Chapter 217 The Experience Of The Sisters In The Potions Class

Early the next morning, Hermione Granger, who had cried the night before, felt very strange, even though this day was theoretically the first day of classes for the new semester at Hogwarts.

When Elena was woken up by the good circadian clock she had developed in the orphanage, Miss Beaver was still reluctantly curled up in the duvet, as if sealed motionless in bed by magic... Elena stepped away.

"Get up, Hermione."

"Let me sleep a little longer, just five minutes."

The little brown-haired girl dragged herself on the soft bed and struggled a couple of times. She reached out with closed eyes and grabbed the duvet in the air. She lifted her head from the pillow blankly and pulled a silk thread between her mouth and the pillow. The thread, then, less than half a second later, fell heavily back onto the pillow, murmuring for more sleep.

Well, it looks like she's going to be stubborn.

Elena sighed helplessly, and simply took the kitty-decorated clock from the dressing table next to the bed, adjusted it by an hour, placed it in front of Hermione, nudged the girl, and then switched to a slightly anxious voice.

"Don't fall asleep, Hermione, we'll be late if we don't get up. This is the first day of your classes."

Late? What time is it...?

When poor Hermione opened her eyes again and saw that time had unconsciously advanced to 8:30, she leaped out of bed hurriedly. She started to wash hastily, for Hermione, who aspired to be an outstanding student, being late on the first day of classes was a terrible start.

After putting on her Gryffindor house robe on the grass, Hermione painstakingly combed her messy brown hair and tried to tie her tie. Some chaotic thoughts finally began to awaken, and the girl suddenly stopped moving. She looked perplexed at the white-haired creature sitting on the bed playing with the clock leisurely.

"Elena, what are you doing?"

"Of course, I'm adjusting the time, otherwise, it wouldn't be good to forget it later."

Elena shrugged and explained calmly, "Why are you still looking at me? Aren't you going to comb your hair today?"

As she said this, the little mixed-blooded Meiwa demonstratively raised her hand and touched her long silver hair. She watched as the girl's hair cascaded like a waterfall and slipped behind her in an instant. The grim expression on her face spoke for itself.


Hermione's eyes narrowed like a lion's mane in the wind, she looked at the socks on her feet that she had hastily put on in a rush, and then glanced at the other girls who were still sleeping around her, raising her eyebrows slightly... Then, she raised them abruptly.

"Caslana, you're dead today!"

In the next moment, without hesitation, Hermione waved her golden tie and threw it at the stinky white furball on the bed, and her hands went with precision to Elena's waist. She always remembered that Elena's waist was super sensitive. When she accidentally touched it the last time, Elena almost fell to the ground.

"Haha... Don't touch my waist, be careful, I bite!"

"White-haired dumplings, today I will tear your throat and not let you go... Yes! Don't touch there!"

With cheerful laughter and claps from the girls, the rest of the lions who had been sleeping woke up rubbing their eyes, or sat groggily on the bed, or looked with interest at the little troublemaking girl.

For Elena's sudden appearance, most of the Gryffindor students were not surprised.

In fact, since Elena led the Hufflepuff house to fight against Slytherin, her popularity in Gryffindor had been comparatively low, compared to the mixed reviews in Hufflepuff. It simply wasn't high. Both boys and girls of Gryffindor, the legendary Quidditch player from Slytherin who had left dozens of heads open-mouthed (well, rumors would naturally be exaggerated).

Not to mention that since Professor McGonagall magically turned Elena into a bed in the girls' dormitory, in the eyes of many young wizards from Gryffindor, Elena had become a complete Gryffindor, just for her excellent ability to accidentally get into accidents, she had accidentally crossed over to the Hufflepuff Academy.

"Well, I'll forgive you this time."

"What's the difficulty, my dear? I didn't even use 10% of my strength."

After fighting for a while on the bed, Hermione, who was a little exhausted, still couldn't continue struggling with Elena in bed under the gaze of many older students, murmuring as a sign of truce as she stood up and walked to the full-length mirror. She began to straighten her clothes and adjust her tie.

It must be said that after the commotion, all the frustration that originally lingered in Hermione's heart was released. Even if the rest of the students in the same grade continued to avoid her in the future, she felt that it was no longer something she cared about or was bothered by.

