Chapter 206 Why Do You Feel Scolded?

The process of buying dinner is much more complicated than Dumbledore imagined.

Along the way, almost every street in the city had shops with Grindelwald's signs flashing. Finding a shop where not a single saint existed took a lot of effort for Dumbledore. After all, he didn't carry muggle currency and hastily confronting the reclusive wizard using a confusion spell was quite dangerous.

Fortunately, the Deathly Hallows symbol that covered all of Salzburg could help the old man eliminate most of the wizard-managed shops. To a certain extent, that could save some time.

But still, Dumbledore took a little longer than expected to buy the "Wiener Schnitzel" Elena wanted to eat.

Therefore, when Dumbledore returned to Paracelso's cabin with several food boxes, the two generations of demon kings had reached a strategic cooperation framework and were carrying out more detailed plans for their landing.

"It seems like you two get along well. What are you talking about?" Dumbledore gently opened the door and smiled.

Upon hearing the sound of the door, the two people in conversation exchanged a look of tacit understanding, halted the conversation mid-sentence, and adopted a harmless, friendly-looking expression to gaze at Dumbledore.

"Well, Professor Dumbledore, you worked hard, there's a lot of delicious food."

"Now that you mention it, I am a bit hungry as well... let's finish eating quickly, then pack up and head to Hogwarts."

Both the Great Devil and Little Demon selectively ignored Dumbledore's comment, gestured hungrily, took the packing box in their hands, and eagerly devoured the food.

Dumbledore silently observed the grand performance of the young and old, and a sense of fatigue resurfaced in his heart.

Especially considering Elena, the boy at least hadn't dared to directly take food from her hands.

Undoubtedly, he could even imagine the kind of world-destroying demon Elena would turn into when backed by Gellert Grindelwald upon returning to school.

However, for Albus Dumbledore, Elena and Grindelwald had formed a temporary "anti-Dumbledore minor league" due to their reasons. Originally, it was planned to quickly address Grindelwald's relationship and part of Elena.

If immature students, or even some teachers can be influenced by Elena, Grindelwald, who had been considered a guide of ideas by many, will change his behavioral style because of Elena. It can be said that almost no Dumbledore is more concerned about whether Elena will be tempted by Grindelwald and become the next holy leader.

Compared to Grindelwald, who has a clear purpose and a defined plan, the destructive and uncontrollable power of Elena, filled with thoughts and reflections, is too great. When the two join forces, they will become familiar with Grindelwald's coherent behavior. Dumbledore's response will be much easier.

On the other hand, since the sudden illness of Grindelwald, Dumbledore has realized that Grindelwald can no longer stay alone in Newmontgarde Castle as before. He left.

Even if Grindelwald did not take the initiative to mention this, Dumbledore planned to improve and address Grindelwald's life continuity and medical security. Although in his original plan, he only added more caregivers and magical facilities.

However, after Grindelwald's reminder, Dumbledore pondered it carefully. From an environmental perspective, the young Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is indeed the most suitable place for Gellert Grindel. Vaughan.

Perhaps in the shorter term, it seems that Dumbledore is saving himself.

But in the long run, it may be possible to add insurance for both unstable factors at the same time.

Furthermore, with Dumbledore's many years of teaching experience, as Grindelwald's emphasis on Elena gradually increases, he will unconsciously want to impart more knowledge and ideas to this "successor".

There is no doubt that to achieve this goal, Grindelwald, who does not have much initiative in teaching, will naturally propose to cooperate and participate in the "cultivation plan" for Elena. It's the stage of attack and defense.

Thinking in this way, Dumbledore directed a meaningful look at the older and younger ones who were getting along in front of him, with a faint smile on his lips.

Regarding how to smoothly pass through the period of the "Devil's Alliance", it is easier than it seems. It only requires a slight adjustment of academic pressure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and in daily work. Simply put, it is impossible for Elena to have too much free time to stray.


"Hey, old man. Do you think Professor Dumbledore's expression is a bit odd?"

Elena chewed on the large piece of meat while gently nudging Grindelwald, seated by her elbow, and whispered.


Grindelwald raised his head and looked at Dumbledore with a kind smile. He shook his head carelessly and answered easily, "You'll know later that this is normal. Whenever he feels he can control the entire situation, this silly and harmless smile will appear."

"Control the entire situation? But we haven't done anything yet, he won't use magic to eavesdrop, right?" The girl's tone betrayed concern.

Due to the influence of the endless Harry Potter series and the humanity of her past life, Elena wasn't very sure about the intelligence level of Albus Dumbledore. To briefly summarize, from the omnipotent god to the confused old man, it seems that the old man's intellectual range has always been in a Schrödinger's cat-like quantum state.

"Don't worry, I know him very well too."

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows and popped a piece of pizza into his mouth. He said offhandedly, "If you expose all the factors in front of Albus, then, with his obsessive-compulsive disorder and ability, almost a perfect plan can be achieved. The factors here even include your personality and possible hidden cards. In this regard, I'm almost the same as Albus."


Gellert Grindelwald turned his head and gazed at Elena, who stood gleaming in front of the demolished doorway of Newmontgarde Castle, the empty termite nest, the mountain road that cut through, awakening and then lulling the Ministry employees...

As a chess player, the most feared thing is not the opponent's absence, nor cheating or deliberately disturbing the mood, not even knocking over the board. But if you say that when setting up the chessboard for a battle, suddenly the opponent says, "Why don't we see who can place the pieces higher?"

"Do you know what Albus and I fear most?" The old wizard smiled slightly and gazed at Elena with an admiring look. Little luck, and little destroyer.

Elena turned her head and stared at Grindelwald. Why did she always feel as if she were being scolded, even though she was clearly being praised?


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