Chapter 21 The Gift of Benitez

He finally returned to the orphanage, and after pouring the big fish caught into the kitchen fish pond, the little silver-haired Loli did not hesitate to go straight to Benitez's room.

What happened today, if not for Benitez's suggestion, she wouldn't believe it.

Whether it was Professor McGonagall's medication, or the way Dumbledore deceived her with delicious food, I definitely attribute it to Benitez's suggestion.

"Open the door! Priest who betrays the child, dare to sell me, don't you dare open the door!"


Elena aggressively kicked the door of Benitez's room, making a loud noise, and then...

The facts have shown that kicking the door in such a way requires an important premise: first, the door cannot open outward.

Painful pain!

Feeling a sharp pain coming from the tip of her toe, the little silver-haired Loli unconsciously frowned, her eyes quickly darkened with a layer of tears, her heart felt more distressed, and she sat directly on the cold stone steps outside the door, huddling in a ball over her knees.

Obviously, when she came out of Benitez's room, an older catwoman and an unscrupulous priest must have made a dirty deal and sold her foundation completely.


The wooden door slowly opened, and the soft orange light came out from inside.

"Ah... well, let's talk about the advanced quarter."

Benitez looked at Elena sitting on the stone steps with her back turned, and sighed helplessly. He knew with Nizi's character, she would definitely be angry upon returning. The man stepped out of the door and squatted down, his hands folded between the girl's knees, and involuntarily hugged the little Loli into the room.


Elena turned her head without hesitation, biting Benitez's sturdy arm, gritting her teeth bitterly, and freed herself by breaking away from Benitez's arms, and sat angrily on the bed.

"Who told you to make more deals, when I said I want to go to the magical world?"

"So you've decided to go to that... um... Hogwarts to study?"

Benitez unconsciously rubbed the bite marks on his arm and closed the door. Without responding to Elena's words, he asked softly.

"What else can I do, unbreakable vows have been established, and I can't do anything about it now?"

The little silver-haired Loli angrily raised her left hand. Fortunately, she fought fairly, but it was not too strict a sales contract signature. Overall, the result was not so bad.

"Look, this is not something you really want, to learn magic. It's also time for you to fly to a wider place."

Benitez lifted his lips, stroking Elena's head.

After more than six years, from a little girl to a girl who was almost eleven, no matter how much Elena resisted, the desire and hesitation in the small movements of her eyes and body could not be hidden at all.

Benitez knew that the only reason preventing Elena from going to the magical world was actually her relationship with the orphanage. So when Professor McGonagall visited her, after understanding a bit about the magical world, she immediately showed great interest and cooperation.

"Don't pat my head, the president is not that tall..."

Elena slightly moved her head dissatisfiedly, trying to free herself from the great hand's control over her head, but she did not refute Benitez's statement, nor did Benitez talk about wanting to send her to an external school for the first time.

"So, what are you doing?"

Elena slowly looked around the room: the entire room was more than twice the size when she left this morning, it seemed like Benitez had rummaged through all the closets and boxes.

Benitez stood up, rubbed his chin beard, and extended his hand naturally.

"Of course it's to help you pack. If you let yourself pack, maybe you'll be like last time, wanting to run away from home with a roll of sheets in the little bag in winter."

"Hey! How do you know!?"

Elena's face stiffened, it was probably her most failed attempt to escape from home, before that, she thought everything had gone unnoticed by the elders.

"Don't forget, before that, what you did was secretly go to the lake at night."

When Benitez mentioned this, he felt a bit of a headache. Fortunately, Elena was finally going to the magic school. According to Professor McGonagall's description and the magic she showed, at least there, Ai Linna should calm down a bit.

After all, in Benitez's opinion, a group of adult wizards with high magical powers should not find it too difficult to control a little girl.

And being among her peers with the same magical abilities, Elena should be able to make some friends. The teachers in public schools responded more than once. Although Elena seemed like a child, she was always outside the group.

"Magic, I don't understand it at all. However, I know a little about boarding schools, and I've already prepared it for you."

Not continuing to remember the events of the year, Benitez was right, saying that he had been dragging two huge black suitcases from behind and proudly thumping them.

