Chapter 212 Historical Turning Point Of Great Significance Unwritten


With the declaration of the eruption of the second attribute between the falling girls, the room returned to calm.

It was as if someone had told a funny joke, a slightly awkward atmosphere was slowly expanding.

Dumbledore still retained his usual gentle smile on his face, sitting gracefully and courteously in the chair, leaning slightly forward as if waiting for Elena to continue explaining her point of view.

Grindelwald, who was sitting next to the girl, was obviously much more relaxed, leaning on the edge of the bed in a comfortable posture, the first Dark Lord poking his head out, one hand picking desired food from the bento box on the table, evidently, the piece of meat pizza did not suffice.

Observing Dumbledore and Grindelwald without any commotion, Elena felt a trace of shame in her heart: if she was right, Grindelwald's initial reaction surely mocked her.

She was so wrong. In front of these two two-hundred-year-old wizards, she had fantasized about relying solely on her fiery mouth to mobilize their emotions. Now, upon calming down and pondering, she felt an inexplicable embarrassment.

Then, in the past life, how would the protagonists who could practice in front of hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation, using blood and ideals to influence and persuade other characters, view this "preschool drama" in this way? She clung to her loving eyes.

"Cough, cough..."

Elena clenched her right fist and brought it to her mouth. She discreetly hid her embarrassment and cleared her throat. "Well, do you have any comments, questions, or ideas?"

As she spoke, Elena subtly extended her foot and gave Grindelwald a kick on the calf, who was watching the show, eating and eating, and she knew he should eat, being of a certain age, he should have some basic manners.


Crack, crack.

"Wow! Amazing ambition."

Upon hearing Elena's words, Grindelwald raised his hands, applauding freely and exaggeratedly, then looked at Dumbledore seriously and said with a smile:

"Albus, I believe the idea mentioned by Elena is exceptionally instructive. The Gulinge Bank is indeed a serious problem for us. I am just a sick old man. The future of the magical human world depends on both of us. Yes."

Truly a child...

After redirecting the topic and problems back to Dumbledore, Grindelwald rubbed his calf and silently smiled to himself, trying to see if his old friend had a good response.

The appearance of the Gulinge Bank is not solely due to the war between wizards and goblins, which later involved very intricate interest exchanges and multi-level compromises, but if viewed purely from the results, what Elena said was not wrong: the Fairies control the vital economic lifeline of human wizards, which has almost become the heart of the majority of the Ministry of Magic.

Due to the social system, although it has entered modern society, but faced with the extremely limited and fragmented business behavior of the magical world, the government department that manages and coordinates the resources of the entire magical world has always lacked an income that can complement its self-operation and circulation. The forum.

Whether it is to pay salaries and benefits to Ministry of Magic employees, or to build or organize some facilities or political events, the Ministry of Magic needs to raise funds from various old pure-blood families and elf goblins as corresponding exchange. Undoubtedly, the majority is naturally taken up by the goblins of the Gulinge Bank of the Magical World.

In other words, the Ministry of Magic, which is the most hostile towards the ghost of the Gulinge Bank, is also the most dependent on the existence of the goblins of the Gulinge Bank. Once the Gulinge Bank announces a strike, within three months, the entire Ministry of Magic will fall into the shame of being unable to pay.

As for using force to break the Gulinge Bank and open the vault to benefit the entire poor magical people, for the pure-blood family of wizards, changing one, even if it's a group of disobedient Ministry of Magic officials, is much easier than rebuilding a Gulinge Bank.

"It's truly a great idea."

Dumbledore looked at Grindelwald, the smile on his face remained unchanged, repeating the original Dark Lord's comment with gentleness and calmness. His eyes paused on Elena's nervous face, smiling and then said:

"Indeed, as the President of the International Confederation of Wizards, in urgent and important situations, I have the right and channel to secretly convene summit meetings of the Ministry of Magic. But what is the condition? What are the benefits of allowing wizards to control the issuance and regulation of the currency? Most importantly, if I choose to do nothing, will there be any impact?"

"Because the goblins control the currency issuance, this is not beneficial for the entire magical world..." Elena opened her mouth and responded somewhat confused.

Compared to Grindelwald's attitude towards the drama, Dumbledore's performance is undoubtedly much stranger.

The old wizard seemingly threw out a super bait that couldn't be refused, but also posed some common-sense questions that seemed to have been answered, at least not seeming to align with his previous privileges.

For this situation, according to Elena's experience in previous business negotiations, there are only two meanings; one is that the other party made a subtle move, and the other is that the other party has little decent sincerity and has departed from the beginning of a relatively high psychological expectation point, hoping the other party can understand the difficulty and withdraw.

"Yes, they've been in control for thousands of years."

Suddenly, Grindelwald laughed from the side and chuckled, "Little one, do you not think that for thousands of years, only you have thought of obtaining the right to issue currency from the fairies?"

"Gellert?" Dumbledore furrowed his brow slightly.

"I'm sorry, I can't help it," Grindelwald said, shrugging. "Compared to your speculations, I think this young man is more suitable to give him the answer directly, and then let him ponder it later."

"Don't overthink it, don't move any magical flags."

Grindelwald crossed his arms, looked at Elena, blinked, and chuckled softly.

"This Albus has never been a compassionate saint. He's just a coward who fears trouble. If you want to persuade him, it's better to sell something from Hogwarts first and give him something that can really impress him. Benefits... or threats. When it comes to methods and opportunities, you just need to give him a naive idea. This guy has over a hundred years of experience more than you."

"Hey, is that true? I think, like you, such an old wizard will speak directly about interests, there will be something, something..." Elena made an unexpected gesture, feeling a little disoriented with Grindelwald's sudden help.

Grindelwald raised the corner of his lips, shook his head, and said:

"You can impress me with childish ideals, but you cannot impress Albus. In fact, the division of the Gu Ling Pavilion, combined with your deductions, is indeed an opportunity to try, but you made two fatal mistakes. First, you should use something more favorable to pursue Dumbledore, such as Hogwarts. Second, the dominion of the Magical Bank of the Gu Ling Court should not be handed over..."

"Enough, Gellert, your words today have been too many," Dumbledore's face froze and he rarely growled, interrupting the old wizard's next words.

He quickly approached Elena's bed, positioning his body between Grindelwald and Elena, breaking their gazes and communicating, looking at the little witch with silver hair whose eyes were pensive, and he frowned.

"Truly, according to my original thinking, no matter what you say, I will keep the entire Ministry of Magic out of this goblin battle, and will not participate in the confrontation with the U.S. Magical Congress. Because only in this way can we ensure that in this incident, the overall balance of everything will not be accidentally broken."

"But since Gellert chose to bet on you, then I will give you the chance to sit on the edge of the chessboard in advance. As for me, a school director who trains students in magic, why should I be like a politician, persuading the Ministry of Magic to join the battle?"

Looking into Dumbledore's blue eyes behind the half-moon spectacles, for the first time Elena saw the calm and indifferent look of reason, similar to the surface of the water at the bottom of the well behind those gentle and kind eyes; this could be some real emotion of Dumbledore after he had shed the halo.

If she was not mistaken, in her previous life, the same event of the fairy division should have happened at this time, but without the interference of her accidental little butterfly, Dumbledore naturally chose to let the entire magical world sit on their hands, allowing the Soviets and Americans to play games.

What he is doing now is changing an important unwritten historical event in the book.

"Effmony School of Magic."

"If you do nothing, Yfarmoni will replace or even annex Hogwarts sooner or later."

"Is this reason enough?"