Chapter 200 Saints And Legends

"Saints," that's how people call Grindelwald's followers.

Is it derived from classical Latin? Κ? Λουθο ?, the original intention is that of a servant and follower. Similar to its meaning in religion, anyone who defends and agrees with Grindelwald's philosophy can be called a saint.

Unlike the downfall of Voldemort, they instantly became DEATH EATERS like a mouse crossing the street.

In the history of modern magic, the followers of Gellert Grindelwald have always been in a very delicate position.

After Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in 1945, his followers were barely subjected to liquidation and persecution. Over time, some were even trusted by the Ministry of Magic in various countries. They followed the experience of the Dark Lord's first group and were tacitly covered in confidential files.

——This is not difficult to understand. Regardless of the original goals and intentions of Gellert Grindelwald, that is what the whole magical world thinks of him. At least the wizards who gathered around him were really fighting for freedom, truth, and love.

It is important to know that the strength gathered based on these three beliefs is much stronger than the empty maintenance of peace and stability between the magical and non-magical world, which is why Grindelwald almost managed to overthrow the entire magical world.

Indeed, in a certain sense, Gellert Grindelwald has been successful.

As the final "winner," the entire international magical world has become the most compromised party. To quell disputes and wars, they had to revise a large number of legal regulations and social systems.

For example, for the first time, marriage between wizards and muggles was protected and recognized, so the tragedy of Meg Mileva and her mother would not repeat under the new decree; ensuring that children from non-magical families can also receive the magical education they deserve, similar to the tragedy of Aurius Dumbledore will not happen again; recognizing the status of half-blood wizards, even if only on the surface...

Humans are easy to please and forgetful. With Grindelwald choosing to imprison himself and disappearing all reasons for confrontation, the disputes that swept the world quickly disappeared in less than a year.

Since then, the name of the saint has disappeared from everyone's view with the name of Gellert Grindelwald, just like the Newmongarde castle that disappeared from everyone's view.

Yet, the magical world still circulates a legend:

The most loyal saints have never disappeared. They have gathered in a place called the "Holy City," quietly waiting for Gellert Grindelwald to call them back to complete what they have not yet achieved. Great ideal.

However, with the passage of time, it is unclear whether Grindelwald is still alive; this illusory legend is naturally considered by more and more people as a story that has never existed.

Until this day.

The whole of Salzburg was covered with black cloth falling from the sky.


Food street in Salzburg's old town.

This is the liveliest street in the city. The entire street still preserves the European architectural style of the 16th-century Middle Ages. The shops on the street range from cafes and chocolate shops to gold and silver jewelry, handbags, shoes, and hats.

Among them, the common tavern Harnisch is undoubtedly a rather unobtrusive store.

After all, this small shop run by an older couple is not too attractive to tourists compared to those ancient brands with hundreds of years of experience.

Therefore, many locals prefer to hide here to order a glass of wine and comfortably read newspapers, and the pub owner, Kurt Meyer, will not be like other stores, reminding customers from time to time to pay to leave.

Of course, no matter where there are shadows, even in Salzburg's first-class public safety environment, it is still inevitable to encounter young idlers or foreign tourists with bad manners.

But basically, the local residents knew that all the people who went to the Harnisch tavern had no success in the end. It seems that there is a wonderful power secretly protecting this elderly couple, no matter what happens outside, it will not affect this tavern like a paradise.

Until this day, Mrs. Maier, who was cleaning the table by the window, suddenly raised her head and looked expressionlessly out the window. After a full half minute, she turned her head to look at her husband, Kurt, who was behind the bar. Her voice was a little dry.

"Kurt, look out the window."


The old man turned his head suspiciously and looked out the window following his wife's lead.


After decades, the hands that had never trembled suddenly shook, the glass in his hand slid quietly, and the impact smashed it on the floor.

"Yes, of course. I knew he would definitely come back," murmured Kurt Maier, standing up and quickly walking towards his wife, trembling, looking towards the sky.

An old customer sitting at the bar respectfully looked at the sky and found nothing.

Watching the two excited elderly people, the man frowned with concern.

"Master, what's the matter?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to close the door earlier than planned today. Do not worry, I will settle accounts with each of you individually."

The old man waved his hand enthusiastically and apologized to the customers in the store.