"Speaking of which, you nearly fooled me just now, our first-year Gryffindor doesn't have morning classes. Our first class on Monday won't start until the afternoon with the Herbology class. However, you, Elena, should have something different, right?"

"Well, my main schedule follows the progress of the Hufflepuff Academy."

Elena, still sitting on the bed, nodded and pulled out the schedule from the pocket of her robe hanging on the chair, and looked at it. "The first and second sessions are potions classes, and both will last all morning. Along with Ravenclaw."

"Potions class?"

An older girl in the adjacent bed raised her left arm curiously and said sympathetically, "The first class of the school is Professor Snape's potions class. You're so unfortunate. I suggest you not to use it. This Gryffindor robe is already gone, otherwise, you could become an offering for the potions class on the first day at Hogwarts."

"What happened in the potions class? Sister Alia."

Hermione, who was changing her clothes, couldn't help but feel nervous.

Even according to the schedule, they wouldn't wait until Friday morning for the first potions lesson. However, this didn't stop her from feeling scared by the dark tone of Sister Alia.

"Because that's Professor Snape: Dean of Slytherin, the holder of the highest score for Gryffindor in the history of Hogwarts. According to our experience so far, there is no Gryffindor who hasn't had too many points deducted in class."

Alia said solemnly, her tone somewhat helpless and frustrated.

"Why?" Hermione felt completely illogical and asked curiously, "Even if he is a school teacher, it is impossible without reason to deduct points from students at will. If we work hard to do it well..."


Listening to the conversation of several people and returning from the bathroom after washing up, the tall Angelina Johnson shook her head and said unpleasantly, "For example, once you make a mistake in the potion setup, then, as long as it's discovered, you’ll be deducted from one to five points."

"There's nothing to complain about, it can only show that Professor Snape has strict requirements." Hermione nodded.

"That's true, but even if you have no operational issues, there will be various reasons for deducting points. For example, if the students around you make mistakes in their operations, sometimes they will deduct points..."

Alia recalled a little, her face looked a little ugly, her lips curved imitating Snape's tone:

"‘Why didn't you think to remind your fellow students to avoid such low-level operational errors? Do you think it's something worthy of boasting to use your classmates' mistakes to highlight your own success?’ So even if the operational errors are from Slytherin House, usually the Gryffindor sitting next to them is the one who receives the deduction."

"So, as long as we remember in time to remind our classmates so that everyone can pass through smoothly." Hermione looked around at the older Gryffindor students who looked serious, asking with a wink and curiosity.

"‘Whispering is not allowed in my class, Gryffindor takes away five points.’ This is the best outcome. After all, for the girls, Professor Snape is quite gentle."

Said Angelina with dread, "If it's a boy, like George and Fred, then you can ask how many times they've been hit with Professor Snape's head."

As the girls talked, more and more older Gryffindor students joined in, competing to spread horror stories about the potions professors among the surrounding new Gryffindor students.

"Not only that, especially remember not to ask the question that the professor said before. Otherwise—'Didn't you hear me? Because your concentration is not focused, you will waste precious class time.'—Professor Snape will respond to related questions, but after some explanation, the points deduction is almost 100%."

"But they'll also deduct points if you don't ask questions. You forgot. Once we agreed not to ask a question, but before the last class, we were all labeled as arrogant and presumptuous. More than five points were deducted from us."


"Well, that being said... if you have a problem, you're dead. If you don't have a problem, you're dead. If you ask a question, you're dead. If you don't ask a question, you're dead. You're dead even if you didn't remember in time!"

Elena scratched her cheek, summarizing the experiences of the older Gryffindor sisters, wondering whether to switch to Hufflepuff uniforms.

It seems that the only way is to find a way to mix a set of Slytherin hospital uniforms and then replace them as experimental outfits before taking a potions class.

Wait... not necessarily.

Elena looked down to see the golden lion on her chest, and then looked at the little **** whose expression was on the brink of collapse. If she remembered correctly, according to the original story, since Harry entered the school, at least in the first few school years, Gryffindor won 100% of the final house cup due to the bias of an unscrupulous headmaster.

Well, following this logic, as long as she wore the Gryffindor school uniform, she could actually dare to challenge the professors in various subjects, no matter how many points they deducted, Dumbledore would find a way to add them back... should it be like this?

Thinking carefully, a strong desire suddenly arose to act without considering the consequences.