Chapter 218 The Battlefield Of Shura, I'm Just A Loli Acridine Too!

It has a common vomiting object, which is always the best way for people to strengthen friendship. This is a universal truth whether in the non-magical world or at Hogwarts.

After Snape's joint condemnation in the morning, Severus Gryffindor's enemy, the relationship between the girls of the various academies of Gryffindor, who were still somewhat distant, instantly became intimate. The common room is filled with a sense of relaxation after the pressure is released.

In Elina's opinion, Professor W. Snape, who got up early in the morning and vomited, seemed to have the same effect as many older sisters of Gryffindor after getting rid of the buildup overnight. And seeing this situation, some older girls are considering regularly holding a "Snape criticism conference."

"Anyway, even if Professor Snape found out later, he couldn't burst into the Gryffindor girls' common room and deduct points."

In the midst of the wave of condemnation, Hermione finally loosened her bow tie and then, using her only subconscious awareness, forcibly pulled Elena out of the Gryffindor common room in the center of the crowd.

Over time, Elena, who has been participating in the discussion of the topic, has unconsciously begun to instill particularly dangerous theories to the little wizards of Gryffindor, such as:

"Anyway, all points are deducted, so just take the initiative to attack from the beginning and take control of your destiny in your own hands."

"Do you want to be a coward for life or a hero for a moment, even if it's just in a class?"

"Since potion failure is inevitable, why not drag the Slytherins next door to hell?"

"Human energy is limited, the law does not blame the public, as Gryffindor, everyone should come together..."

Undoubtedly, with the experience of speaking in the Hufflepuff Common Room and the time spent with Grindelwald in the last week, Elena has improved at least one level in the tempting ability to cause trouble.

Undoubtedly, compared to the little wizards of Hufflepuff College, the students of Gryffindor College, where the blood of rebellion and adventure runs through their veins, are resistant to these extremely provocative statements. It may be almost close to zero.

When Hermione noticed something was wrong and forced Elena to drag her and take her out of the Gryffindor common room, the eyes of many little lions had already begun to shine with a dangerous light.

If Grindelwald sees this scene, the old man would definitely be very pleased, because it proves that Elena has started to learn some of his opinions: the most foolish behavior is to use threats and interests to lead others. A true sage only needs to plant a small seed in people's hearts and wait for it to take root at the right time.

"Elena, I always think what you say is too much. After all, she is a teacher at the school."

Hermione's face was full of concern. As a good student, the logically rigorous "class destruction" plan that Elena mentioned was a big challenge to her fragile three points of view.

"Hermione, do you know what happiness is?"

Elena shrugged, a mocking smile playing at the corner of her mouth as she embraced the sad little brown-haired loli. Before the girl could find the answer, she continued on her own.

"The so-called happiness needs to be reflected through comparison. For example, I have an apple but you don't. For example, from this year, all senior students started to rebel, only our first-year students are obedient, good children."


Hermione's eyes widened in horror as she looked at the silver-haired witch with an incredible look, as if she were a demon with sharp horns and a tail.


After a moment of surprise in Hermione's eyes, Elena gently extended her index finger and pressed it on Hermione's soft lips, showing a pure smile. "Don't make comments, think about it, we don't actively participate in anything that would disrupt school discipline and in the classroom. We want to be good students."

After spending a week with Grindelwald, Elena's greater knowledge was not about potions and magical creatures, nor the mysterious secrets of ancient magical writings, but a demon that once caused a stir in the magical world. Some trivial advice: maybe that's what Dumbledore wants her to learn, how to learn from Grindelwald's failures.

One of the most important points is that a successful devil should stand as a hero and stand above all moral heights to maintain world peace.

"Oh... oh."

Though she always thought Elena's theory was problematic, with poor Hermione's limited life experience of less than eleven years, she had no way to organize and find arguments that could firmly refute Elena.

Precisely, after a round of sophistry, Hermione could still follow her instincts to force Elena out of the common room, which is an extremely valuable quality; you know, what she is experiencing now can simply be defined as a restructuring of viewpoints.

"Say no more, I am hungry. Let's go to the dining hall downstairs for dinner. I still have two potions classes in the morning."

