Chapter 20 Oaths and promises

By Lake Lomond, the sky was completely dark.

The clear night that had not been covered by industrial pollution, the moonlight silently leaned, covering the entire shore of the lake with a silvery-white veil.

Occasionally, the sound of splashing water could be heard as the three large fish wriggled in the fish bucket on the grass, and the stack of stones had already cooled, the black stones covered with water droplets.

After a fire, Elena and Dumbledore appeared by the lake.

"Yes, before we realize it, it's so late. So, to waste so much time in the afternoon, it would be better to follow what I said at the beginning."

The girl looked around and glanced at the old man beside her with a hint of complaint.

Dumbledore smiled and shook his head, with no intention of refuting.

He could really see what was difficult to understand, an unbreakable oath that was initially considered very simple, which took up most of the afternoon.

If Grindelwald's eloquence is not weak, maybe he wouldn't have been able to talk about it yet.

"And this mark is so ugly, Professor Dumbledore, you haven't mentioned anything that causes scars before!"

Elena raised her dissatisfied left hand, wrinkled her small nose, and looked pitiful as if she was about to cry.

Under the bright moonlight, three shallow chain marks on the skin of the girl's pale and tender hands could be clearly seen, corresponding to the three oaths established in the Newmongad tower where they were located.

"After a day, the mark will automatically disappear, unless you activate it voluntarily, then it will appear."

Dumbledore explained calmly and unperturbed.

After a long lip battle in the afternoon, he had learned how to maintain a more pleasant mood in conversation with the little silver-haired loli.

——That is, selectively ignoring some minor complaints from the girls, including the act of self-pity.

Seeing Dumbledore not responding further, Elena pouted in boredom, her big bright eyes rolling, and she tugged at the long wizard robe sleeves of Dumbledore.

"Professor, regarding your trip to Diagon Alley tomorrow, I have thought it over and I think it is still somewhat inappropriate. We should let it pass."

Undoubtedly, in the magical world, Dumbledore is definitely the main "national god" unknown to everyone.

Not to mention the series of shiny titles of savior and patron saint, just the headmaster of Hogwarts is enough for each of his movements to affect the entire magical world.

Elena couldn't imagine how inhumane they would be if they were to find Dumbledore in Diagon Alley tomorrow helping a little witch who was poor, weak, and especially capable of eating. A grand occasion for the curious.

"Actually, you just need to give me the grant, Jialong, you can rest assured."

"No one can easily deceive me, even if I am alone, I can easily buy all the materials necessary for admission."

Dumbledore lowered his head and gazed intently at the innocent silver-haired loli. In front of him was the messy headmaster's office, a trembling Fox Phoenix, and a large number of scattered owl feathers.

He was not worried about Elena being swindled. He was concerned about those shopkeepers in Diagon Alley who were unaware of the truth and had no psychological precautions.

Furthermore, after observing the debate between Elena and Grindelwald, he was more determined to educate and pay attention to this dangerous mixed-blood loli.

He even had a strange intuition that if he allowed Elena to play freely in Diagon Alley, it would surely cause big trouble. At that time, he was still bound by an oath to clean up the mess.

"No, I swear to do everything possible to protect you until you are trained as a mature witch who can fend for herself."

Dumbledore shook his head and replied in a tone that brooked no argument.

"Alright, come back early."

"Tomorrow at nine o'clock, I will take you to Diagon Alley to buy some necessary supplies for the new semester, such as spellbooks, wands, and the like—"

As he spoke, Dumbledore suddenly stopped, hitting his forehead in annoyance.

"Oh, it seems I must ask Mileva for a list of books and equipment necessary for first-year students."

After all, since becoming the headmaster of Hogwarts, he had never accompanied a first-year student to purchase supplies in Diagon Alley. He really couldn't remember exactly what to buy now.

"In short, remember your oath, Elena Kaslana."

Dumbledore stroked Elena's head, knelt slightly, and gazed seriously into the girl's blue eyes. "Although there is no ceremony yet, from this moment, you are already a member of Hogwarts. Right now."

"You know, stop patting my head, your hair is greasy."

The little silver-haired loli pushed away the large hand with dissatisfaction. She decided to wear ten-centimeter high-heeled shoes after growing up a few years to be taller and see who dared to casually touch her head.

"Regarding the oath or something, it will remind me on its own, without you having to worry."

Elena smiled faintly, raised her left hand and punched, the chain mark that had suddenly disappeared lit up like a flame chain, snaking up the girl's arm.

In the night, it looked as sacred and powerful as an inviolable Valkyrie.

"Nonsense! This is not a toy! Never try to challenge the unbreakable oath until your magical power is double mine and Grindelwald's."

Dumbledore's face darkened, and he frowned in anger.

The old man's pupil contracted slightly, and he gazed at the three dazzling chains of oath, the idea of violating all oaths instantly arose, even today's Grindelwald might not be able to do it.

Clearly, Elena deliberately touched all the clauses of her vows at the same time before triggering the warning phenomenon, but as soon as she implements any idea in her mind today, the unbreakable oath will instantly take her life.

"No worries, it's not a big deal, just kidding. I don't want to die so early."

Elena mischievously stuck out her tongue, released her fist, and effortlessly caressed Dumbledore with a serious face, saying nonchalantly.

"It's not... Not taking the initiative to harm others, not being an enemy of the magical world, doing everything possible to continue Hogwarts' three points of inheritance. Very simple, even if you don't mention it, I won't violate it."

"Remember, tomorrow morning at nine o'clock..."

The always gentle Dumbledore finally couldn't help but glare at the little silver-haired lolita, beginning to wonder if it was a mistake to bring this little calamity to Hogwarts. Wait! Professor Dumbledore, there is another very important thing.

Seeing that Dumbledore seemed to be planning to leave, Elena waved her hand hurriedly, grabbed his sleeve, and stopped him.

"What else, dear Miss Caslana?"

Dumbledore took a deep breath and asked patiently in a kind tone.

"Something, something! It's a piece of cake!"

The little silver-haired lolita turned around, laboriously lifted the bucket placed on the shore, and handed it to Dumbledore in a flattering manner. She pointed to the three large fish in the bucket and said expectantly.

"Professor Dumbledore, I remember there's a magic that can extract the bones of creatures. Take a look, or help me gather the bones of these three fish..."


Without waiting for Elena to finish, the air in front of her suddenly burst.

Dumbledore's face darkened, he didn't even say goodbye and disappeared directly in front of her.