Chapter 213 Way To Defeat The Entire World

"Ilfamoni? I admit it's a great magical educational institution as famous as Hogwarts. And since the US Congress of Magic announced the abolition of the Rapaport Law thirty years ago, its development speed is indeed surprising. In my opinion, they undoubtedly have the potential to challenge the traditional status of Hogwarts."

Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully and immediately corresponded with the young school across the ocean mentioned by Elena.

If we were to choose one of the many magic schools in the world that has the most similar campus model to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it would be the Yfarmony School of Magic and Witchcraft in Massachusetts.

Compared to Hogwarts, founded in 993 AD, the School of Magic and Witchcraft Ifamoni, which was not established until the mid-17th century, is undoubtedly a rather young newcomer. A humble stone shed built by Aesor Thur and her husband James Stewart.

As the school continued to grow, the number of students increased, and more teachers were recruited: the humble granite shed quickly turned into a huge castle, and the fame of the Yfarmony School of Magic and Witchcraft soon spread widely among Native American tribes and British settlers, magicians and witches from across America sent their children to Ilfermoni, and Ifamoni, like Hogwarts, became a boarding school.

Indeed, because the founder Aesor Thur came from Scotland, this school consciously used the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with which it was most familiar, as an initial reference, so the similarities between the two schools were easily found.

For example, in terms of genealogy, Aesop's aunt, Gomré Gunter, is a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, even the infamous Voldemort had to respectfully shout the name of his ancestor.

Another example is that after the first-year students of the Yfamuni School of Magic arrived at the school, they also joined four different houses (long horn, water snake, leopard cat, thunderbird, goblin) after the sorting ceremony.

In addition, the core curriculum, the boarding study system for the seventh grade, and even the O.W.L and N.E.W.T exams that every student needs to participate, are the same.

The only difference is that most young wizards in North America can only get their first wand after entering the school, instead of going to the wand shop on their own as Hogwarts students do.

Although in terms of the strength of the teachers and the depth of magical knowledge, Yfarmoni is certainly slightly inferior to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with a history of thousands of years of magic, but the development of these hundreds of years has been enough to enable them to cultivate a large number of slightly inferior wizards.

As a new magic school, Ifamoni is inherently easier to recruit muggle-born wizards than Hogwarts, there are practically no old and stubborn pure-blooded wizard families similar to those in Europe in North America, this has undoubtedly become one of the greatest advantages of Yfarmoni's rapid rise.

"But, in any case, the Yfarmony School of Magic and Witchcraft is always too far from Europe. Besides, they are too young. As a school that imitates the educational model of Hogwarts, I don't think they pose a threat."

Dumbledore shook his head disapprovingly, apparently not believing that Elfimone would have any impact on the future of Hogwarts according to Elena.

"On the contrary, it is precisely because of the homology and similarity that it will become the greatest competitor of Hogwarts."

Elena looked directly at Dumbledore, diametrically repelling:

"Only when there is a clear difference between the two can they peacefully coexist. The origin of the magical world is very limited. With the advancement of technology and magic, the geographic spatial barriers that originally restricted people's gathering and movement are rapidly disappearing. The wizards of the US Magic Congress extended their tentacles to the European Ghost Goblin Corner, which is a particularly obvious sign of attack."

The older, the more refined, integral, and higher entry barriers.

Although in this age, the vast majority of people still inherit a long-standing mark, which would represent an overwhelming advantage for similar imitation brands, Elena, from the brutal era of the explosion of information from later generations, is very clear and true, conversely, newcomers with low development costs and extremely high trial and error advantages can easily beat those old brands in some new areas.

Among them, the most interesting example is undoubtedly the three MOBA games that have formed a peculiar chain of contempt: "DOTA", "League of Legends", "Glory of the King". Undoubtedly, the three games are competitive and well-structured. The degree and difficulty of starting form an extremely smooth step, and then the opposite of this smooth step is its popularity in social communication.

One common point is that the event that truly promotes "League of Legends" to quickly defeat "DOTA" to take over the majority of the MOBA game market is that it chooses an exceptionally strong background support. The strength of capital was introduced into a contest of similar qualities, and the situation was reversed.

There is no doubt that although the situation today is slightly different.

But if the American Magic Congress is allowed to help the North American goblins annex the European Gullet Pavilion, and at the same time swallow a huge Soviet bear, the so-called "Joint Reserve System of the North American Magic Bank", it will become the most terrible giant in the magical world, even more terrible than the FED in the non-magical world, no one would be able to balance the monster.

