Chapter 205 Dumbledore Suddenly Wants To Retire

"Gellert Grindelwald must not appear in Hogwarts Castle, this is the boundary for the entire magical world."

"Of course, but if it's an old wizard named Otto Apocalypse, wouldn't it matter? The evil Grindelwald will naturally be defeated by you again, and then imprisoned in Newmontgard Castle."

Grindelwald shrugged disapprovingly. The old man was quite satisfied with the pseudonym Elena gave him.

"Apocalypse? Apocalypse? It's really a rather immodest name, but it suits your style quite well. However, a simple pseudonym certainly isn't enough..."

Dumbledore pondered for a moment, shook his head with a smile, and decisively rejected it.

"If you want to enter Hogwarts, you also need a reasonable identity that can be used in the magical world; the school's directors and the Ministry of Magic will not allow an unknown wizard, a wizard with a blank past, to enter Hogwarts Castle."

"Oh, this is too simple."

Grindelwald looked around and smiled, with a relaxed tone.

"Hornheim, what do you think? Or rather, Paracelso, Phillips, Orioles... anyway, he always has the habit of using pseudonyms. And believe me, he and Paracelso have a personal relationship in Salzburg, he will never take the initiative to question my identity."

Undoubtedly, the most erroneous decision made by the poor Mr. Paracelso in the last few hundred years might be that the last place of confinement should not have been chosen in Salzburg.

"Ha, ha..."

Albus Dumbledore slightly moved his lips, looking at Grindelwald with the expression of "I have a very good relationship with Paracelso", trying to contain the irony that slipped to his lips. For these kinds of evil people, no matter how ridiculous the mocking may be, in their view, it is all a compliment.

"So, what's the problem? Dear Headmaster Dumbledore."

Gellert Grindelwald gently waved his wand, and his facial features changed slightly, clearing his throat after imitating Paracelso's tone.

"O, um... generally, they are more used to calling you Professor Dumbledore, when we return to Hogwarts, what position do you think suits me best?"

"Just call me Dumbledore directly."

Dumbledore looked at Grindelwald, who changed his face, frowned, and shook his head, unhesitatingly pointing out the loopholes in Grindelwald's plan.

"The Ministry of Magic won't be that foolish. When Grindelwald appears again, an old wizard who has been missing for a long time will show up at Hogwarts, and there will always be intelligent people who notice the problem, when the time comes..."

"Since he's really intelligent, he would never think to check whether Paracelso is Grindelwald."

Gellert Grindelwald waved his hand carelessly, his lips slightly raised, and shook his fingers regretfully.

"After so many years, Albus, you still have not made any progress in political skills to question the greatest wizard of the contemporary era and expose the most dangerous Dark Lord of the contemporary era. If there's such a stupid person, maybe the Ministry of Magic would prefer to get rid of him first."

Looking at the arrogant first Dark Lord, Dumbledore sighed helplessly, suddenly feeling tired... suddenly wanting to retire.

"I think even the British Ministry of Magic's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's headmaster can be somewhat stubborn with you. The most suitable position for you is the dragon guarding the treasure under the Gu Ling Mansion."

"Dragon? You don't mean that only you are the hero who defeated the dragon to save the world."

Faced with Dumbledore's metaphor, Grindelwald frowned, dissatisfied, "less, read some Muggle fairy tales, and don't compare me to those stupid lizards."

"No, it's me who has changed."

Dumbledore sighed and looked at the magical lights and shadows outside the window, with strong emotion in his eyes, "Actually, sometimes I still envy you..."

At that moment—

"Rua ~"

A cry from a milky monster sounded from the room.

Elena's delicate face suddenly wrinkled, as if something unpleasant had happened, instinctively hugged the small pillow, closed her eyes, the fierce milk bite on Grindelwald sitting on the bed.

"Don't run away..."


Grindelwald instinctively stiffened, looked down at the small heap of white hair that was biting in her sleep, and then looked at Dumbledore, with a strange expression on his face.

"Albus, do you envy... this? Unexpectedly, after all these years, you would develop this strange hobby."

"You know I am not talking about..."

Dumbledore looked at Grindelwald, who deliberately changed the subject, and his expression was a bit desperate. In his memory, the last time he saw a Grindelwald so unjust was decades ago.

"Oh, how unfortunate. The Viennese schnitzel I bought for Elena fell on the floor and I forgot to pick it up."

