Chapter 210 0 Rare Opportunities!

"No more information for now, and this is one of the things we are trying to resolve."

Dumbledore slightly nodded his head, with his dignified expression.

"The clues provided by the goblins in the Gullah Court in London are just a group photo of secret conversations between officials from the Magical Congress of the United States and the goblins of the Gullah branch in North America. It is still not clear what kind of cooperation has been achieved between them."

"It is very simple, supported by force."

Grindelwald said without hesitation.

"With the wretched spirits of fairies who are weak and fear death, only with the help of the American wizards can the fairies of North America have the confidence to declare their independence."

After several goblin wars, the magical world has always severely suppressed the goblin armed forces. Aside from the basic security system, goblins are almost not allowed to have any armed forces.

Therefore, compared to the ancient goblins who could easily start a war hundreds of years ago, the only way for a goblin lacking a controllable armed force to start a war now is to seek foreign aid.

In fact, according to the original agreement, when necessary, the Ministry of Magic of each country will provide support for basic protective power to the local Gulinge Wizard Bank.

But this does not include sending wizards to directly participate in the war between fairies. There is no doubt that the Magical Congress of the United States has successfully found the loophole in the contract and intervened in the internal affairs of the Gu Ling Pavilion as an asylum.

"About this, including me and most of the officials of the Ministry of Magic, we think so."

Dumbledore nodded, with a more serious expression.

"Then, most importantly, this time, the goblins of Goryinge in London made a clear request for military support: they wanted to join the forefront combat power of the British Ministry of Magic to launch a lightning expedition, using the Jin Jialong transmission channels without closure, preventive action, to forcibly suppress the group of Gulinge Goblin Pavilions in North America..."

At that moment, Elena, who had been listening attentively to the story, suddenly stood up from the edge of the bed with a swift movement, and her eyes narrowed sharply.

"Wait, Dumbledore! What did you say about the Gulinge branch goblins declaring their independence?"

"It's Professor Dumbledore."

Dumbledore frowned, gently corrected Elena's phrase, and continued without haste.

According to the goblins in the Gullah Pavilion in London, the rebel group called themselves the [American Wizard Reserve System]. Of course, we naturally do not doubt this war initiative..."

"Kill them!"

Elena's delicate and immature face showed a cold and extremely cold tone.

"Without feelings and compassion! To behead at the lightning speed, it's the central personification of the wizard's war."

If Elena had a small hesitation in her heart at first, is this a coincidence?

Then, since she heard the familiar [Reserve System] from Dumbledore's mouth, Elena has at least a 90% certainty to determine her internal guess: the Fed has intervened!

Even if the fairies in North America put on the appearance of the wizard bank, the recognition of their keywords is too high.

"What is your girl talking about? Not to mention, this afternoon, the channel has been closed by the fairies there. Even if it is still free, how can we support this brutal war?"

Dumbledore frowned deeply, instinctively reaching his hand to Elena's forehead, turning his head to look at Grindelwald and said disgustedly.

"What have you instilled in my students these days?"

"Albus, don't blame everything on me, this girl is very fierce."

Grindelwald gently snorted, his slender fingers tapping slightly on the back of his hand, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

"However, the goblins' reactions have been so intense, which is beyond my expectations. As the headquarters of the goblins eleven years ago, I don't have the confidence to defeat the challenge from a young branch. Even the wizards with the Magical Congress of the United States can seek help, but they wouldn't make a direct request from the beginning."

"Yes, this is the first aspect that confuses all the Ministry officials."

Dumbledore nodded and gently supported the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

"This military purge is common in goblin battles hundreds of years ago, but it has been exceptionally rare for decades. Furthermore, it is usually a fierce tactic used only when at an absolute disadvantage. Most of us are more inclined to think that this should only be a way for the fairies to show a never compromising attitude."

"There is nothing to think about, as they have indeed been forced into a desperate situation. Your hesitation may cause the magical world to lose the way to end this conflict with the least possible cost."

Elena sighed deeply, her face full of regret, and helplessly looked at Dumbledore.

