Chapter 202 What I Failed To Say And The New Agreement

Salzburg, Austria.

Facing the striking observations of the Austrian Federal Police Agency and the enthusiastic group of middle-aged and elderly walkers from Salzburg, the wizards of the Austrian Ministry of Magic, upon realizing their situation, did not hesitate for long.

Soon, the wizards followed the instructions of their hearts, graciously left the hospital building, got into the police car, and set off to comply with the law and await the bail of the Ministry of Magic. This was the safest and wisest course of action.

With the lights of the last police car disappearing at the end of the winding road, the entire incident seemed to have come to an end.

However, the crowd gathered at the hospital gate did not disperse, silently gazing at the black fabric still floating in the sky, waiting for the appearance of the person who called them back.

For this moment, they had been waiting for so many years and did not mind waiting a little longer.

Finally, a solitary and slightly slender figure appeared on the mountain trail, as fast and slow as the impression, but much older than "God" imagined. Haggard.

"I am here."

Across the street, Gellert Grindelwald slowly came to a stop, slowly contemplating those familiar and unfamiliar faces, smiled faintly and nodded to everyone, with an exceptionally calm tone, as if only an afternoon had passed.

Although the face and body shape had undergone huge changes, when the voice of the old wizard sounded again, the unmatched shadow through time and space merged with today's Grindelwald, without anyone having doubts.




There was a slight commotion in the crowd. Many people whispered the name Grindelwald as if spellbound, while more people showed relief and a dazed expression.

Forty-six years have passed since the last gathering. It is... too long.

It was enough to turn all the stories into legends, enough to hold all the blood and impetuosity in a silence of steel, so long that they had forgotten what they once wanted to say...

They do not know when it will begin. For most of the saints, waiting for Gellert Grindelwald is no longer the goal. The process of waiting and searching is the spiritual pillar that sustains their lives.

There was a long silence, no movement, the joy of reunion that everyone had imagined did not appear, and a complex emotion gradually expanded in the air.

Across the street, the crinkled old wizard and his equally elderly followers silently regarded each other, as if there was a mirror between them.

From the wrinkles on the no longer young faces, Gellert Grindelwald weakly saw his own shadow, and the undisguised disappointment, of course, this was also expected.

"Of course, as you can see, I am already old, just like all of you. This very morning, I almost died from a sudden minor illness. This world is no longer the time that belongs to us..."

As if not realizing the atmosphere's depression, Grindelwald shrugged, broke the silence, and spoke lightly, "However, I am very glad to see you all again. Not because you have responded to my call as always, but because you all seem healthy and unharmed, without persecution or poverty..."

Gellert Grindelwald turned his head and looked into the distance. The long line of Salzburg police cars had appeared on the urban backbone. The old wizard had a joyful smile on his face.

"Obviously, you have not abandoned your ideals due to my departure, nor have you surrendered to your past experience and let your own lives slip away."

Everything is valuable.

For Grindelwald, sacrificing oneself is much easier than sacrificing anyone else, as long as it can approach the ideal.

After the waves that Grindelwald stirred up that year, it was like the promise after the duel.

Albus Dumbledore did not backtrack on his word. He used the way he was accustomed to, in a softer and longer manner, to lead the entire magical world in the direction they both had hoped for. Not even Voldemort could stop him.

If amidst all this, the only regret is that there is no doubt that the saints who never abandoned their ideals are before them.

At the cost of it, the saints will join Gellert Grindelwald, endure all charges of provoking the war, and then be forgotten by everyone.

"Forty-six years... We have waited forty-six years in this city."

Kurt Meyer, who was standing in front of the crowd, took a deep breath, stepped out of the crowd, looked at Grindelwald, and said softly, "If you had never shown up, perhaps we would still be waiting another 46 years until we were buried in the grave."

"I know," Grindelwald nodded gently.

"I don't know what others think, but the reason I came here is not to receive praise. Nor is it to lament the changes of the years and the narrative. I only need to look in the mirror every morning to do so."


Mrs. May nervously squeezed her husband's hand, but unconsciously took a step forward, standing beside the man.


Kurt Meyer caressed his wife's hand on the back, looked up, and stared directly into Grindelwald's eyes, as boldly as he did every time they reunited in the Newmontgarde castle hall half a century ago.

"If all you want to say are these boring things, then you shouldn't show up again."

"Is that so?"

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows with interest, indicating for the witch to continue, showing no signs of anger on his face.

"You are not an all-powerful God, nor an impeccable saint. Throughout the years, you have been almost absent from all the changes in the magical world... You are no longer as powerful and wise as you once were."

Kurt Meyer stared fixedly at Grindelwald and spoke word by word.

"With the wizard's cruelest words, Grindelwald showed no anger, but rather nodded graciously."

"You are right, the world has changed too much. To be precise, I didn't even see the world completely in those years. And now, less..."

"So... you can't bear all the responsibilities alone anymore."

Kurt Meyer stepped forward again, slightly bowed his head, knelt down, hiding his expression in the darkness, and uttered a phrase he didn't have time to say forty-six years ago.

"No matter what you plan to do, this time, please don't leave us behind."

"The sacrifice for ideals should not solely rest on you... it's unfair..."

"And I..." Mrs. Maier smiled slightly and approached her husband, clenching her fist in his right hand and kneeling.

"I too..." An elderly man with unilateral glasses also stepped forward.

"Old Kurt, you are so cunning..." The middle-aged woman in a checkered skirt wiped her eyes and scolded.

"Now that you have ended our wait, you must make up for it with a new mission." A pearly white wizard emerged and looked at Grindelwald with a hippie smile, just like fifty years ago.

"We have always been by your side and never left..."

"The young ones today, I can handle at least five by myself."

"Order ~ ~ what do we need to do."


Grindelwald's smile slowly faded, and he silently looked at the white-haired wizard in front of him, then gazed at the group of wizards with the same expression.

Yes, he is such a person, and only such a person can truly change the world. What is he worried about?

Grindelwald vigorously nodded and began to cross the street toward the center of the crowd, with the same tone of pride and haughtiness as always.

"Of course, that is also the purpose of calling you back. I hope you live as long as possible. May the world not forget the existence of Grindelwald and the saints..."

As he spoke, Grindelwald saw a small and carefree face in front of him, and a soft gleam crossed his eyes.

"This time the task may be extraordinarily long, from now until you close your eyes forever..."

The new world of the new life had already emerged. Even though she still didn't know what she was going to face, that day would come.

Before that, as an old man who should have entered the historical trash, the only thing he could do was to give her as much time and space as possible to grow, and, when necessary, absorb all the damage, even if it turned into ashes.

I love this world.

I really hope to have the writing skills of those great masters, and yet I feel a little guilty.

Destiny, pillar, loss, perplexity, torn, expectation, cohesion... that kind of emotion.

If possible, um, could you show me where I should make modifications or how to write it better? The urge to teach falls on the fat hens in a flash...

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