"Ah, you've packed...!"

Elena raised her eyebrows and looked at the tumultuous room with suspicion. She could hardly imagine a clumsy man like Benitez, who couldn't even fry eggs, could handle such difficult skills as luggage.

Under Elena's inquisitive gaze, Benitez smiled slightly, squatted down with a calm expression, and opened the first black suitcase.

"I specifically asked Professor McGonagall. Hogwarts will arrange accommodation for the students. But you've always been arrogant and worried that you wouldn't sleep in the school's bedding, so I put two sets of clean bedding with pillows for you."

Benitez first took out two folded comforter sets from the suitcase. Although the corners were slightly raised, it was the most luxurious setup in the orphanage.

"I'm not so coquettish, and besides, where is the wizard who takes the quilt to school...?"

Looking at the two sets of bedding that occupied half of the suitcase, Elena's expression was slightly astonished, and she immediately snatched them from Benítez.

Before Elena finished, Benítez offered a thick pile of clothes from the suitcase like a treasure, and excitedly handed it to the little silver-haired Loli.

"So here's some casual clothes for you... and personal clothing. This afternoon, I went to the city again and bought those few items you like, which should be enough for you to use this term."

Before releasing her bedding, Elena looked distressingly at Benítez's so-called "few" casual clothes and felt helpless. There is no doubt that the rest of the half of the boxes are used to store these clothes.

The most important thing is that the new clothes Benítez bought—two Lolita outfits, two sets of simple fashion T-shirts, a denim-style outfit, and three sets of casual dresses—are stylish, but there's none that's suitable for wearing at Hogwarts!

Elena lightly imagined it in her mind. On the Hogwarts Walk, a group of young wizards wearing black robes suddenly appeared with a sporty girl in a short skirt, short sleeves, and walking in sneakers. The scene simply wasn't magical anymore!

If any professor sees it, they will definitely deduct points directly!

"No! No! No! The style is so strange, everyone at school wears black robes..."

Elena released the bedding in her hand and was about to grab the clothes in Benítez's hands. She suddenly paused, wait, what do wizards wear under their robes?

She suddenly remembered that in the original book, when poor Snape was studying at school, after receiving the pink, it seemed that he wasn't wearing anything other than underwear under the robe.

Speaking of which, in both the movie and the original book, it seems that it doesn't mention what clothes wizards wear under their robes. Even if it's a blank, if it's not lifted deliberately, it's hard to be discovered!

Elena suddenly trembled, solemnly took the pile of clothes in Benítez's hands, voluntarily returned it to the suitcase, caressed it, and said seriously.

"Well, Dad Dad, you're right. I plan to take out a set of futons from space, and add some leggings and jeans as well as some casual clothes and so on."

Saying this, a problem unconsciously arose in Elena's mind—how much fabric will the little witches at Hogwarts wear under their robe in summer? This seems worth studying after the start of classes.

"Daddy, is the other box also clothes?"

The little silver-haired Loli folded the clothes back into the suitcase and turned curious, looking at Benítez beside her and asked.

"I guarantee you'll love them ~ ~ Want to guess?"

Benítez inexplicably shook his head, pushed another suitcase **** in front of the girl, and eagerly looked ahead for her to open it herself.

"Mysterious, cut..."

Elena pouted, but her eyes softened. From her point of view, they were nothing more than some normal appliances. Most accidents are unlikely, but the contact is real.


As the leather buckle opens, the black top of the suitcase lifts.


Elena turned her head in surprise and looked at Benítez, who was sitting in a chair beside her.

"Is this for me?"

The items in the huge box are clearly divided into three categories:

The paper books on the far left are properly arranged, and the first two are "Advanced Mathematics" and "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations."

On the far right, it's filled with various market-available snacks as well as drinks and canned products.

In the middle position lies a set of new knives from the Zwilling four-star series. Elena had long coveted this series.

Benítez smiled, gently scratched the little silver-haired Loli's nose, and indulgently instructed her:

"I won't be able to stay with you in the future, so pay attention to your safety in a strange world and remember to take good care of yourself."