"Thank you, I had something to attend to." The man glanced at the old man, shrugged, and left the room.

Most of the store's customers were regulars. After hearing Old Kurt's request, they didn't ask much. They all smiled understandingly, and after a simple goodbye, left the Harnisch tavern two by two and three by three.

In no time, only the Maiers were left in the entire store.

"It's a nice day today, would you like to take a walk with me?"

The hunched back of Kurt Meyer suddenly straightened, a strange joyous light shining on his face as he cast a profound glance at his wife.

"Of course," the old woman smiled, and the same light flickered in her eyes.

"You know, for this invitation, we've waited for 46 long years."

Kurt Meyer, a German, is adept in alchemy. Both he and his wife were former followers of Grindelwald.

Since the disappearance of the Newmontgarde Castle, the two, unable to find news, had been hiding in the nearest Muggle city to the original location of the castle. As they continued to seek information, they silently awaited the day when Grindelwald would call upon them again.

And they are not the only ones of their kind in that city.

At the intersection of three points on the corner of the street, a wandering artist suddenly stopped to play and looked up at the sky with excitement.

At the end of Cereals Alley, the door of the Bavarian national costume shop suddenly opened, and a well-dressed middle-aged man trembled with excitement as he felt the black fabric that enveloped the outer wall of the shop.

In a florist shop next to Mozart Square, the woman drew her wand from the flower bed and carefully cleaned it.

The streets of Bishop's Palace...

Karajan Square...

Kells Street...

At the same time, a similar scene was unfolding at various places in the city.

Countless middle-aged and elderly people who had lived in that city for decades poured out of the doors, slowly converging into a silent stream and heading towards the direction of Salk Hospital on the mountainside.

Gellert Grindelwald's message was simple, and as always, difficult to refuse:

Protection from the Salzburg police who are now deployed outside Salk Hospital and belong to the Austrian Federal Police Agency.

-Those young people growing up under their watch and often encountered in their daily lives.




The quiet footsteps echoed in the square outside the Salk Hospital emergency building.

An elderly man dressed in casual clothes, appearing as a common foreign tourist, suddenly appeared in the sight of the Ministry of Magic and the Austrian Federal Police.

"Damn, how did they manage to deploy the cordon, and why would civilians enter this area?"

The commander of the Austrian Federal Police Agency leading this anti-terrorism operation turned his head and grumbled loudly, spitting stars at the police officer in front of him, which could be considered a serious negligence.

"No, I don't know..."

The poor police officer shook his head helplessly, turned his head and looked at the path of the old man, showing a little confusion, and cautiously said, "But it seems like he passed us by without a care in the world. You were supposed to have seen..."

"Nonsense, how would such a big, lively person pass right under my nose!?"

The middle-aged police officer widened his eyes and glared at the young man in front of him. His voice raised two decibels.

"In short, quickly organize someone to rush up and bring back the old man who was walking."

A glance at the peacefully walking old man in front of him showed a trace of anxiety on the middle-aged police officer's face. The group of unidentified "terrorists" holed up in the hospital had not responded to this, which was concerning him.

According to the data, there are at least a dozen medical staff on duty in the building, but so far, the other party has shown no intention of negotiating, nor has there been any news about the safety of the hostages.

The young police officer nodded and was about to move forward when he suddenly stopped.

"Wait, it seems like the group of alleged terrorists is starting to act. Are they talking to the old man?"


"Gellert Grindelwald?"

Pope Rozier looked at the old man who suddenly appeared in front of the building. Although he used a questioning tone, his expression was already one of assurance.

Such a clever spell of illusion, and an underestimation of a wide range of confusion spells, estimated that only individuals like Gellert Grindelwald at the pinnacle of the magical world could do it.

"The answer is correct. It seems that I am not old enough to be forgotten by everyone."

Grindelwald nodded with a smile, casually playing with the wand in his hand, and continued walking towards the hospital building, paying no heed to the group of wizards pointing wands at him.

"Truly, Grindelwald."

"God, why is Grindelwald here?"

"It's over, I don't want to die yet."

Upon hearing the conversation between the two, there was a clear commotion among the group of wizards gathered in the hospital lobby.

In comparison to Voldemort, daunting on the other side, whether in Austria, Germany, France... The most widespread stories in the magical world of these countries are always about Gellert. Those legends of Grindelwald.

