Chapter 203 You Talk, I'll Go Fetch Some Dinner

Night fell.

The black gaze in the sky has disappeared, and the old wizards gathered at the hospital gate have also dispersed. They fused again in the illuminated city two by two, as if water droplets fell into the lake, disappearing without a trace.

After a brief narration, Grindelwald naturally returned to Paracelsus' secret residence protected by layers of magic.

As expected, there were no additional guests in the spacious room: an old wizard with half-moon-shaped glasses, a long crooked nose, long silver hair, and a dripping beard, was none other than Albus Dumbledore, who had hurried from London to Salzburg.

"I'm sorry, Gellert. I'm dreadfully sorry for being late. Of course, as I told the Ministry of Magic, I believe you must have suffered..." Dumbledore got up from the chair and smiled gently.

"Hornheim, is she okay?"

Grindelwald cast an indifferent glance at Dumbledore, staring at him, looking at the little silver-haired girl lying quietly on the soft bed in the room, as if Dumbledore were a transparent person.

"No problem. The girl is sleeping soundly. The vitality in her body is much stronger than we thought, after all, you know, half-blood wizards tend to be like that."

Paracelsus, that is, Hornheim, looked at Dumbledore, whom Grindelwald was deliberately ignoring, shrugged, and replied, but there wasn't much surprise in his tone.

It must be said that the Half-Blood wizard is definitely superior to common humans in terms of physical condition. As possibly the oldest physician in the magical world, Elena Half-Blood Eva was almost immediately recognized by Hornheim.

"Very well."

Upon hearing Hohenheim's response, Grindelwald's eyebrows relaxed, and his expression softened.

"Gellert, calm down. She will be better taken care of at Hogwarts. Since I am here, I will smoothly handle the subsequent matters, and you can rest."

Following Grindelwald's gaze, Dumbledore looked at the sleeping Elena, slightly furrowing his brow, and was about to take a few steps to closely check the girl's condition.

Suddenly, a curtain of white light appeared around Dumbledore, trapping him in place.

"I'm sorry, I don't think you can take her away just yet."

Grindelwald casually toyed with the wand in his hand and whispered.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, drew his wand and waved it, the curtain of white light dissolved quickly like ice and snow under the sun.

However, just as Dumbledore's magic, Gellert Grindelwald quickly approached Elena's bed.

I saw Grindelwald standing by Elena's bed, waving his wand, and a soundproof and invisible shield enveloped the girl behind him, blocking out all sounds and possible noises.

The wand belonging to a wizard from the Ministry of Magic, who did not have time to name, spun slowly on the old man's thin and delicate fingers. Grindelwald looked up and glanced at Dumbledore for the first time since entering the house, and said softly.

"I said... stay away from this girl, haven't you heard? She needs to rest now."

Whether in words or actions, the revulsion and hostility expressed by the First Dark Lord could not be clearer.

"Oh, it's not funny, Gellert."

Dumbledore shook his head with a smile, raised his wand, and his fingers unconsciously caressed the grain of wood floating on the wand. "She belongs to Hogwarts, and there will be a whole day to come."

"Oh, really? That means I haven't returned to Hogwarts Castle so eagerly. And, I haven't given you any feedback on the results of the past few days." Grindelwald raised his eyebrows. Grindelwald's wand swayed intentionally or unintentionally, and the position pointed to by the wand's tip changed constantly.

Contrary to the seemingly calm expression and dialogue between the two, two high concentrations of magic began to stir in the air.

"That... Speaking of which, I suddenly got hungry. I'm going out to buy some dinner, or would you prefer to talk first?"

Paracelsus looked at the two facing wizards. Some found it difficult to swallow, and others glanced at the house that had stood for hundreds of years, and said cautiously.

He knew that all women were in trouble, especially women of Meiwa descent. Fortunately, he realized this very early, and was not firmly tied to a tree like poor Nick Lemay.

Dumbledore nodded slightly to the homeowner, "I'm sorry, could we be alone for a while? It's just a misunderstanding, I don't think it will take long."

"It's all right, it's all right." Paracelsus hastily waved his hands. "I suddenly wanted to go out for a walk. I shouldn't be back tonight, don't worry about me."

—He wants to live two more years to celebrate his five hundredth birthday, in case he gets involved in the battle of the two most dangerous wizards in history, or if he accidentally overhears something that he shouldn't hear the secret. Only then can he live forever.


As Paracelsus disappeared into the room, the door closed gently, leaving only Grindelwald, Dumbledore, and Elena in the room.

"Gellert, maybe we need to talk about this. What happened? This is no joke."

Dumbledore frowned, bringing his index and **** together, rubbing his brows strongly, "You can't imagine, when I heard the news of your escape, and when all of Salzburg was enveloped in your magic, the pressure I felt from the Austrian Ministry of Magic and the British Ministry of Magic, not to mention, the two great holes I saw when I arrived at Newmontgarde Castle."

"Since that's the case, shall I tell you something funny and interesting first?"

Grindelwald's lips suddenly diverged, and he said easily in a naïve tone.

"You know, I almost died today, a little illness called diabetic ketoacidosis by the Muggles, if this girl didn't save me."

In saying so, the old wizard casually gestured to the girl behind him, sitting at the edge of the bed with care and affection, carefully combing Elena's hair, moving gently so as not to accidentally awaken the girl ~ ~ Is there such a thing? Gellert, I... "Dumbledore's face changed slightly and he opened his mouth."

After all, the time left is too short, from receiving the help of the Austrian Ministry of Magic, to arriving in Salzburg in less than half an hour, not to mention that the Austrian Ministry of Magic can't even find someone to clear things up.

"Wait, this is not the most interesting part."

Grindelwald smiled, raised his hand, and interrupted Dumbledore's words, and there was a trace of tenderness in his eyes. He pulled out four wands from among his arms and waved them in front of Dumbledore, speaking a little faster.

"Because you, the busy man of the magical world, turned around and arrived late, and my useless old man ended up in a coma halfway, this little insolvent boy who doesn't speak German actually healed me. I felt so stupid arguing with the officials of the Austrian Ministry of Magic... Four adult wizards, strangely, the only one injured during the whole incident is this stupid protein dumpling."

"If that's the case, then you can rest assured that I will take care of all the follow-up care and interpretation. Miss Elena Caslana will not receive anything from the Ministry of Magic..." said Dumbledore without hesitation.

"No, I have already arranged it."

Grindelwald gently snorted and had a hint of mockery on his face, "The whole incident has nothing to do with Elena. There's only one legendary Dark Lord who's too bored to come out and chat with old friends. By the way, the story of strolling around."



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