Undoubtedly, only the wrong name was taken, and there was no wrong nickname. Albus Dumbledore was truly a true cultivator of evil. In the future, the biggest devil in the entire world would be gently let go by his hands.

The Federal Reserve System, the U.S. Federal Reserve System, known as the Federal Reserve.

A completely independent central bank that can influence the structure of the world does not require the approval of the President of the U.S. or any high-level legislature of its resolutions. It does not accept funding from the U.S. Congress, and the mandate of its members extends through multiple presidential and congressional terms.

Similar to such a remote and powerful Mac organization, it can be said that it is perfectly aligned with the positioning demands of the magical world for itself, and the degree of obsession with the wealth of the fairies is even more impossible to let go of this delicious piece of fat.

There is no doubt that, regardless of which is the actual controlling Fed in this parallel world, the American Wizard, the American Goblin, and the American Muggle have definitely passed the International Law of Wizard Secrets and secretly reached some unrelated magic-related partnership.

Regardless of the control of the non-magical world, no matter which side of the goblin wins the victory, the Gulingge goblins who have completely controlled the minting of the Jinjialong currency have gone through this violent merger. With the fall of the bear, Will will grow to be a giant that no wizard will be able to check and balance.

After a brief pause, Elena looked at Glindworth, who was still somewhat unknown, and said, "Didn't you understand? Obviously, the Guling European Goblin knew very well that they could not withdraw from the internal wars of China in this scene. If they continue to proceed in the normal way, their hope of winning is not too high, and even if they win, they are considered defeated."

"Just for the magical world of the U.S. Congress?" Grindelwald raised his eyebrows, revealing a trace of disdain.

"No. For working capital..."

Elena said halfway, suddenly swallowed, looked up and swept her eyes to the white demon, whose expression did not change much, and quickly explained:

"The mortgage contract between Gullinge and Hogwarts was completed in cash, that is, Gullinge's liquidity was directly withdrawn. In this way, in a short time, Europe will not be able to compete with the prepared goblins of North America from the front. Of course, you only need to give the goblins some time to cushion, and the medium and long-term investment will gradually return. The timeline will inevitably extend... wait?"

Elena suddenly stopped speaking and frowned heavily, quickly changing her face.

"That's how it is." Grindelwald nodded thoughtfully, then continued.

"As the war situation reaches a deadlock, the independence of the North American goblin group will naturally become a established fact. So, is this the reason Albus doesn't want to help the goblins in Europe?"

"I just want to minimize the disputes."

Dumbledore slightly shook his head, neither acknowledging nor denying.

After speaking, the old man turned his head to look at Elena, who was pensive, and smiled gently, "So, I said I had to take care of these things, simply contacting the information too early, and there is no meaning for you."


At this moment, Elena suddenly raised her head, her eyes shining and unprecedented, with a terrifying enthusiasm in her tone.

"This may be the only chance for humanity in the last millennium!"

"Reinvent the entire Guling Pavilion and return monetary power to the control of the wizard!"



Goo ~ The main line of Volume 2 continues.

The Guling Pavilion is a huge ~ ~ ancient banking institution.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union is also an extremely complicated event. It is not as simple as wanting to eat the meat of this bear.

Of course, exchanging rubles for dollars-waiting for dissolution-exchanging for rubles-repay the loan, this is the easiest way to make money, but also the most attractive way to hate, and if you want to maximize profits, this is also the relatively high temporary cost way, because the ruble completely collapsed in 1993.

That is why before this, few people would write about it, because this requires too specialized financial knowledge.

Earning on the exchange rate by gaining the exchange rate difference is only for the purpose of deceiving horseradish, or the original intention of Elena, but if you only rely on a small contract, you will not be able to enter the Guling Pavilion ~ after all, it's only a few hundred million gallons of gold. However, although the Guling Pavilion felt pain, it was still able to face it.

Book lovers with a solid understanding of economics should be able to guess what will happen next, please don't spoil it!

Dear readers who have extensively studied Soviet history, also try not to give any hints, um, thank you.