Chapter 24 1 food voucher for long term

It wasn't long before the children at the orphanage woke up, and after cleaning up as usual, they went to the dining hall and waited for dinner.

After all the surprises Elena had given over the years, the children showed a surprisingly high level of acceptance of the luxurious breakfast that clearly exceeded normal standards.

Following a feast of whole fish for breakfast that could feed nearly fifty strong adult men, many things seemed less startling.

Benítez briefly introduced that this breakfast came from the generous sponsorship of Professor Dumbledore, and the children's curiosity immediately focused on the food.


Elena stood up, placed her hands on the table, rose on her toes, cleared her throat, glanced around for a moment, and gently guided the children to thank Dumbledore.

"Before you start eating, you must first thank Professor Dumbledore who is standing next to me. Thanks to his generous sponsorship, we have this lavish breakfast today."

Dumbledore smiled slightly and was about to speak in front of a group of children under ten, naive and aware.

"More than today's food."

At that moment, Dumbledore's ear caught the high-pitched voice of a little silver-haired loli.

"Professor Dumbledore has agreed, and breakfast at the orphanage will be provided for free by him."

? ? ?

The elder's long silver beard trembled, his smile became slightly stiff, and he looked at Elena beside him in confusion.


"Wow, that's awesome, long live big sister Elena!"

"Can we eat this every day?"

Without waiting for Dumbledore's refutation, it was like pouring a jug of cold water into a boiling mess, and the children stirred instantly.

"Eh? No..."

Unprepared, Dumbledore had a rare confusion, trying to sort out the logic clearly.

"Professor Dumbledore, if you feel embarrassed, I will continue to prepare breakfast for everyone in the future, but only in this way..."

Elena tugged on Dumbledore's left sleeve, and deliberately or inadvertently showed him the back of her hand, and softly said.

"Just once? Then go to school in peace."

Dumbledore neither rejected nor accepted directly, instead raised his eyebrows, looked into Elena's eyes, and asked gently.

For Hogwarts, it is not too much of a problem to pay for an additional breakfast in a micro-orphanage with fewer than ten people. After all, it is also located in the Highlands of Scotland, and the two places are not that far apart actually.

If this can completely dispel the mischievous girl's concerns, it seems to Dumbledore that it is worth it.

"Just this once."

Seeing Dumbledore yielding a bit, Elena vigorously nodded, her big eyes quickly darting up and down, shaking Dumbledore's sleeve, and pleaded with a sweet and mellow tone.

"If you can include lunch and dinner as well. I promise to go to school obediently in the future, and will not mention any other requirements. Please ~"

If it were not just a reminder of today's events, it would almost be forgotten. After she went to school at Hogwarts, the important task of the three daily meals at the orphanage would fall back on Benítez.

If the orphanage can enjoy Hogwarts' food like today in their daily diet, then Benítez will be much less stressed.

At least Benítez will no longer need to raise money to fight in underground fights or do more dangerous things.

This is her final contribution to the orphanage.


Dumbledore remained silent, his blue eyes silently staring at the little mixed-race Meiwa, as if wanting to see through her true thoughts.

"It's not possible, the cost of the orphanage's food will be paid by Hogwarts later."

Elena looked up and gazed at Dumbledore for a moment, but ultimately backed off and decided to make some concessions.

Dumbledore's mouth formed a smile, his eyes shifting between the hopeful and joyful eyes around him, he nodded slightly, and replied in a clear tone.

"Yes. And, from today, we will provide you with three meals a day."

"Very well, that settles it. We will not discuss this further."

After Dumbledore's affirmative response, the little silver-haired loli quickly confirmed, promptly announcing the end of the matter.

Then, Elena's face lit up and she clapped vigorously, observing the children clustered around her.

"Very well, very well, thank you very much. Just hasten back to your seats and enjoy the meal."


The sound of a series of wooden chairs being dragged across the floor and the crisp clash between the fork, the knife, and the plate in the restaurant could be heard.

Most of the children obediently obeyed Elena's command and returned to their seats, starting to eat.

However, Bran, who usually listens more to Elena, stayed put instead of going back, staring at Elena, who had already started eating, gritted his teeth, and gathered the courage to suddenly ask.

"Sister Elena, don't you love us? Will you not make us fried eggs in the future? Then I won't eat this..."

Unlike most children who were enticed by a rich breakfast, Bran suddenly sensed an impending departure from Elena, reminiscent of an elder figure that appeared out of the blue.

With Bran's voice, the entire restaurant fell silent for a brief moment. All the children stopped their movements and looked at Elena.


"Do not worry, Sister Elena is just going to a nearby boarding school to study. During vacations, she will come back to see everyone."

In Dumbledore's steadfast gaze, Benítez, who was seated beside him, reached out and gently stroked Elena's head, explaining to the other children with a smile.

"Is it because you opened the letter?"

The most curious baby in the orphanage, Bran, continued to inquire.

"Eh? What letter?"

Elena tilted her head in confusion, skewered a piece of roasted herring on the fork, and asked vaguely.

"Did you say that before opening that envelope, we could have round and plump Scottish chicken soup every day?"

Puff! Cough, cough, cough...

Upon hearing Bran's question, Elena suddenly coughed violently and glanced at Dumbledore beside her with a hint of embarrassment.

The little silver-haired lolita looked sheepish, glanced around, grabbed a piece of buttered toast, and shoved it into Bran's mouth.

"Enough! Focus on eating, not talking!"

"Haha, Bran, you silly boy."

The older boy beside him patted Bran's shoulder happily, correcting with a hint of disdain.

"Elder Sister Elena mentioned that those plump chickens all flew from a chicken farm called Hogwarts. What does that have to do with the letter?"

Elena appeared even more embarrassed, picked up the spoon and tapped the head of the big boy beside Bran.

"Mind your wit and eat quietly! Speak up again, and today's task will double."

After all, she had just received a long-term food voucher from Dumbledore in exchange for blackmailing the orphanage.

Round and plump Scottish chicken soup? Will it keep coming without opening the letter? Hogwarts chicken farm?

Dumbledore turned his head and looked at the silver-haired lolita with a hint of puzzlement on his face, as if this little mixed-race Meiwa had specifically studied him to eat the school owl.

"Cough, cough, Professor Dumbledore, I've finished eating, I'll go change first. See you later!"

Elena swallowed the food in her mouth, left the knife and fork, smiled shyly and courteously, and quickly ran from the table to her room.