Chapter 215 Return And Primary Sorting

"Alright, here we are."

With a bright fire, Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Elena appeared on the wooden floor of the headmaster's office, along with the girl's two heavy suitcases.

"Thank you, Fawkes."

Dumbledore nodded towards the Phoenix resting in the birdcage, displaying a warm smile.

Even for the magical Phoenix, transporting three people over such a long distance back to Hogwarts is no easy feat. Fortunately, it is at the time when Fawkes's magic is at its peak.

"Much quieter than I thought."

Grindelwald stood by the window, looking at the tranquil Black Lake under the night, with a somewhat complicated tone.

Forty-six years, to be precise, since Albus Dumbledore had been known since the summer of 1899, ninety-two years have passed, and this is the first time he has come to this magical castle of Dumbledore in person.

"Of course, it's time to turn off the lights. The students have returned to their dormitories and are ready to sleep."

Returning to Hogwarts again, Dumbledore glanced towards the brass pendulum on the table and replied with a smile.

"The upper bedroom is quite spacious. Usually, I take a nap there. Gellert, tonight you can rest in my bed. In fact, I think we need to discuss some details about magic."

The addition of a visitor to Hogwarts is essentially different from the induction of a faculty member. This is not just a formality or an explanatory job for teachers and students. More importantly, all the teachers will inevitably form some kind of wonderful relationship with this castle through a contract, involving extremely deep name magic and contract magic.

Of course, all of this is not difficult to resolve under the joint efforts of two of the most outstanding wizards of the time, especially one of whom has spent most of his life in this castle, probably being the oldest director of Hogwarts.

What really disturbs Grindelwald and Dumbledore are the ubiquitous ghosts and some details. Time is one of the most dreadful monitors. If all the links are not considered clearly, all preparations may fail due to some extremely small places.

"I'm sorry, dear. You might need to go back to the common room on your own."

Dumbledore turned his head and looked at Elena in the office, slightly shrinking apologetically.

As he said, he took out his wand and gently tapped the suitcase. The large black box that was originally stuck to the ground floated lightly, as if it had turned into two hydrogen balloons, swaying gently with the flow of air in the room.

"The password is 'Pu Rongrong'."


After glancing at Dumbledore, Elena reluctantly raised her finger to touch the light suitcase. After some thought, she said frankly, "Professor Dumbledore, I don't know how to get from the headmaster's office to the Shrubbery Path to the Gryffindor Common Room."

Elena knows her shortcomings very well. She does not want to carry two suitcases alone, like a lonely ghost wandering through a maze in a huge castle, and then wait for a kind spirit to take her back to the dormitory when she leaves.

The night in the Scottish Highlands remains very cold—it is not a good time for her to succeed.

"I know, that's why I'm talking about the password for the Gryffindor common room."

Dumbledore blinked flexibly, pointing to the golden-red lion pattern on Elena's chest and explained with a smile:

"Regarding your special situation, I have communicated with Professor McGonagall, so now you have a bed in the Gryffindor girls' dormitory. Of course, as for classes, you will mainly follow the exclusive schedule to pursue."


Hey hey ~ Speaking of which, I haven't seen the cute puppy for a long time.

O (* //// ▽ //// *) q

"Professor Dumbledore is really a kind person who cares about the students. I don't want to disturb you and Mr. Grindelwald in your world of two, goodbye."

The dissatisfaction on Elena's face disappeared instantly, and in the somewhat confused eyes of Dumbledore, she cheerfully pushed the two suitcases and ran out of the headmaster's office.

Now that there are cute puppies to bother, Elena naturally doesn't feel like continuing to watch the standoff between Dumbledore and Grindelwald in the headmaster's office. As for Dumbledore's additional preparation of a bed, sorry, her only issue is sleeping and recognizing beds.


Passing directly through the portrait of the plump lady, Elena pushed the floating suitcase into the Gryffindor girls' dormitory. With the dim light of the fluorescent flash, the box was properly placed in the space marked with "Elena" on Caslana's bed.

