Chapter 216 The Demon King And The Demon King And The Demon King

"Professor Chilo?"

Elena frowned slightly and did not plan to express too many opinions.

Although the final reward was delivered to a noseless monster hand, this made the girl feel a little sad, but considering that this part of the bonus mainly comes from Dumbledore's personal savings.

So think about it carefully, let's count it as the money for life or the funeral fee that Dumbledore paid to the second generation of the Demon Lord, although, if everything goes according to the original plan, the highest possibility of this Jin Jialong is to join the Lost Objects of the bosses by the end of the year.

As for how much shock the fourth-year students caused Chilo's back, this kind of boring detail, Elena had no interest in understanding, after all, even the dead Weasley twins are using the Confundus Charm behind Professor Chilo's head, isn't it safe to live until the end and be liquidated?

"Don't discuss the matter of the fourth grade, what happened to Hagrid and everyone after mistakenly eating poisonous mushrooms?"

Elena shook her head and took out some golden and red cushions from behind the bed and settled in. She sat on the cushion with two bright little feet, and her upper body lay on the dark red flannel mantle. She asked with a concerned expression.

I have to say that Elena has always felt that the soft beds of Hogwarts Castle have been enchanted with a magical laziness. As soon as you lie down, you soon feel sleepy. It wraps around your body and then makes you lazy.

In front of Elena's almost bare feet, Hermione's eyebrows, which were going to shrink into the quilt, rose. The expression on her little face fluctuated between anger and confusion, and she finally sighed resignedly. With a flip, she also came out of the warm quilt, propping her legs and leaning against Elena.

"And what else, since then, everyone has been forbidden to approach the Forbidden Forest and the Black Lake? And Mr. Hagrid's temperament has become neurotic and sensitive, even though we've worked hard every day, we've never got back into the top two rounds of meal sequences. But finally, I can't lead everyone beyond the upper grades anymore..."

As she spoke of these days, Hermione's eyes flashed with despair, biting her lip hard.

In fact, in order to figure out a way to get a daily victory, she has almost argued with every little wizard, including Hannah, more than once. However, when the corresponding effort still remains the last, almost everyone will point their fingers at Hermione's complaint, intentionally or unintentionally isolating her from the crowd.

Whether it's eating or training, whenever Hermione gathers the courage to reconcile with everyone, most people will step back and smile, avoiding her gaze by two or three, as if avoiding some kind of terrible plague.

The only reason Hermione Granger can sleep peacefully every day during these days, without being brought down by this terrible isolation, is that Elena, who only exists in the teachers' responses, will soon heal and return to school.

"This is normal after all, everyone's physical condition is not as good as the upper grades. Even me..."

As the lights in the dormitory had already been turned off, Elena did not notice the small emotions on Hermione's face, she shrugged and gently caressed the little one who sounded frustrated. She was about to comfort the girl and suddenly felt a soft body crashing into her from the side.

"Elena, why did you come back, I missed you so much..."

Hermione buried her head in Elena's shoulder, sobbing in whispers, her hands wrapped around the white hair in front of her, unable to help but pour out all her woes of this week.

"Uh, well... cold and calm. Relax and loosen up."

Suddenly attacked, Elena opened her eyes abruptly and struggled to caress the little one lying on her body, her hands locked around her neck. For the first time, she found that Hermione's strength was greater than Hannah's. Not surprising, after all, Hermione, born in September 1979, is almost a year older than Elena.


With Elena's voice, Hermione unconsciously hugged her again, as if it had accidentally slipped out of her.

"Let go, let go... I'm almost breathless and I sighed..."

Elena originally thought that after seeing Hermione again, both would have something to say and would want to talk.

It's a pity she only guessed the beginning of the story, not the end. Elena, who mastered the ancient magic of barbaric power, never thought that almost on the first night of her return to Hogwarts. She would be held back by a little beaver.

After crying intensely, Hermione, who successfully vented her body, relaxed, and her whole being was like an octopus, hanging onto the stunned Elena, her head buried in the girl's silver hair, rubbing it from time to time, mumbling as if in a dream.

Elena, who finally managed to free herself, also felt a wave of exhaustion throughout her body, she lowered her head and looked at her flushed face, not knowing whether she was pretending to be asleep or really was, the little Hermione couldn't help but yawn.

"Let's forget it then... go to bed..."

Speaking of which, sometimes she ignores it. Compared to her, who has been beaten by society for several rounds, these little wizards of Hogwarts Castle are simply a group of children a little more sensitive than everyone in the orphanage. Just kids.

Elena gently embraced the weeping Hermione, the little Loli, and pulled up the blanket. The two, like two small beasts, snuggled together and fell asleep.


And on the other side.

In the small second-floor bedroom of the headmaster's office.

"Albus, are you pulling my leg? Is this what you call a small problem?!"

Gellert Grindelwald looked incredulously at the old wizard in front of him, took a deep breath, and tried to contain the urge to smash the pillow in his hand against the old man's face.

"Is there anything more absurd than hiring a wizard who is likely to be controlled by Voldemort's soul charm, or directly possessed as a teacher? I came here to recover and be a professor, not to be a thug and a jailer!"

Just now, after signing a one-year short-term employment contract, Dumbledore told Grindelwald in a relaxed tone that Christmas came early, and that he would pay attention to some issues he might face in the coming year.

Of course, this includes the hope that Grindelwald does not reveal the oddity of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Quirinus Quirrell, for now, and if possible, protect the students from being undermined by the wizard's magic, although according to Dumbledore, he has taken some protective measures and countermeasures.

"Relax, Gellert. Sometimes, the ear of the portrait downstairs is quite good."

Dumbledore raised his hand and waved the wand gently, releasing a magical enchantment that enveloped the two, saying with a hint of helplessness, "According to my observation, Voldemort should have lost most of his magical power at present, only existing in a very strange form within Chilo. Unlike normal human ghosts and souls, it seems to go beyond all of us in eternal life."

"So, do you want to catch him and carefully study his mysteries? If you're concerned about the lack of a pulse, I think both Nearly Headless Nick and Paracelsus would be happy to help you a bit."

Hearing Dumbledore's response, Grindelwald frowned disapprovingly. Clearly, he was not interested in the so-called immortality on Dumbledore's lips. Both he and Dumbledore knew very well the cost of extending life beyond death.

"No, I just want to entrust you to take care of a small matter on my behalf when necessary."

Dumbledore blinked and smiled gently, "Actually, to be precise, you just need to sit there occasionally to ensure impartiality. Of course, before that, it would be best if you didn't appear too strong."

"Sit? Impartiality?" Grindelwald tilted his head in incomprehension.

"Well, a little interesting test."

Dumbledore nodded seriously, "I plan to conduct some small tests to verify some of my ideas. Or, if you're really bored, you can also participate. Of course, it's better to keep it a secret from Miss Lanna, otherwise the situation would be too complicated."