

Elena frowned and looked at the crouched cat on the window sill, wondering if it was an illusion. She seemed to see the same angry and condemning expression in those bright cat eyes.

The little silver-haired lolita had a fleeting thought in her heart and always felt like she had forgotten something.

Forget it, it's not very important to think about it. If it dares to lose its temper if it doesn't accept food, such a kitty is not cute at all!

She shook her head helplessly, Elena's eyes suddenly changed, and she reached out suddenly, accurately pinched the soft skin behind the black cat's neck, and ruthlessly lifted it through the window.

"Meow, meow!"

She knew that this rabies vaccination era was very problematic, so it was better not to be scratched by wild cats.

After a brief episode, Elena clapped her hands and looked at Benitez, saying angrily.

"In short, I have confessed. Now it's your turn, why do you want to work so hard, even making money by fighting in dirty boxing?"

Benitez sat up straight, looked at the girl he had brought from the streets of London six years ago and said for a moment.

"Did you want to leave early and study in the United States?"


"When you were little... I was very concerned and scared, you would talk about dreams every night."

Benitez said softly in his eyes, "Although most of what you say cannot be understood, some frequently repeated words can still be recognized."

Dream words? Luckily, I usually speak Chinese in my dreams! Elena was scared for a moment, then looked at Benitez with confusion and asked, "Words?"

"Well, for example, Harvard University, Silicon Valley, Microsoft, Wall Street..." Benitez frowned, trying to recall, "Most of the others are some strange words, like Apple, Blizzard, Amazon, Facebook, Tencent, Alibaba..."

Elena's eyes blinked, "That's not a strange word."

In ten years, they are almost the entire Internet world. Like a reborn, she wonders almost every day how to get on this train to the top of the great era.

After a pause, Benitez reached out and gently stroked Elena's silver hair. "Studying abroad is a huge expense. You shouldn't be limited to the Scottish Highlands because of me and the orphanage. If you don't mind, I could look into the process of adoption."

"Father, father..."

The girl with silver hair felt mixed emotions for a moment, grabbed the large hand above her head, and her eyes were filled with readiness to say something.

Tuk Tuk.

At that moment, there was a sudden knock on the front door and Bran's timid voice followed.

"Father Benitez, despite my repeated reminders of your physical inconveniences, this lady who claims to be McGill-Milwa insists on visiting you in person, saying she is discussing Sister Elena's admission."

⊙? ⊙! Wait... who is coming?!

Elena's eyes narrowed suddenly.

About Elena's enrollment? Without waiting for Elena to object, Benitez responded confidently.

"It's okay, my body has almost recovered. It's just that Elena is here as well. Miss McGonagall, please come in."

Benitez didn't realize that at this moment, Elena, confident and ready to talk about her life plan, shuddered suddenly, almost instinctively trying to escape through the window.


Professor McGonagall from Hogwarts?!

Elena suddenly reacted to the fleeting thoughts earlier.

—Professor McGonagall is an Animagus who can transform into a cat.

Having said that, the wildcat that had just heard the recipe for "round stuffed Scottish chicken" and was thrown off the windowsill by her...

It's over, she's in trouble!

She didn't want to experience the feeling of being turned into a small animal for breaking school rules. Others are not easy to deal with. As a woman, Elena wouldn't believe that Professor McGonagall would pretend to be so generous and had never done so before.

This time, even if threatened with a knife to her neck, starving to death on the streets, or being run over, she would never set foot in Hogwarts.