Chapter 208 Who Moved Elena's Large Steak?

A rare and unexpected look appeared on Dumbledore's face. He gazed intently at the elderly man he had known for almost a hundred years in front of him, as if he had just met him today.

After two or three seconds of silence, Dumbledore's lips moved several times and finally he shook his head, turning it into a sigh of helplessness. "It's not a wise choice, Gellert."

"This is just your opinion, Albus, I know you too well."

Grindelwald shrugged, looked around Paracelsus's house for decades, and raised his eyebrows.

"The world is moving faster than we thought. The old system and experience will hinder your vision. Perhaps we are still at the absolute peak in magical power, but you must admit that in some new areas, we are as young as children, not to mention fairies. Even simple muggles can easily defeat us."

"But this girl is different..."

As he spoke, Grindelwald pointed to the white hair around him.

"Alright, alright, alright!"

With the support of the first great demon, the pained expression on Elena's face disappeared. At that moment, upon hearing Grindelwald's name, she nodded excitedly, and the hair on her head cheered, moving from side to side, happily.

"Gellert, she's just an eleven-year-old girl, you can't overvalue her so much. She hasn't grown enough to be comfortable on such a big stage with international magical events..."

Dumbledore frowned, with a puzzled expression on his face: in just five days, this boy had given Grindelwald something strange that had made him behave so abnormally.

"Listen to me."

Grindelwald waved his hand and interrupted Dumbledore's words. "If it can delay you for an entire day, it won't be something simple. From the current state, the greatest possibility is that you will encounter a problem in a completely unknown field, a field in which you are not good at all."

"And this girl..." The first Dark Lord paused, looking significantly at Dumbledore.

"Maybe she can't solve the incident properly, but I believe she should be able to stir up the whole matter in murky waters, so that everyone can return to the same chaotic and unknown source. By then, we only need to rely on her. If these ideas are improved and executed further, we can easily defeat all opponents with our rich experience."

"Uh huh, that's just... eh?"

Elena, who was still desperately nodding, suddenly lifted her head in confusion.

Do you always feel like you've been manipulated like a half-cooked potato?

Wait, was she scolded, right?!

Elena's bright apricot-colored eyes widened instantly, and she looked at Grindelwald sitting beside her, and met the gaze of the old devil's eyes: the game, the warning, the mockery.

Obviously, if Elena tried to get herself out of trouble at this moment, Grindelwald would definitely jump to Albus Dumbledore's side to help the evil White Devil suppress the weak, poor, defenseless underage girls.

Gellert Grindelwald, a half-cooked potato without conscience, did it on purpose!

Elena must have long thought that a character capable of playing with Albus Dumbledore couldn't be much better. He definitely focused on all kinds of murderous tendencies.

"Am I right?"

Gellert Grindelwald raised a corner of his mouth, raised his eyebrows, and turned to look at Elena and smiled.

Did he really have to get involved?

This old man really wasn't human!

"Yes, yes... you, say, you're right!"

In the delicate current situation, Elena took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, and responded word by word.

There's no one in this world who can simultaneously face the combination of Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. The generous amount of Elena speaking temporarily didn't pay attention...

"And your answer, Albus?"

Grindelwald nodded satisfactorily, gently pulled the silly hair on Elena's head, turned to look at Dumbledore in contemplation, and was in very good spirits.

Leaving Newmontgarde Castle for the first time in forty-six years, leaving arrogantly in front of death, gathering the saints again, finding new life goals, and suppressing two serious problems at the same time... Things intertwined that brought him the joy of dreaming.

Feeling the silly hair on the top of her head being pulled, the expression on Elena's face stayed stunned for a moment, then the cute little face gradually blushed and her expression changed quickly.


(# ̄~ ̄#)

*(Firm plate)*


Elena raised her right hand and slapped it on the back of Grindelwald's hand without hesitation. With a clear voice, she quickly rescued her cute hair.


Grindelwald withdrew his hand in pain, looked at the loli who clouded for a second, and made a suspicious nasal sound.

Seeing Elena raise her head, her two cute little hands in the air, fingers folded to make a fierce look, and made a silent and wordless expression.


At this moment, Grindelwald was sitting less than two palms away from the cute little girl's hands, in other words, he was completely within reach that Elena could grab at any moment.

It turns out that in addition to food, the curly hair on her head couldn't be touched!

Grindelwald's eyes narrowed slightly, silently making a note in the [Elena's Survival Guide] in his heart and then his face cleared, he quickly turned and asked with rectitude.

"Albus! Have you forgotten to buy Elena's Wiener Schnitzel?! What's the meaning of so much food, as I clearly said, only the veal is roasted, and the most important thing is the tender and fragrant Viennese Schnitzel from Vienna? The presence."

In general, diverting attention is always the right way.

Although Dumbledore was present, Grindelwald was at least 90% sure that Elena shouldn't easily reveal that vital letter over such a trivial matter.


In case he was really hit by this rather unreasonable "rua" matter, his life and death would be saved under Dumbledore's gaze. Compared to the shame of losing face, he felt it would be better to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It's better to take it to Dumbledore, anyway, this tangle of white hair shouldn't have the strength and courage to strike the director in a short time... right?

Indeed, the next moment, Elena turned instantly to Dumbledore's eyes, "Did you steal my great steak?!"


Dumbledore, who was pondering how to respond to Grindelwald's previous question, was stunned. A very rare vacant look crossed his face, and his thoughts seemed briefly disordered.

"Gulingge's fairy chop has disappeared..."

"Oh no, I mean the Viennese Schnitzel shop has split in two..."

"Wait, my head hurts a little, let me deal with that first."

Dumbledore rubbed his forehead, closed his eyes, and decided not to look at the large or small plague in front of him for the moment.

Watching the incoherent Dumbledore, Elena and Grindelwald looked at each other and exchanged words in silence.

"Look at the consequences of your actions and driving Professor Dumbledore mad!"

"You're not solely to blame for shutting me up."

"He's been your friend for decades, go and persuade him!"

"He's still your headmaster, it only works if you go."



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