Chapter 214 23 Things And Misunderstandings Before T

Newmontgard Castle.

After dinner time arrived, under Dumbledore's leadership, Elena and Grindelwald returned to Newmontgard Castle very calmly, and began packing up their things to take back to Hogwarts. To be precise, it was mainly Elena who was gathering her personal clothing and textbooks in the dormitory, while the other two old wizards were in the living room, preoccupied.

For example, for Gellert Grindelwald, the luggage he actually needs to take is just a small magically sealed metal box. That's all.

According to Grindelwald, as the wealthiest headmaster in the history of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the generous and selfless Albus Dumbledore naturally won't hesitate to provide new recruits under his care with new clothes and daily necessities, and to prevent inappropriate influences in the magical world.

"So, are you ready to accept that girl's proposal?"

In the warm and comfortable living room, Grindelwald was sprawled lazily in the same armchair in the Gryffindor common room, unwrapping the sugar paper from the hard candy on the dessert mantelpiece, observing Dumbledore, who had restored the broken wood on a door, and casually speaking.

Regarding Elena's previous thoughts in the cabin, Dumbledore did not respond positively immediately but chose to consider for a day before giving a final answer. But for Grindelwald, who knew Dumbledore's character well, this method of response did not differ from a direct answer: "Think about it" = "I will find a balance to accept".

"Not all have been accepted, I only selected some of the results."

Dumbledore flexed his wrist with flexibility, patiently repaired the wooden door, raised his eyebrows, looked at Grindelwald, and the corner of his mouth lifted slightly:

"Furthermore, I don't think I have much choice, even if I show rejection, do some people seem to be dissatisfied? Frankly, I regret allowing her to know you."

"Albus, I told you not to give me hope."

Grindelwald didn't hesitate to admit his thoughts and smiled proudly, "So, where do you plan to start now?"

"Hogwarts. In the manner of a wizard..."

Dumbledore's wand lightly tapped the fully restored wooden door, and the Hogwarts school crest on it slowly rotated with a layer of magical luster, and he said very calmly:

"Obviously, Hogwarts is undoubtedly the most suitable place to demonstrate whether certain views and methods are feasible. And, I believe our Miss Caslana doesn't understand, and for wizards, it is often enough to understand the result. Perhaps only through a long magical learning career will she transform."

"No objection." Grindelwald nodded succinctly and happily.

In this, he and Dumbledore share the same view: Elena clearly still doesn't understand the mindset of a wizard.

In comparison to Muggles who pay attention to strict logical order, a wizard only needs to know what is going to happen and the results needed, and can cross the complicated steps in between and go straight to the end through magical shortcuts.

In other words, for a truly powerful wizard, it is more challenging to understand what the result is, rather than understanding how to make it appear.

"By the way, how are you going to arrange my position? After all, I am also a celebrity in the world of magic."

Since the identity of Paracelso is going to be used, Grindelwald will inevitably deal with the Hogwarts professors.

Although he has been imprisoned for forty-six years, if placed in prolonged isolation while maintaining the identity of Paracelso, it is normal for there to be some unclear and outdated information, and most importantly, the identity of daily activities.

"The head therapist in the school medical office, and..."

Dumbledore paused for a few seconds. In theory, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is undoubtedly the most suitable, but there is no vacancy for this position. As a doctor, Paracelso, who has been walking in both the non-magical and magical worlds for decades, due to signs of Grindelwald's activity in the Salzburg prisoner, it is reasonable for him to temporarily go to Hogwarts to serve as the school's physician.

However, the workload of the school physician clearly does not exactly match the needs of Gellert Grindelwald. The main purpose is to help Grindelwald regulate his ailing body.

According to previous experience, Hogwarts does not need such saturated medical and health support most of the time.

Dumbledore paused, looked thoughtfully at Grindelwald, who was eager to test his expression, and added slowly: "And... castle administrator of Hogwarts."

Poor Mr. Argus Filch has complained about the shortage of staff. After Grindelwald, the energetic children at the school may not behave as recklessly as before.

"Guardian of the castle? Albus, don't you think you are sometimes too harsh on the students?"

Grindelwald smiled, playing with the wand with long, slender fingers.

"It is better than being cruel to oneself due to their ignorance."

Dumbledore shrugged and said helplessly, "Sometimes, children who lack control of their own strength are more terrible than adults. Not to mention that the Hogwarts castle was not particularly safe this year."

"Indeed, the young wizard is now more terrible than us..."

Upon hearing Dumbledore's words, Grindelwald suddenly remembered something, nodded with excitement, and sighed in agreement.

"Hey, what are you talking about?"

At this moment, Elena curiously peeked her head out from the bedroom, looking suspiciously at the two old wizards who were having a good time.

She doesn't know why, but she always feels that if the two can come to a tacit agreement, they are very likely to join forces to speak ill of her. It's as if the common language between her and Grindelwald is to speak ill of Dumbledore together.

"Dear professors, I have already packed up, can you come and help me carry my suitcases?"

The silver-haired witch shrugged her slender shoulders, with her cheeks puffed up in a cute manner, "After all, those two big suitcases are too heavy for me."

"No problem."

Dumbledore nodded gently, his gaze fixed on the silver shine of the girl's right hand, "However, Miss Caslana, can you give me a reason to learn about the sharp knife in your hand to help you later in life?"

"A knife? That's all my tool for potion making in the potion class."

Elena blinked ~ ~ She looked at Dumbledore, then at Grindelwald sitting on the sofa, and replied sincerely, "You can ask Mr. Grindelwald about this. These teaching materials have been used in our daily potion classes these days."

"Is that so?" Dumbledore looked at Elena and raised his eyebrows nonchalantly. "I'm just warning you a little. The first class for first-year Hufflepuff students is Professor Snape's potion class. He is a very strict potion master. So, it's better not to too fiercely challenge Professor Snape's opinions in the potion class."

With that, Dumbledore's wand lit up, and a piece of parchment floated in front of Elena, unfolding to display the girl's schedule for the coming week.

Compared to the little lions who can lazily doze on Monday mornings, the first class for Hufflepuff first-year students is a brutal opening ceremony.

"Professor Snape?"

Elena softly murmured Dumbledore's words, then turned around and placed the knife in her hand in the box, so that Dumbledore couldn't see the expression in her eyes, "Don't worry, my favorite is the Potion Class!"

And... at Hogwarts, her favorite subject is the potion teacher.