Chapter 204 Collision In Black And White

Waiting in silence for Grindelwald to relate all the details, Dumbledore remained silent for a moment, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and smiled bitterly.

"I see. It seems that I have an inevitable and significant responsibility in this matter," he said.

For Dumbledore, although there are still some details missing, the information that Grindelwald has shown is sufficient for him to construct a complete historical framework. Obviously, Grindelwald is alive and well. Reasons to vent his dissatisfaction and anger.

"Gellert, this is completely my fault. I am accustomed to the power and convenience of magic, but selectively have forgotten the fact that we are all aging. But fortunately, Miss Caslana is here; her admirable noble behaviors in the face of the crisis do not make the whole incident irreparable."

Albus Dumbledore’s tone was filled with self-reproach, his blue eyes sincerely looking at Grindelwald, with deep fear in his gaze. He couldn’t imagine how, if not for Elena's response, what kind of mood he should face the cold body of Grindelwald a day later.

"Noble people are always people, not your decisions and arrangements, Albus," Gellert Grindelwald said with folded arms, unmoved.

"In these last decades, every time you have thought of something like this once, this would not have happened today. I know you too well. You always seek to fix the mess after making a blunder."

"No one can completely control the future. Someone has to clean up the mess, and you didn't think ahead, did you? Knowing how to deal with the demolition is always the key to winning the ultimate victory."

Dumbledore withdrew his hands, with no intention of delving further into this matter.

At this point, he and Grindelwald have argued too many times in the last decades, and neither can convince the other.

However, there was another issue that Dumbledore could not avoid speaking about at that moment. The old wizard gazed steady at Elena's chest, and his face turned serious.

There, a small and exquisite Deathly Hallows necklace lay silently on the girl's collarbone. The wood and iron pendants intertwined with the thrilling skin of a snowy white. The significance of that necklace to Grindelwald, once was a gift that Grindelwald intended to give her at the end of that summer.

Dumbledore frowned and averted his gaze from the girl's collarbone, looking at the elder standing before him.

"Grindelwald, she is just an under eleven-year-old girl. She is destined to belong to Hogwarts. So she cannot, should not, and will not be your follower."

"It's just a necklace. It means nothing. You are too sensitive, Dumbledore," said Grindelwald shaking his head.

"But this is a very dangerous sign that she is not a pawn you can control. Neither the saint nor you should appear again in this world, which does not fit with the plan we said before."

"I'm sorry, that's what I wanted to tell you," said Grindelwald. "She is not your pawn, Dumbledore. You can always control it, only you."

"Of course, she will not be a chess piece, she is destined to be on the chessboard. Both you and I know this very well."

Dumbledore waved his hand in annoyance.

"We are all getting old, this world will not leave us too much time. Before that, I must leave enough seeds to ensure that the future continues to develop as we think. When necessary, she will take my place and continue to move forward in that long and subtle process."

"To be the other you?"

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows and said in a mocking tone, "Give it up, she will never be like you, she is not cold enough."

Perhaps, in the eyes of most people, Albus Dumbledore is a sentimental, kind, and considerate old man. But Gellert Grindelwald knew very well that Dumbledore's character in some aspects was exactly as uncompassionate and dedicated to him, and under the gentle tolerance hid a bitter indifference.

"Do you think you know her well? No, you don't know the girl at all. She's colder and more terrible than you think. Grindelwald, you in Newmontgard Castle, you don't even know what a terrible monster lives in the girl's mind."

Dumbledore's eyes gradually became sharper and his face grew more serious.

"This very morning, the Guling Pavilion, which has lasted thousands of years, has split, and the figure of the Magical Congress of the United States has also appeared in it. Faced with this increasingly complicated goblin war, I can feel that the officials of the British Ministry of Magic are ready to move. Fortunately, my current prestige still works, so I was able to hold them back a bit and prevent the situation from getting out of control."

Speaking of this, Dumbledore felt a piercing tingling in his temple.

There is no doubt that fairy lobbying is particularly powerful and sincere. If only the Magical Congress of the United States had intervened in the battle between the goblins, Albus Dumbledore still relied on persuading Connelly Fudge not to easily lead the entire British Ministry of Magic into the chaotic maelstrom of the Guling Pavilion.

Then, the Ministry of Magic reached a private agreement with the goblins and agreed to use the strategic reserve to exchange rubies. Almost the entire British Ministry of Magic was hitched to the goblins' wagons in London. Even an old wizard like Dumbledore, with a wealth of life experience, was completely blind in the face of the completely unknown financial battlefield. So far, he vaguely understood how terrible the world that was unfolding in the Slytherin Public Hall was.

"So, is that why you arrived late this morning? The reason is quite sufficient."

There was a strong irony in Grindelwald's tone, "but it doesn't mean that I am confused enough to attribute all the events to an under eleven-year-old girl."

"Of course, it would be terrible if that were the case. All I want to say is a connection."

Dumbledore took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Just using a title deed from Hogwarts Castle, she successfully plucked the entire world. In two months, the development of the follow-up event is almost close to what you have done for more than ten years. The war spread to the whole world, including the non-magic world and the magic world. The most important thing is that this is not an unintentional move. Before making those choices, she has already seen some of the possible follow-ups in advance. You know, sometimes I can clearly feel that the whole world seems to her to be just a game. Whether it is a displaced crowd or death, it is just a given message."

