Chapter 211 "what Is The Price?"

The ascent of any species is filled with blood.

Even the unprecedented super predator on this planet, the terrifying upright ape called human being, the most terrifying predator, humans, will not easily move aside on the path to becoming the ultimate ruler.

Fire-breathing dragons, giants, elves, goblins... Long before the wizards learned to harness their own power, these ancient and intelligent species had already occupied a corner of the world.

However, centuries have passed.

With the murders and conquests that are always hidden in history, humanity successfully ruled the world:

The giants were exiled to remote islands and mountains; the fire-breathing dragons migrated to deserted islands far from muggle cities; domestic elves and goblins were enslaved by the wizarding community and spent most of their lives serving the wizards... The ancient race either disappeared or had to submit to the dominion of the wizards.

However, among all the magical races that have fought against the wizards, there is only one that, although still active on the magical world stage today, are the goblins.

The goblins, the only creatures with a high intellectual coefficient that exists in the wizarding social system.

It is true that the wizard will never be innocent and naive, and the goblin is not a kind and compassionate race. The goblin can also be very cruel and bloodthirsty towards the wizard.

Therefore, for many centuries, the number of wars between wizards and goblins can be said to be almost equal to the number of wars fought against all other intelligent creatures.

They have their own language system, complex and complete enough to support financial accounting and daily life in the modern social system, which means that the goblin language is a mature language that is quite inclusive and self-renewing.

The magical systems of goblins and wizards are very different, but they are also a weapon for massacring and suppressing the rise of wizards in ancient times.

In fact, if it were not for the birth of magic wands and demons, humans who want to fight against goblins who can easily cast spells without wands would generally need to endure a five to ten times higher rate of mortal injuries than that of goblins.

Not to mention that goblins also possessed extraordinary casting abilities and mysterious techniques for forging magical weapons...

In summary, this is an intelligent race that can be called a complete civilization.

However, as the balance of power between the fairy and the wizard changed, the term "fairy war" began to be gradually replaced by the name "fairy rebellion", and ultimately gradually changed to the current designation of "terrorist", a "subversive group" deliberately separated from the elf group.

But unlike other races, the goblins handled the relationship with the wizard in a timely manner thanks to their wisdom, or because they understood compromise and mutual benefit, and used their strength to gain the one thing that sat at the same negotiating table with the wizard. Qualified, and they obtained their best weapon: the Gu Lingge Magic Bank.

At this point, both Dumbledore and Grindelwald are very clear in their hearts.

Therefore, when Elena presented a mortgage plan for Hogwarts that could "cultivate" the "wool" of the Gu Lingge Pavilion, Dumbledore decisively decided to accept it after judging the risks and benefits, and helped along with Grindelwald to hide from the sky; all the wizards are united against the goblins.

However, deceiving a goblin for a sum of money is one thing, and overthrowing the entire banking system of Gu Lingge wizards is a completely different concept.

"Miss Elena Castellana, do you know what terrible behemoth you will be facing?"

Dumbledore slightly inclined his head and looked at Elena over his glasses. Instead of mocking or denying the girl because of her age, he asked solemnly, with a slight hope in his tone.

After nearly a thousand years of operation, the fairy has occupied a key position in the magical world.

Although many wizards still believe that goblins are subject to wizards, most officials of the Ministry of Magic understand that the Gu Lingge Pavilion, which controls coinage rights, coin issuance channels, and more than half of the wealth reserves of the magical world, has long since separated from the wizards. Our control becomes a huge monster.

Take, for example, the British Ministry of Magic. Before the handover of former Minister of Magic Millison, he privately and secretly told Cornelius Fudge, "The goblin of the Gu Lingge Magic Bank is like giant ants dependent in the heart of the magical world. They determine the blood flow of the entire magical world, absorbing nutrients from everyone to grow. However, whoever wants to destroy it, will attract the hostility of the entire magical world."

"Sincerely, it's not especially clear," Elena honestly shook her head.

"So, you know, even if the opportunity you mentioned is successful. How much will it cost?"

"Actually, I haven't even thought about it yet."

Elena shook her head again.

Before Dumbledore could speak, the girl continued.

"But, I only know a little..."

Elena stood up and looked at Dumbledore, then at Grindelwald, and smiled confidently.

"I know that once we decide to remove the Gu Lingge Magic Bank from the chessboard and take back control of coinage rights and the future lifeline into our own hands. At that time, the two behind me, including the two present, the entire human magic world."