Chapter 23 Visit and confrontation

Standard breakfast in Scotland typically consists of bread, boiled potatoes, and stewed beans. If the family's circumstances are more generous, there may be a bit of bacon or a bowl of vegetable salad added.

However, culinary skills from the three British Isles are usually not too great. At least for Elena, who was raised by the "Dynasty of Heaven on the Tip of the Tongue" in her previous life, most dishes receive a critique. It's a degree: non-toxic, full of control.

Since Elena took charge of the financial aspects and the three meals in the orphanage, the children's breakfasts have become quite rich and exquisite.

Of course, supposed wealth and refinement are actually relative terms.

- Toast with honey, mashed potatoes, fried eggs, and occasionally accompanied by a white bowl of Lake Lomond fish soup (last week, it was replaced by a large bowl of steamed Scottish round chicken soup). -

In Benitez's opinion, this is almost the most luxurious enjoyment in the world.

Therefore, when he heard Dumbledore's voice outside the door, Benitez shook his head and refused.

"No need, thank you for your kindness. Our breakfast is actually better than you think... Hiss~"

Unfinished, Benitez suddenly took a deep breath and made a strange sound.

"Of course, I don't mind, then I will trouble Professor Dumbledore."

Elena slowly withdrew the fingers pinching the soft flesh around Benitez's waist and sweetly replied.

Hogwarts, which boasts hundreds of house-elves, can be said to surpass almost every school of the same era in terms of food and basic drink.

Without discussing cooking and practices, just in terms of sophistication, compared to Elena's purely self-sufficient family breakfast model, it is naturally rich and luxurious.

Since the scholarship for orphans at the school has been rejected by a stubborn uncle, at least this free breakfast won't be missed by Elena.

"But, Professor Dumbledore, it seems you didn't bring food, did you?"

The little silver-haired Lolita jumped out of the kitchen and looked at the old wizard with empty hands. Her face instantly fell, furrowing her brow in confusion.

Although she doesn't know how far Hogwarts is from the village of Russ, Elena can be sure that if Dumbledore continues using the same flying spell as before, it is definitely unreal.

"I can't pull food out of thin air; there are others who prepare breakfast."

Dumbledore smiled slightly, raised his wand and waved it gently in the air, Elena dimly saw a translucent wave cross the sky.

The next moment, a house-elf with large eyes and ears appeared in the open space in front of the kitchen.

"Hello, Miss Elena, it's a pleasure to see you again. House-elf Burleigh is delighted to assist you."

It so happened to bring Elena to visit Hogwarts' house-elf Burleigh one afternoon.

"Oh my God, is this the legendary house-elf? I didn't expect it to exist!"

At this moment, Benitez also walked out of the kitchen door, watching Burleigh with wonder in three faces.

Upon hearing the sound behind her, Elena suddenly reacted. She was not at Hogwarts now. This was a common Muggle orphanage in the village of Russ.

"Oh my God, Professor Dumbledore, aren't you concerned about the 'International Statute of Secrecy'? You must know that ordinary people are everywhere..."

Elena's eyes narrowed, she turned around and tried to push the burly man behind her into the room.

"Of course, don't worry, for this situation, we always have a set of methods to deal with it."

Dumbledore smiled and waved his hand, playing with the wand in his hand, and said casually.

"How to deal...?! Do you mean...?"

The silver-haired girl stopped in thought in front of Benitez. A mark on her left hand suddenly lit up, staring at Dumbledore's wand like a female leopard.

"Come, I won't let you cast a memory charm on him."

Dumbledore looked with interest at the little girl in front of him and suddenly found a place that made him happy.

Compared to Riddle and Grindelwald, Elena Caslana, also an orphan, seems to have many weaknesses, such as devotion to food and caring for her family.

These are the weaknesses that Grindelwald and Riddle see, but in Dumbledore's view, they are often the most powerful support against the dark side of magic.

"Very well, it seems you don't know much about the magical world, but you actually understand the common ways of wizards."

Dumbledore nodded approvingly, the corner of his lips slightly curved, a bit mischievous in his eyes, the wand in his hand slowly pointed forward, and he said nonchalantly.

"If I say I'm about to cast the memory charm now, do you think you can resist it? Come and try to stop me."

Although the expression seemed casual, in reality, Dumbledore's magical power had been mobilized, ready to respond to Elena's various reactions.

His gaze was fixed on the face of the chimeric mixed breed, very curious, to see how Elena would react to such strong pressure.


Elena raised her head and met the tip of Dumbledore's wand with her gaze, swallowing hard.

She opened her mouth weakly and suddenly realized sadly that, no matter how ingenious or eloquent she was, she needed to assume that the other party wouldn't use violence to change the rules of the game.

In a sense, some of her previous actions seemed reckless. For extremely powerful wizards, the terms of the magical world might not apply, they could do as they pleased...

Suddenly, a phrase came to Elena's mind, [Only magic can defeat magic].

When the wizard is unreasonable, some of the current means of Muggles, such as money, firearms, and mathematics, are useless.

"Please, dear Professor Dumbledore."

Elena looked at Dumbledore in silence, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, hiding her left hand behind her, her voice calm and daunting.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, his wand pointing at Elena, with a slight tremor in Lori's gaze.


A brilliant and beautiful bouquet sprang from the end of the wand.

"Don't worry, the time when the Memory Charm was imposed on all Muggles has long passed. You wouldn't think I would actually dare to ignore the Ministry's orders."

Dumbledore humorously shrugged, shook his head, and approached, explaining with a smile.

"Since 1945, the Ministry of Magic has reviewed the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. If one of the parents, spouse, or children is a wizard, their relatives will not be included in the need for confidentiality. As your guardian, Mr. Beni Tees is naturally not in the category that needs to be kept secret," said Dumbledore, slowly reaching out, intending to pat the head of the stubborn girl, a large, thick hand intervened in front of Dumbledore.

"Getting too close to a child's head can make it grow stunted, and she just washed her hair last night."

Benitez reached out and pulled Elena to his side, nodded politely, and asked the house-elf.

"So, if you will allow me, Mr. Burley, how long does it take for Hogwarts breakfast to be ready? The children will wake up in half an hour."

"Call me Burleigh, the breakfast is ready."

Burleigh elegantly bowed, lifted his long fingers, and made a sharp snap.

The wooden table in the restaurant next to the kitchen was instantly covered with a white tablecloth, and ceramic plates filled with food appeared on the table in order.

Milk, tea, coffee, pumpkin juice, orange juice, oatmeal, cereal, sugar, salt, butter, cornflakes, toast, bread, various kinds of jams, ketchup, mayonnaise, fried eggs, pickled herring, ham, bacon, grilled sausages, smoked fish, cured salmon, and fried tomatoes...

The modest restaurant in the entire orphanage seemed to turn into a mini version of the Hogwarts dining hall in the blink of an eye.

"Thank you, Burleigh."

Dumbledore nodded with a smile.

"It is an honor to serve Mr. Dumbledore, and I hope everyone has an enjoyable meal."

Burleigh said courteously, bowed deeply again, snapped his fingers, and disappeared into thin air with a snap.