Glancing at the Miss Masterstone who was staring at her, Elena raised her eyebrows with satisfaction. The charm and words talent of the Demon King are simply deceptive devices. I hope the superb medical magic in the magical world allows Professor Dumbledore to have a strong heart to face the surprise like a tide.

According to the plan, there will be at least one every month.

"Well... alright, let's go to dinner first?"

After seeing Elena change the subject, Hermione felt relieved and chose to temporarily evade the issues in Elena's mouth. After all, her first potions class wouldn't wait until Friday morning.

After a week to familiarize yourself with the campus environment, unless you are the type of idiot and foolish without drugs, most first-year students already know the way from their common room to the auditorium very well.

On the way, in order to get rid of the three anxieties tormenting her mind, Hermione seemed to consider herself a senior guide, skillfully leading Elena to greet the portraits or statues along the way, imitating senior students, like some treasures presented to Elena introducing some rules of movement of hidden staircases and doors.

"Please remember to jump a step after, remember you got stuck before."

"Are you still saying the same thing? The people of the Kaslana family won't fall behind in the same place..."

As she spoke, Elena grabbed Hermione's small hand and confidently took a small step forward with a confident leap.


With the sound of the staircase collapsing, the astute witch with a dangerous breath suddenly disappeared in front of Hermione, leaving only a pitiful white ball of fur stuck in the slot of the wooden stairs of Hogwarts.

"Silly, you jumped a step ahead."

Hermione Granger frowned, reluctantly stroked her forehead, and reached out to pull Elena out of the hole.

Undoubtedly, no matter how terrifying Elena shows the idea, Lu Chi remains Lu Chi and Lu Chi, never becoming a villain.

"Hey, remember this position a little. You will have to stay in the castle for a full seven years. If you stay in the Gryffindor girls' dormitory in the future, this is your only way to get there."

Miss Masterstone's tone was a bit desperate.

"Hey, this is not Hermione. Are you here? You will be my orientation map in the future..."

Elena smiled ironically and shook off the wood chips.

"Orientation map? What's that?"

"Cough, cough, it's nothing. Just a few magical jokes from the senior students who are noisier than the Weasley brothers. Let's hurry, I feel like I'm dying of hunger."

Speaking inadvertently, Elena secretly stuck out her tongue and with a disgusted expression. Hermione shivered and changed the subject.

Speaking of which, Elena suddenly realized a problem, until now, even if she found a way to get the orientation map later, she might still not be able to get rid of the dilemma of getting lost. There is no annotation on the orientation map indicating which stairs to jump, she used to get lost in her whole life even with the versatile Baidu map.

Maybe she needs to develop a more scientific and perfect orientation magic, instead of relying on the scraps of the quad animal from decades ago to save her incurable attributes.


With Hermione's guidance, the two's journey to the auditorium became particularly smooth.

Due to the early awakening, even if they were delayed a little in the hall and on the way, Elena and Hermione were still the first group of young wizards to arrive at the school hall.

However, by the time they reached the auditorium, the four college tables were already filled with various breakfasts, such as roasted potatoes, omelets, bacon, hot milk, hard mint candies...always "humble" and "rich".

There is no doubt that the reduced catering standards have not changed with the end of the "Hogwarts Military Training". It is not surprising that this situation continues until Christmas this year.

However, before Elena approached the table to get food, there was still a slightly difficult problem ahead.

"Elena, you finally show up. I waited for you another night."

Beside the Hogwarts Auditorium door, Hannah Abbot with short blond hair up to her shoulders, around her bright and beautiful eyes, with a slight dark circle under her eyes, at that moment was staring with an indescribable tone of resentment at Hermione and Elena coming down the stairs.

And in Hannah's arms, the small reserve grain, which obviously looked fat, apparently had known about the return of the mistress of destiny for a long time, and flapped its wings in a charming way, greeting the little master.

In fact, since Elena returned to Hogwarts yesterday, the reserve grain began to fret and get excited.

"Good morning, Hannah. Long time no see."

Elena's face hardened, feeling Hermione's increased strength on the right side of her wrist, and a touch of hesitation in her heart.

Why does she feel like a battlefield is looming—she's just a cute loli?