Chapter 209 American Shadow

"Alright, I'll think about it..."

Dumbledore rubbed his eyebrows and summoned a wooden chair to sit in front of the two "Royal Highnesses." He said wearily, "This had to happen since this morning, our Minister of Magic was attacked by a group of grumpy Gulinge Fairies. They blocked the entrance of the magic department and started talking about—"

"So, Mr. Fudge brought the Gulinge fairies to Hogwarts and found you?" Elena interjected, raising her eyebrows.

Obviously, being able to lie and win does not lead to the initiative to take charge, and relying on others is natural. It can be said that Connery Fudge, the most versatile Minister in the history of the Ministry of Magic, naturally will not shoulder the problem by himself.

In particular, Albus Dumbledore, who has various auras and reputations, will not seek to rely on others for credit and achievements.

"Yes," said Dumbledore, with a smile on his face, "to be precise, this time it was the Gulinge Fairies who first suggested to Cornelius Fudge. You know, after drafting a rigorous magical contract, fairies tend to become more polite when facing wizards in the magical world. Not to mention that most of the news that comes these days is mostly within our expectations."

"It's a shame that the drafter of that contract wasn't you," Grindelwald smiled. "And... the person who made the deduction wasn't you either. The Ministry of Magic and the goblins clearly found the wrong person."

"A month ago, maybe this was true. However, it is no longer necessary now."

As the old silver-bearded wizard said, he blinked flexibly towards Elena, his blue eyes revealing a smug look through the crescent-shaped eyes.

"Sometimes, do not underestimate the wisdom and learning ability of a wizard. After all, when I was studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I was also a top student. Compared to arithmetic divination and astronomy, that knowledge related to finance is not so difficult to understand."

After clarifying the knowledge gaps that need to be filled, Albus Dumbledore's status in the magical world and his extensive social circle, it is not too difficult to find some books on basic economics.

After all, it matters. Dumbledore will not really put all his chips and hopes on a girl who is less than a week old. In comparison, he believes in his judgment after careful thought.

"So, Professor Dumbledore... do you mean that you have become a master of economics in a month?" Elena raised her eyebrows, as if her face were filled with four characters - Hawk Eye.

"Of course not."

Dumbledore shook his head and replied softly, "But, at least a month has made me understand what exchange rate means, what short selling and long buying means... and, the wonderful piece of art that is that mortgage contract signed by Miss Caslana."


Grindelwald, who was sitting on the side, crossed his fingers and lightly tapped the protruding knot, unable to help but let out a chuckle. "Did I really hear pride in your voice?"

Dumbledore looked at Grindelwald, his eyes showing a strange expression of pity.

"Being able to understand what I'm talking about is an amazing ability in itself, most people can't do this, Gellert." Dumbledore shook his head and said softly.

"Albus, what do you mean?" Grindelwald furrowed his brow.

Without answering Grindelwald's question, Dumbledore turned to look at Elena and said solemnly, "In the early hours of this morning, the goblins from the North American branch of the Gullah Wizarding Bank announced their departure from the original system of the Gullah Court, to make a separate financial arrangement. For the goblins, you know what this means."

"So, the goblins are divided into two factions and are ready to go to war."

Elena shrugged and looked at Dumbledore with a serious expression, innocently shaking her hands. "Professor Dumbledore, you cannot rest this responsibility on me. The division between the Languishing European Pavilion and the Gulinge American Pavilion division is definitely not an idea that arose spontaneously this month. Before that, it must have gone through a very long process."

"Of course, I understand this... but~ Now the focus of the struggle between the fairies on both sides, and the spark of all wars, coincides exactly with a coin called the ruble."

Dumbledore stopped, and his sharp eyes pierced through the crescent-shaped lenses towards the young girl in front of him, saying significantly.

"With the admission of the North American Gulinge goblins and the backing of the American Magical Congress. The exchange rate of the ruble, which was starting to stabilize gradually, has sharply changed again, and everything fits exactly where you used to make your deductions. Although the process is not entirely correct, very similar results have emerged."

"Wait, American Magical Congress?"

Hearing the word for the second time today, Elena slightly narrowed her eyes.

"What role does the American wizard play in this story? The internal chaos of the goblins will show the shadow of a national magic department."