Chapter 219 The Weakness Of The Caslana Family

Everyone has their own weaknesses; some are money, others are rights...

The traditional weakness of the Kaslana family is women - in this respect, whether it's a woman or a man from the Kaslana family, they are all the same, and Elena is no exception.

Just like the soft bed where she couldn't resist the little loli Hermione, facing the grievances in the eyes of the little loli Hannah who waited for her all night, Elena's fighting spirit was likely not as good as it was still stupidly reserving food for wings.

"Ah, actually, I only had this morning..." Elena scratched her cheek and tried to make her expression seem more sincere.

"Elena slept in the Gryffindor common room again last night, didn't she? If I guessed correctly, it should have been less than an hour after the lights went out; you know, the grain reserve was in trouble most of the night. I also waited for her all night."

Ignoring Bai Maodan's explanation, Hannah Abbot turned her head and looked at Hermione Granger with a calm expression. The tone was serene and tranquil, more like stating a well-known fact than asking.

Although no one can make a strong argument from a scientific point of view, many people believe that there may be a kind of wonderful telepathy between animals and humans, and this is in the magical world, especially between wizards and their raised pets, it is particularly obvious.

Compared to Muggles who have no magical powers, wizards and small animals can always establish a mysterious connection easily. Having a humanized pet is almost a standard setting for a good wizard. Sometimes, this kind of thing is even deep enough to be a certain achievement title, such as:

"Loser of Toads" Neville Longbottom, "Lord of Tails" Ron Weasley, "Soul Mate of the Noble Serpent" Tom Riddle, "Successor of the Final Phoenix" Albus Dumbledore, "Tracker Guardian" Newt Scamander, "Fat Chick Predator" Elena Caslana...

Therefore, Hermione was not too surprised by what Hannah said about "waiting all night."

After all, in a certain sense, the cute and small reserve grain is one of the best "Elena Detection Radars" - like the last smiling owl in this world, this round and chubby Scottish chick is strongly driven by the desire to survive, often displaying a great deal of surprising and strange abilities.

However, understanding does not mean conceding, especially in the face of a vaguely aggressive blond badger, Hermione slightly narrowed her eyes like a kitten about to be stripped of her beloved toy.

"Yes, as soon as this unpleasant white-haired croquette returned to school, she sneaked into the dorm to grab my bed."

Hermione Granger shrugged helplessly and raised her chin slightly, generously admitting, "However, after all, she doesn't know the way to Hufflepuff. Living in the Gryffindor Tower is undoubtedly one of the most appropriate choices. Obviously, Professor Dumbledore thinks so."

Since Elena left, the exchange between Hermione and Hannah is probably the most frequent this week. It could almost be said that the two have taken on the duties of "teaching assistant" for Elena, helping Hagrid coordinate the management of first-year student training.

Due to the difference in personality and philosophy, and the authoritarian difference in the "Octet of the Moon," typically, Hermione is the inhuman whitish character, and Hannah is the one who cheers everyone on. Red-faced - this also creates a strange atmosphere, Hannah's popularity will be better, but she almost has no authority, Hermione happens to be completely overturned.

Based on this relationship, the relationship between Hermione and Hannah has always been more subtle, in a relationship of mutual appreciation but secretly strong, but before this, cohabitation was generally quite pleasant.

- Until the disaster called Kaslana returned to Hogwarts.

"I'm sorry, Elena of our house has troubled you again, and I will handle it later."

Upon hearing the tone of superiority in Hermione's voice, Hannah's delicate face swelled, and she quickly replied. After focusing a bit on the phrase "our house," she stepped forward and reached out to the silver-haired witch with a blank expression, smiling slightly:

"Wait a moment, we still have two potions classes. Elena, you definitely don't know how to get to the potions class, follow me after breakfast, and after you accompany me, you won't have to worry about getting lost."

"Also... that's true."

Sensing the slight hostility in the tone of the blonde girl in front of her, Elena weakly nodded, choosing to be a harmless little creature, not actively participating in the field of tragic embarrassment, turning her head and blinking.

"So Hermione, if you don't see me first..."

"For breakfast, I think Elena would sit at the Gryffindor table and eat."

Hermione intimately took Elena's left arm and left her in place. She looked seriously at Hannah and said, "After all, she wears the Gryffindor House uniform, simply sitting with a group of Hufflepuffs looks a bit mismatched."

Upon hearing Hermione's words, Hannah looked at the golden-red lion logo on Elena's chest, her round and delicate face swelled, and a trace of dissatisfaction flickered weakly - the white-haired dandy was dressing up again. If she continues like this, she will really be abducted by the lions.

"Granger, you may have forgotten. Elena was assigned to Hufflepuff by the Sorting Hat." Hannah narrowed her eyes and added a bit of force, trying to lead Elena away.

... Well, she didn't drag her away.

"But, Miss Aibo, if I recall correctly, Elena, didn't she wear the hat of another house, right?"

Hermione tit for tat responded as she argued with Hannah through the white-haired dandy, with her characteristic sense of reason in her voice:

"Obviously, both Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall believe that Elena should truly belong to Gryffindor, otherwise they would not have specifically added an extra bed for her in our common room. Miss Abbott, are you questioning the decision of the headmaster and our house's head?"

