Chapter 207 Grindelwald, Go Wherever You Please

"Albus, don't you plan to join us?"

Without giving Elena too much time to think, Grindelwald gestured to the various foods on the table, shrugged helplessly, and quickly changed the subject.

"Have you treated us both like monsters? There are so many things that neither I nor I can finish eating alone. Come together."

Fried veal, meringue, Hungarian stew, crepes, truffle shrimp, little garden in Salzburg, smoked venison sausage, Aoyama shake, pickled bacon... Grindelwald even has some doubts, did Dumble-Lido sweep all the non-holy shops open across the city?

Presumably, tonight will surely become the most confusing day for most Muggle establishments.

"No, I ate something before coming, so you don't have to worry about me."

Dumbledore gently shook his head, smiled, and refused, "After all, there is the British Ministry of Magic, the goblin division, and the changes in the Magical Congress of the USA, which will not delay the crucial dinner."

In fact, Albus Dumbledore has no doubt that even if the end of the world is coming, unless war and crisis directly appear before his eyes. Otherwise, the vast majority of officials will continue to maintain their methodical work progress: being able to accept temporary meetings outside of office hours is already the greatest sincerity and concession.

Therefore, when news of Grindelwald came, Dumbledore, the core of the reflection group, had to leave the Ministry of Magic and go to Salzburg, Austria, to verify the situation. Most of the Ministry of Magic officials present at the scene reacted with indifference. Tone.

With Dumbledore's departure, the issue of whether to help the goblin at the London Gu Ling Pavilion was automatically put on hold for a while. No matter how the goblins later held it, Connelly Fudge, who was the embodiment of the humanoid repeater, took it all with a simple official statement. He replied, "Wait for Albus Dumbledore to return for discussion, the Ministry of Magic will make a decision."

However, for most wizards, Dumbledore's point of view should be consistent with the entire European magical world: no matter from various perspectives, this "war" is more about the goblins. Even if there is a shadow of the involvement of the Magical Congress of the USA, it does not mean that the British Ministry of Magic also needs to get involved in this "domestic war."

Moreover, even if the goblins at the London Gu Ling Pavilion are trying to conceal it, they still cannot avoid an evident problem: as the ruble continues to depreciate, the cost for the magical world to redeem Hogwarts will continue to decrease.

There is no reason for the Ministry of Magic to stand with the goblins at the London Gu Ling Pavilion and help them win this "goblin war." Compared to the London goblins fighting to maintain the value of the ruble, the Goblin Pavilion and the Magical Congress of the United States that are madly shortening the ruble seem more like friendly forces to the British Ministry of Magic.

"Fairy Division? American Magical Congress?"

Elena's hair, as she struggled to bite into the large steak in Austria, frowned, reluctantly set aside her food, and looked up at Dumbledore, her eyes filled with doubts.

"Wait, speaking, Professor Dumbledore, you don't seem to have explained in detail what happened."

"It's something very important. It's not difficult to make the right decision. You don't need to ask for specific details."

Dumbledore looked at Elena and waved his hand, evidently not particularly eager to continue speaking.

"But is this related to the Gu Ling Pavilion? We clearly said before that all movements involving fairies must be communicated to me..."

Faced with the ambiguous Dumbledore, Elena frowned in dissatisfaction, which may be different from what was agreed upon earlier.

"It may be related, but the ministry has already made a decision and is now only considering responses."

Dumbledore nodded, his frown deepened, and his tone slightly increased as he said in a serious tone:

"Miss Kaslana, please understand that you are still a first-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and magical potions are what you should be doing. I believe that some of the verbal agreements we made before may have been underestimated, but there is still time to correct it."


Looking at Dumbledore, who turned away, Elena continued with displeasure.

Although she had not expected much from Dumbledore's credibility since she saw the "pigeon artifact note" that would move, she did not expect this old hot-tempered carrot to be so shameless.

"Alright, I said this involves highly confidential meetings in the magical world. Right now, you lack the qualifications and abilities to participate and understand these highly confidential events."

Dumbledore frowned, raised his right palm, interrupted Elena's follow-up, and simply ended the topic with a slightly blunt official tone.

Seeing this ball of white fur being able to return to Hogwarts and continue the step-by-step process of a peaceful school life, Dumbledore does not want to provoke extracurricular things.

In fact, Dumbledore carefully and deeply reflected when buying dinner for a large and small "Dark Lord" in the streets of the city of Salzburg.

There is no doubt that Miss Elena Kaslana is not a conventional evil spirit or troublemaker, rather one with two meters, like the witch called "Pandora" in the ancient magical myth; her existence itself is an endless vortex of scourge. What may limit her destructive power is only how large the stage she is on.

Therefore, Dumbledore has resolved that even if Hogwarts is plagued by this girl every day, it will be more terrifying than letting the entire magical and non-magical world pass for a period of time.

After looking at Dumbledore, who was not salty, Elena gritted her teeth resentfully and took a deep breath.


"Bao, old man, look how I am scolded. Apparently, Professor Dumbledore is wrong..."

Seeing how Elena's mouth puckered, and her two beautiful lake-blue eyes instantly darkened with tears, she looked compassionately at Gellert Grindelwald and her little hand gently tugged at the old demon's clothes. The whole person was like a frightened deer, unable to help but feel compassion.

"Miss Caslana, it's useless. And doesn't it count as scolding you?"

Dumbledore looked at Elena with a bright light on his face and shook his head with a foolish smile. That half-blood girl was really trying to use her talent to influence one of the most prominent wizards in the magical world today. A childish girl.

Gellert's character is very clear to him. Indifferent, insensitive, sensible, cynical. This kind of childish behavior would only be useful for the poor dean of the muggle orphanage.

Moreover, the content involved is the most scorned by the businessman and the money transaction in Grindelwald.

Dumbledore looked at him without any reaction, and continued to eat Grindelwald's cake voluntarily and shook his head with a smile. "Go and pack your bags in Gade Castle..."

At that moment, Grindelwald finally finished slowly eating the small piece of Austrian venison cake, delicately wiped the corners of his mouth, raised his head and looked at Dumbledore, and suddenly said:

"I think Elena is right, Dumbledore, you are indeed wrong."

Dumbledore blinked, his expression hardened.

"And, no matter what the secret is, shouldn't my identity, status, qualifications be enough? I think you really need to explain what happened. Of course, I can also go to the British magical world first before getting an answer. A visit to the Ministry, someone will always know..." Grindelwald smiled and casually wiped the grease stains on his fingers with a handkerchief.

"You know. I, Grindelwald, go where I want."