At that time, if Hogwarts remained the same as now, relying on the grants of the Ministry of Magic and the funding of the school council to maintain the school's operations, being controlled by the people would be a simple order to carry out.

Therefore, since she realized that the American magical world was coming to an end, Elena, who had previously wanted to help Hogwarts in the wave of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, had begun to change her purpose. She didn't want to wait decades to turn things around, toiling in the painful struggle to save the intangible cultural heritage of the magical world, "Hogwarts," from dying out of the school.

After some thought, Elena decided to use some simpler figures for Dumbledore to understand the gravity of the situation.

"If I remember correctly, over the years, even if one stands out among the crowd and expands the enrollment ratio of small wizards from non-magical families, Hogwarts' enrollment inevitably shows a downward trend year after year. The total number of first-year students this year is only 73. Compared to the students in the seventh grade with the highest number, the number of enrolled students has decreased by almost 30%."

"Indeed, such a situation exists, but this should only be temporary. The enrollment number at Hogwarts is not fixed each year," Dumbledore nodded slightly, looking with interest at the serious Irene, gesturing for the girl to continue.

He was very curious. What kind of strange opinions can a boy who has just been enrolled in school for a week develop? After all, compared to the completely unknown financial field, Dumbledore has been immersed in teaching for most of his life. The field is still quite arrogant.

"In my opinion, you are too optimistic."

Elena wagged her finger, looked around the cabin, walked to the window, and pointed to the brightly lit city outside.

"Let's take Salzburg as an example. Today, more than 60% of the permanent residents living in this city are middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, since the end of the Second World War in 1945, the population of the entire Europe has been in a state of aging and declining birth rates. If the probability of a wizard being born to a non-magical does not change substantially, then over time, Hogwarts will be able to recruit fewer and fewer wizards."

Compared to most skills and knowledge, magic resembles more a natural talent.

According to the current definition of the magical world, it mainly divides a person into two directions: the ability of magical perception and the ability of magical release:

With magical awareness and the ability of magical release, this is undoubtedly recognized as a wizard.

Correspondingly, people who do not have the ability to perceive magic or to release magic are called Muggles.

Those in between who can only perceive the existence of magic but cannot release magic, such as Argus Filch and Mrs. Figg, who can see the dementors, are known as Squibs.

For the birth of magical talent, the magical world, lacking the support of systematic genetic medicine research, has yet to fully explore and understand.

Therefore, although there are undoubtedly small wizards born into non-magical families, this does not mean that the size of the non-magical population will directly determine the number of wizards. At least from the current perspective, most wizards still come from families where at least one of the parents is a wizard.

This is why Great Britain is always the most densely populated place.

Because magic genetics have an advantage and are actively active, as long as one of the parents is a wizard, usually their descendants must be wizards or Squibs, based on this, pure-blood wizards can form families rooted in the wizard mode, generation after generation to continue their influence in the magical world.

"Professor Dumbledore, out of pure curiosity, I once asked everyone in the same grade. Except for the Weasley family, most of the other students from wizard families were only children. The magical world has never had a prosperous economic environment. Leaving a little for me aside."

After a brief pause, Elena glared at Grindelwald, who was about to finish the meal on the table. With some discontent, she pounded the table, looked at Dumbledore, and continued:

"And if you want to fundamentally improve the economic situation of the magical world, then regaining the right to issue currency and the economic redistribution rights of the whole society are essential basic conditions. That's why the Americans will not hesitate to reach the edge of breaking the international wizard decree, it is also one of the reasons to help the goblins gain independence."

Listening to Elena's concerns, Dumbledore raised an eyebrow, insistently insisting on his previous view, and said gently, "But at this point, as long as I can guarantee that the British magical world will not be affected. Well, at most, we can request a certain amount of profit from the U.S. Magical Congress, which can also achieve the purpose you mentioned to some extent. You have not yet demonstrated the connection between Iffamoni and Hogwarts in this incident, and the reason why we must join the battle in the Gu Ling Pavilion."

The population, the wizard, the United States, the goblins, the dissolution of the Soviet Union...

At this moment, a flash of light suddenly crossed Elena's mind, and the vague idea she had before suddenly connected in series, forming a powerful and huge idea.

"Group of wizards! Once there is widespread social unrest, there will inevitably be a phenomenon of migration of the group of wizards."