Not to mention, for these young wizards who have not personally experienced Grindelwald's reign, the stories personally transmitted by their parents are more dissuasive and oppressive.

Because of this, realizing they would face Grindelwald, the morale of most present wizards had plummeted to the point of freezing, in addition to the ghostly blockade that has never been encountered and only exists in legends. The city-wide level magic in history...

If not for being surrounded by Muggle police at the hospital, at least more than half of the wizards would have quietly escaped, you know, most of them are not professional Aurors, and the most common situation they handle is dealing with a few restless shamans.

No, you have to do something.

Observing the panicked wizards around her, the short-haired blonde witch fixed her gaze on the elderly Grindelwald with a complicated expression, drew her wand, gritted her teeth, and headed towards the building doorway.

"Whatever it is you're planning, close it as soon as possible. Although in your youth you could fight more than fifty Aurors alone, it doesn't mean that today you can easily defeat more than twenty wizards."

"Yes, your expression is precise. It's really not that easy. Maybe it will take at least a few more minutes?"

Grindelwald looked ridiculed at the strong and calm witch in front of him, and shook his head helplessly. These young men sitting in the office were far behind those Aurors.

"Damn, what am I talking about?"

Barely had the words come out, Pope Rozier felt the surrounding atmosphere becoming increasingly charged, unable to overpower, but not able to escape either, and a desperate atmosphere began to spread among the crowd.

Seeing the mockery in Gellert Grindelwald's eyes, the witch took a deep breath and tried to calm herself.

"With such an important matter, Mr. Albus Dumbledore must have heard the news by now. I think maybe he is on his way now, instead of here..."

"Well, I hope so."

Gellert Grindelwald nodded frankly, showing a smile that seemed to defy Rozier's fear and held out his hands.

"Forgive me, in fact, one of my main goals is to inform Albus to come as soon as possible. The more I have known my friends for many years, the less I should let myself be swayed by delay and temporary release."

"And as for something else..."

Grindelwald paused for a moment, then took a step forward, a flash of coldness passed through his eyes, slowly sweeping over the wizards in front of him, with a slight smile.

"Who knows, where is the fortunate young man called Rodris, now?"

"Don't even think about it! We won't betray..." angrily said a witch who was behind Pope Rozier. In this increasingly oppressive atmosphere, she could only vent a little by shouting in this way to release her emotions.

"Was it originally on the outskirts of the city?"

Before the wizard finished, Grindelwald raised an eyebrow and nodded thoughtfully. "Thank you."

After getting the information he wanted, the old man hesitated no more and was about to leave undisturbed.

"Stop! You're not thinking of escaping!" The wizard raised his wand and shouted loudly.

In front of Grindelwald, a wall of white light blocked his way.

After thinking for a moment, Grindelwald showed a sarcastic and annoyed expression on his face, turned around, and waved his wand gently.

Without any magical light or spell sound, the wizard seemed to be suddenly struck by a great force, and flew out astonished. All the wizards instinctively hid, and Grindelwald's counter-enchanted attack did not materialize.

Grindelwald raised his wand and looked at the wizards in front of him, shaking his head in disappointment.

"Listen, guys, I'm not in a good mood right now. If you're feeling energetic and need to vent, I suggest you pick some opponents who are prepared for you in advance."


Pope Rozier frowned and disdainfully pointed to the Austrian Federal Police Office surrounding Salk Hospital. "Do you really think these Muggles and the weapons in their hands can do anything to a wizard?"

The voice had not yet faded when the witch looked in amazement at the mountain road outside the cordon.

Tens, oh no, at least hundreds of middle-aged and elderly people in different attire were following the indications of black cloth floating in the sky, and slowly approaching the hospital, and further away, the intermittent stream of people kept coming from all corners of the city.

There is nothing wrong with the legend circulating in the magical world. The city where the saints lived in seclusion has always existed, and its existence was even earlier than what most people imagined.

"Relax, they're just the caretakers of this duel. To make sure they don't harm the Muggle children who are performing their duties without losing composure. Of course, the premise is that they don't attack them willingly."

Grindelwald shrugged, turned to look at the dense crowd and the luminous Salzburg in the distance, closed his eyes, and breathed deeply, with arms outstretched.

"They may have some confusions. Since they arrived here, there has only been one opponent: this city."