"That's just stupidity, not coldness."

After a brief consternation, Grindelwald shook his head: "This little hot-headed may not even think so much occasionally. I'm sorry, he is not as intelligent as you think, he is just a stubborn and foolish idealist who lives in fairy tales."

After a moment of silence, Dumbledore opened his eyes.

"But she saw all of this in advance and made the same predictions. Do you still believe that a person with that perspective will not be able to show determination and cruelty when necessary?"

"Of course, one of the greatest characteristics of people is their disagreement. I only believe in behavior that is shown in critical situations."

Saying this, Grindelwald lowered his head and looked at the sleeping Elena. The girl's mouth glowed with crystals. Apparently, she was having a sweet dream. The old wizard shook his head helplessly, perhaps this is the most essential hobby of white-haired goblins.

"This girl has shown that she cannot be a ruthless decision-maker. Otherwise..."

Grindelwald paused and did not say what happened.

Some details, Dumbledore is not suitable to know too much, it is easy to dilute the sense of surprise in the future.

"So... she will never be like you."

Gellert Grindelwald calmly raised his head, looking at the old white-bearded wizard who is now acclaimed as the first person in the magical world, and said firmly: "Because she is destined to surpass you. And all I have to do is strive to ensure that that hope is not strangled by anyone."

"Oh, a high evaluation that you have never heard in your mouth, Gellert."

Dumbledore said seriously: "Will you not change your ideals and perseverance just for a few words from a ten-year-old girl? I will not allow our perseverance to persist for so many years because of your whims."

Undoubtedly, when the goblins visited him in the morning, Dumbledore realized that, despite paying the utmost attention possible to Elena, he still underestimated the potential of the girl and this great potential, the powerful temptation for Grindelwald, whose life is about to end.

Hope, this is the most terrible poison in the world.

Whether Grindelwald chose to voluntarily cut the flames of that revolution and force the stubborn magical world to make a compromise; or whether Dumbledore chose to resign as Minister of Magic and educate young wizards peacefully. Introduced into the magical world with the Muggle-born Wizard. In the end, what we want to achieve is to break the inherent dominance of the pure-blood magical world over the non-magical world and the class of Muggle wizards.

In fact, all of this has gradually begun to take shape, and at most, in another two decades, as the proportion of mixed-blood wizards in the magical world becomes heavier, the contradictions and conflicts that have been temporarily shelved will reignite. By that time, the traditional stubborn conservative class will no longer be able to resist in the face of a large number of mixed-blood wizard groups and half-blood wizards all over the magical world.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that neither Grindelwald nor Dumbledore can really expect the day when the ideal becomes a reality.

Fortunately, the appearance of Elena perfectly resolves this last concern: she can take responsibility for maintaining the balance of the new world after Dumbledore leaves, or, as a catalyst, accelerate the progress of this process.

"So far, Gellert. The scenario that belongs to you has already ended. Do not forget the phrase that you have always inscribed at the entrance to the castle."

Dumbledore raised his wand seriously, and understood Grindelwald's thoughts. Fortunately, he is sure that he can realign everything.

"Ideal?!" Grindelwald narrowed his eyes. "The ideal has never changed."

Ignoring Dumbledore's movements, Gellert Grindelwald stood up abruptly, walked to the window, and opened it.

"Look, Dumbledore. Look closely at this city, this world. Perhaps you know love and peace, but you will never understand what glory and stubbornness, stupid and unrealistic ideals are."

"Oh my... what have you done?"

Dumbledore turned his head to look out the window, surprise appearing on his face, and his wand almost slipping from his hand.

This is a scene hundreds of times more striking than Grindelwald's appeal to his followers.

In the sky of Salzburg, countless symbols of light and shadows of sacred death objects were reflected from all corners of the city towards the sky, and the sacred symbols of death objects covered the entire sky.

Grindelwald's footprint flickered on every street and square in the whole city.

"Forty-six years… have been here?"

Dumbledore turned his face to look at Grindelwald, inexplicably surprised by every wrinkle in the old man's face ~ ~ Yes, this is something you have never believed, there will always be things that never fade. It has been forty-six years, and even you cannot defeat a city.

Gellert Grindelwald stood by the window, looked at the sky, took a deep breath, "You can try to defeat me, but I will never die unless you destroy this city and kill every saint. Now, can we talk about Elena again?"

"Is it really worth it? The international magical world will never tolerate such provocation."

Looking at Grindelwald by the window, Dumbledore sighed heavily, "Well, Gellert, what do you want? She needs a systematic education in magic, a circle of companions, even if you need a companion to keep me behind, you cannot prevent me from returning to Hogwarts."

"I understand. I just want to tell you that it is impossible for the Castle of Newmontgard to shut me out."

Gellert Grindelwald nodded with a hint of cunning on his face, "There is only one place in this world where they can lock me up, Albus. Besides, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Hogwarts might also need an experienced substitute. The old wizard, by the way, can also help alleviate the unexpected pressure and conflicts in dealing with the students."

"Gellert Grindelwald..." Dumbledore took a deep breath. "After so many years, you truly are the ruthless villain and devil."

"Thank you."

Great, the boss finally came out.

Then you can return to the school.

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