"Eh? What do you mean?" Dumbledore frowned, his expression somewhat confused.

This young lady always has some new words from time to time, making a person over 110 years old always feel like they are rapidly being abandoned by the era.

"Yes, the number of wizard families will directly determine the amount of small wizards born in the future."

Elena raised her finger and said seriously.

"This is also the second question I want to raise. Only a relatively prosperous and stable living environment will allow people to have the desire and motivation to have offspring. In order to prevent the goblins and wizards of the Americas from bringing chaos to the magical and non-magical world, we have to actively intervene in this battle."

The young woman looked up and glanced at Dumbledore, who was pondering. After a pause of one or two seconds to organize her thoughts, the following words became smoother.

"The daily income and expenses of most wizarding families largely depend on a functioning Ministry of Magic for coordination and payment of salaries and benefits. In today's magical world, there is an exceptionally special union-style Magic Department, composed of dozens of Ministries of Magic from the Soviet Union. If the magical world in which these individuals live were to temporarily collapse…"

"I see, this is a grand plan."

At that moment, Grindelwald, who was sitting aside, lightly clapped his palm and couldn't help but follow Elena's words, a complex expression appeared on his face, an eager expression of interest.

"At this moment, whoever can reach them first and provide basic accommodation and job security will have the absolute right to speak in the magical world for decades. In this way, little one, think that it's not just about the Lingering Pavilion, it's not Jin Jialong. What you want is the entire magical world in the future."

"Soviet sorcerer…"

Dumbledore gently rubbed his wand with both hands, and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes, something he had not considered before.

"While using the so-called ruble to conduct experiments, would you gather the wandering wizards of the Soviet Union? However, Hogwarts and the British Ministry of Magic are not altruistic philanthropists. Enormous expenses of Galleons of gold. It is even less likely that we will recruit them by recruiting troops or employees."

Undoubtedly, just behind Grindelwald, Dumbledore also realized Elena's idea.

However, in the opinion of Albus Dumbledore, Elena's ideas were significantly more dangerous and uncontrollable than the benefits they could bring: the girl apparently wanted to use the division in the Lingering Pavilion to fight against opportunities, directly and partially dismantle the Ling Gu Pavilion's ability to control the economy of certain countries, and attract some wizards who originally belonged to other European countries to Hogwarts.

But one of the most important problems is that although Hogwarts and the British Ministry of Magic seem slightly fairer than the Magical Congress of the USA, they still do not have valid reasons and capital expenses to consolidate and attract the long-term approval of foreign wizards.

To be precise, if subjective factors are eliminated, some Americans who seem to be more affluent now appear to be more likely to attract elite wizarding talents from this land.

"No, one thing you may have misunderstood. If we now target our own people, then it's no longer just a simple game of money. When necessary, wealth can be used as bait to attract their attention. The wealth accumulated in the castle is enough for all forces involved in the money game to suffer enormous losses at the crucial moment, as long as our purpose is not to make money, but to lead everyone to hell."

Elena's mouth curved, revealing a terrible smile.

In economics, there is one of the most classic theories, called the principle of the last survivor. There are two ways to win, one is to defeat the opponent, and the other is to bring everyone to die together, and then be the one who lives in the end.

Undoubtedly, to harvest the enormous wealth of non-magical and magical circles throughout the Soviet Union, whether it is the goblins and elves on both sides or the wizards of the Magical Congress of the USA, the focus at this moment must be on the fight for wealth.

If you go all the way to participate in the competition in the normal way, the end result is actually sacrificing a poor bear, and then each takes different weights of bear meat home to survive the winter.

However, if there is an interloper that aims at everyone, and goes over the debts of over 28 trillion after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, everyone goes to all participants, it's a very interesting story.

As for this, the benefits Elena can obtain...

Without further elaborating on her thoughts, Elena looked at the food filling the table, her eyes gradually becoming brighter, and there was only one thing that could truly drive humanity.

"Professor Dumbledore, you may still be unaware of the facts. The living conditions of those living in the Soviet Union now. Jin Jialong cannot alleviate hunger, and Jin Jialong cannot provide warmth and living supplies."

"However, if we add a touch of magic to the time, I believe we can do this. After all, the experience of the castle in Newmongad in the last few days made me realize that there is a problem, the greatest advantage of the magical world, occupies resources from land and fairly abundant natural resources of vegetation."