"Then, do you want to ignore the decision of the school hat and just make Elena a Gryffindor student? Do you think Professor Sprout would agree?" Hannah raised her eyebrows, displeased.

Hermione shook her head and said in an orderly manner, "No, I mean, the sleeping place for Elena at noon and night every day, and the navigation work for this Luci, it's best for me to take care of it."

"It's a coincidence, this is also what I mean, the Gryffindor Common Room on the eighth floor is too far, and may not be very friendly to Elena, the 'direction idiot'."

"Well, don't argue... and I'm not a lust."

Elena weakly raised her hand.

"I'll give you back the grain reserves, don't speak anymore!"

"You were just stuck once on the stairs."

The two little Lolitas who were in the midst of a heated debate turned their heads in unison and glared at the white ball of fur between them.


Observing the two cute little Lolitas who had been fighting since they met, Elena wisely closed her mouth, took the filled grain rolls, and began to vigorously rub them...

Oh, Hermione suddenly became so frightening, and Hannah also became so frightening, this is not the harem life she wants!

During the interval between the three of them pulling the entrance to the auditorium, young wizards arrived at the auditorium one after another, looking at them curiously and whispering to each other to discuss and investigate, humans' favorite pastime is gossip.

Not to mention how rare the dispute between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor is, that only three valuable cute Lolitas gathered to star in the field of shame is enough to support a delightful performance.

And let's not forget that one of the protagonists of the story is still the legendary Elena Caslana:

The first student in Hogwarts history to double major, the first student to challenge the sorting hat and succeed, the cause of the biggest student fight in almost 100 years, the most terrible thief in the history of Hogwarts' kitchen...

Less than a week after the start of classes, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has added or modified at least four or five school rules for indirect or direct reasons related to her.

Furthermore, as the debate between Hermione and Hannah intensified, the situation began to gradually develop into a strange comparison.

"At least we have windows in our rooms."

"We are close to the auditorium and the kitchen."

"We have won the majority of the house cups."

"But they have lost to Slytherin in recent years."

"That's because Professor Snape is biased. This morning, the sister of Gryffindor has already said that, we haven't been asking to have points taken away from us."

"Don't think Professor Snape will only take points from Gryffindor. As far as I know, Hufflepuff has been penalized in Potions as much as you."

"Our Gryffindor has lost more points."

"Hufflepuff has also been detained many times!"


At that moment, a cold and slow voice suddenly joined the girls' conversation.

"Due to the quarrel between the three young ladies, will Gryffindor and Hufflepuff be penalized in their scores in the first week of classes this year?"

Hermione and Hannah turned and saw Severus Snape standing at the entrance of the auditorium, and his black cloak fluttered gently in the morning breeze.

He was thin, with a yellowish-gray skin, aquiline nose and black, greasy hair that covered his shoulders. At that moment, the impatience and unhappiness clearly expressed on his face reflected impatience and unhappiness.

"The reason I deducted those points was because of the foolishness of your older sisters and the elders, not because of a childish house conspiracy. I hope both of you perform a little better in my class from now on."

Certainly, anyone being compared to a heartbreaking deduction and being involved in some kind of childish competition will not be in a good mood.

However, if points were deducted only for this, instead of directly satisfying his title of "point deduction madness", Snape's eyes narrowed, and his gaze swept over the Gryffindor students not far away, it's better not to give him the nickname they had given him.

"Alright, if you don't plan to tear Miss Caslana in two and hug her back to the table like a doll, I suggest you don't block the door."

Snape said softly, with a strong mocking and cold tone.

"For the first time, I see two girls arguing over **** about another girl. Perhaps we should open an extra love class?"

The sound was very faint, but inexplicably it made people feel a little suffocated and a sense of low cold pressure.

Hermione's face instantly turned red, and Hannah's also blushed.

"We were wrong, Professor Snape..."

"I'm sorry, Professor Snape."

They were caught saying bad things behind their backs, and were also pricked a bit, and each had thoughts they couldn't comprehend, so the two first-year little Lolitas were instantly deterred by the aura of the Potion Master.

In the next moment, the two let go of Elena in unison, bowed their heads pretending, afraid to look at Snape's face.

Eh? Is this all?

Elena had been advised to play the doll in the beautiful shy field and opened her eyes to stop smashing the small reserve grains in her hands, but she pursed her lips with regret.

In fact, she still enjoys the feeling of being snatched like a candy.

In this case, by the way, to verify a conjecture, Elena turned her head to look at Professor Snape, who was heading to the row of seats in the classroom, and pulled the sleeve of the wizard's robe, adopting an indescribably charming tone.

"Respected Professor Snape, speaking of which, I also have a question for you—"

"Is it okay?"

She felt her sleeves being torn, and Snape turned around and slightly frowned. Over the years, this was the first student who dared to tear his sleeves.

"If you have any questions about the potion class, you can ask me in class. If it's a trivial matter in life, please talk to your supervisor."

"Actually, it's a pre-class question about potions that only you can answer."

Elena's eyes sparkled intensely with the name "Causing trouble," and she asked seriously with a curious look.

"Let me ask, if I wear a Gryffindor uniform and receive a penalty in your potion class, do you deduct points from Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? If it's a reward, then which house would it belong to?"