Then, Elena extinguished the light with her wand and quietly approached the bed of a little first-year loli.

After a whole week of training, all the students are very tired, regardless of their grade, even after a two-day weekend break, it only slightly eases the physical strain.

Therefore, even though the lights have been out for less than an hour, most of the girls have already fallen asleep. The entire girls' dormitory is quiet, only the slight breathing of the girls is heard.

Hermione Granger, who participated in the first-year students' training, is no exception. After a week, the baby fat on her face has evidently diminished a little, and there is a bit of pride in Elena's eyes.

"Elena, when will you come back...?"

Hermione frowned, hugged the pillow, and muttered softly.

These days, not only is she alone, almost every day everyone asks Hagrid this question. However, each time the answer is unanimous: Elena received treatment outside of school due to an injury and will return soon.

For this reason, in recent days, even with Malfoy, Gore, and Crabbe, Hermione has barely seen them looking good. After all, in her opinion, the culprits who caused Elena's injury are the three of them.

Perplexed, Hermione felt an itch on the back of her neck, as if someone were secretly breathing behind her.

Indistinctly, a warm and soft body leaned firmly against her back, preventing her from stretching her arms comfortably, as if the ball of white hair had suddenly returned to her blanket a few days ago.

Is it a dream again?

Hermione grumbled, extended her small hands, and brushed some silver hair strands from her cheeks, preparing to change position and continue sleeping, when suddenly she stiffened, rubbed her eyes disbelievingly, and slowly turned her head to look behind her.

She saw a witch with silver hair who was focused on pinching her hair and tracing circles on her face, radiating a bright familiar smile and a cheerful expression.

"You! Um..."

Hermione Granger's eyes instantly opened, and the voice in her mouth had no time before her lips were skillfully blocked again by Elena's hands, stifling her exclamation in her throat.

"Shh, everyone is asleep, don't wake them."

Elena blinked and said wistfully, "In short, as you can see, I'm back. So I couldn't find my way back to the Hufflepuff common room. You didn't plan my return to throw me into the room alone for a day."

As she spoke, Elena got into Hermione's bed, comfortably narrowing her eyes - this is the beautiful Hogwarts Castle, and the indifferent Newmontgarde cannot compare.

"Where have you been these days? Everyone is worried about you."

Hermione cupped Elena's cheek with both hands, looked around, lowered her voice, and whispered with concern, "Are your injuries okay? Are you okay?"


How can everyone at Hogwarts know that she has been recently injured?

Elena froze for a moment, and reacted quickly.

Oh, by the way, I almost forgot, this is the excuse that the spicy old radish explained to you to kidnap her.

"I'm not completely okay, but I brought the healer to the school. Regarding the physical condition, Professor Dumbledore should inform everyone tomorrow morning."

Elena looked at the little **** with a concerned expression on her face, uncomfortably scratching her cheek to change the subject, "Let's not talk about that, let's talk, how has the training been going?"

"Sorry, we are the last..."

As she spoke, Hermione's expression felt a little embarrassed and fearful, "Because on the second day of your departure, everyone was poisoned by eating poisonous mushrooms ~ ~, after a whole day of rescue, everyone was sober. And with us, there were also seventh-grade students and the sisters."

"Poisonous mushrooms?"

Elena's expression became a bit strange. No wonder this time one of the positions that Dumbledore assigned to Grindelwald was that of a healer in Hogwarts' infirmary. It turns out that was the reason.

"Well, which one is the first? The third year led by Professor Snape or the sixth year led by Professor McGonagall?"

Since the seventh grade has been completely annihilated, in Elena's opinion, if the last big winner is not surprising, it should come from these two grades.

After all, except for these two teachers who have extremely strong desires for victory and defeat, the setup of the other grades is relatively weak.


Hermione gently shook her head, her eyes showing a look of disbelief, "The fourth-year students led by Professor Chilo completed the overtaking of the total score at the last moment and took first place in the school. According to their statement, they don't know why, every time Professor Chilo turns around and doesn't look at them, they feel a sincere fear instead."