Before Dumbledore could finish speaking, Grindelwald suddenly changed his expression and quickly raised his hand to again interrupt Dumbledore's words, and said anxiously.

"Albus, you should go out and check now. You should still be able to buy some food. If you can buy Viennese schnitzel, of course, that's better. You should know how strong-willed this girl is. If she finds out she hasn't eaten, something terrible will happen..."

This time, Grindelwald didn't want to digress. It was the crucial rule of peaceful coexistence for Grindelwald after four days living with Elena in Newmontgarde Castle: never confront a hungry ball of white dough.

If this cute monster is hungry, Grindelwald won't be surprised by anything she does.

You know, Elena Kaslana is not the little active witch who could only light a spell a week ago. She is proficient in two types of magic derived from the Runi script, and various forms (although Ai Linna prefers to call it "equivalent" explosive spell, and the lethality and destructive power it has caused have changed drastically.

"Gellert, don't you think you are too worried about this girl?"

Dumbledore looked at Elena, who was biting the "big steak" in her sleep, and shook his head with a foolish smile. Unexpectedly, decades later, Grindelwald would display such a side.

If you allow those officials from the international magical world to see this scene, it may happen that Gellert Grindelwald is an extremely dangerous devil in today's world—after all, it's simply a matter of perspective. The elder who doted on his granddaughter.

However, Dumbledore was very pleased with this change in Grindelwald. He smiled slightly and didn't wait for Grindelwald to respond. He nodded in agreement and added Grindelwald's words.

"But you're right. It is certainly a terrible thing to see such a young girl cry, something I have witnessed in my long career as a professor."

"Cry? Well... hardly."

Grindelwald remembered the girl once waving a kitchen knife and cutting directly into the wooden cutting board, shrugged, and said helplessly—to surprise Dumbledore, he still needed to hide a little bit of this progress in Tuanzi's learning.

"Wiener schnitzel, right? I know, what else?" Dumbledore looked at the darkening sky, nodded, and walked out the door.

"In summary, buy everything you can... By the way, when you go to buy dinner, it's better to cover your face or steer clear of the shops displaying the sacred sign of death, otherwise, I fear you might encounter a wand push all the way."

"There's no need to remind me of this at this point. I'll be back in about fifteen minutes." Dumbledore looked significantly at Grindelwald and Elena, waved, and left.

When Dumbledore's figure disappeared through the door, after waiting for a minute or two, Grindelwald caressed Elena's head.

"Well, girl, now you can spare my poor clothes—tell me, your ability to feign sleep is really bad, you can't hide it from me or Dumbledore. Tell me, is there something you want to tell me in private?"

"Of course... how to counterattack together. Did you forget when this old turnip tricked us a few days ago?"

At the next moment, Elena's eyes abruptly opened, sparkling, "I'm good at doing things, but how to give Professor Dumbledore a headache, that requires professional guidance."

As an excellent girl, vengeance has always been one of Elena's most prominent characteristics.

Since Dumbledore had the courage to leave her alone in Newmontgarde Castle, he should have been prepared for a shock, even if she really had a great time these days.

"Relax, when it comes to dealing with Albus, no one in the entire magical world has more experience than me."

Grindelwald smiled triumphantly, increasingly appreciating Elena's character, such a girl could never be the next Dumbledore.

"We can definitely prepare a big surprise for Albus."

"Just one surprise, one each month? After all, we are not demons, but Professor Dumbledore still needs a recovery time."

"I think the frequency of one surprise per month is good. Given that, it's best to go on vacation."

"Uh, in fact I planned to count the number of vacations only, what do you think?"

"Brilliant idea, you are really a little natural troublemaker..."

"Hey, mutually, you still need your guidance..."

The elder and the young man looked at each other in tacit understanding, and a happy smile appeared on their faces.

At the same time, in the streets of Salzburg.

Dumbledore, who was looking for a Wiener schnitzel restaurant, shivered and couldn't help but tremble, and an inexplicable sudden palpitation came to his mind.

Why, suddenly, for no reason, has the idea of wanting to retire early reappeared?

Maybe it was because Grindelwald's situation touched him a little today?

Dumbledore shook his head. As the headmaster of Hogwarts, he was really too old.

After Elena graduated, he should probably seriously consider stepping down as headmaster.