Chapter 25 The journey begins

The early morning breeze after summer makes people feel refreshed. The soft sunbeam, piercing through the thin mist of Loch Lomond, landed on the water's surface, gleaming with speckled golden light.

A silver-haired girl sat on the grass by the lake with her knees up, her delicate leather boots restlessly tapping on the grass beneath her feet, obviously not as calm as she appeared.

And not far from her, an elderly man with gray hair held her hands, looking with interest at the birds flying over the lake as if it were something very intriguing.

"Well... Professor Dumbledore, what are we doing now?"

After hesitating for a long time, Elena finally couldn't help but stand up, breaking the silence herself.

After breakfast, Elena followed Dumbledore to the lake. Due to her guilty conscience, she used a simple tone, like "um, um, well," to respond to Dumbledore.

However, after Dumbledore led her dazed by the lake for at least fifteen minutes, the desire to go shopping in Diagon Alley managed to override the embarrassment.

"If I recall correctly, shouldn't we buy everything I need for school?"

"Yes, indeed, we are on our way to Diagon Alley."

Dumbledore heard Elena's voice, turned around, and nodded happily.

"Way?! Clearly, we've been by the lake for nearly a quarter of an hour and still haven't reached there!"

The patience of the little silver-haired girl is gradually diminishing, and she began to wonder if Dumbledore is starting another strange cultivation experiment.

The old wizard blinked, revealing a mischievous smile, looked at the ruined grass under the little girl's feet, and replied with a smile.

"Sometimes, waiting is also a necessary part of the journey."

"So, you can't just Apparate us there directly? You wouldn't want to say you're waiting for your spell cooldown to improve!"

Elena kicked the grass beneath her feet a little wildly, saying she hated talking to these kinds of bad guys all the time.

"Apparate us there? Of course not, after all, our destination is in London hundreds of kilometers away."

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows. He realized that although Elena seemed to know a lot about the magical world, most of her knowledge was just a vague concept.

Dumbledore pulled out a peculiarly shaped pocket watch from his chest pocket, glanced at it, then looked at Elena patiently and explained.

"Apparition has a distance limitation. To be precise, as the distance increases, the burden on the wizard will be greater, and consequently, the likelihood of success will be lower. If you force it over a long distance, there will be a significant danger. I don't think it would be a wise decision to save you some time and put yourself in peril."

Although Dumbledore said something ambiguous, Elena reacted instantly. In fact, the old wizard's meaning is just one sentence: the distance is too far and the blue bar isn't enough to fly.

Since there's no Apparition, there aren't many transportation alternatives. No worries about trains, broomsticks, Floo powder, or Portkeys.

Logically speaking, Muggle transport can be ruled out directly. After all, it takes at least a day from the Scottish Highlands to London.

And Elena didn't think an old Professor Dumbledore would mimic a young man, holding her on a broomstick and flying to London during the day.

Moreover, in Elena's impression of the original work, the use of Floo powder for intercity travel should be the most common way for wizards to travel.

For example, in the second part of the novel "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," the Weasleys used Floo powder to travel directly to "The Leaky Cauldron" from the "Burrow" where they lived.

But Floo powder would need to be used with a connected fireplace. Loch Lomond obviously isn't a place with a connected fireplace.

So, that means...

The little silver-haired girl holding her finger suddenly changed expression, revealing a strong look of resistance!

"Wait, you're not going to use a Portkey! No, no, no!"

Judging by the current situation, it's clear that Dumbledore has an 80% chance of waiting for a [Portkey] to London to appear.

Elena's face suddenly turned pale, and she ran to Dumbledore, shaking the old wizard's wide sleeves and pleading.

"Professor Dumbledore, let's return to Hogwarts, we'll use Floo powder! I'm just making this trivial request... Hogwarts obviously has so many chimneys."

If you had to choose one of the most terrible ways to travel, Elena would definitely vote for the [magical key].

Even if it's the most convenient way to travel long distances in the magical world, it can't change her terrible mobility experience.

Because when using the magical key, you will feel like there is a hook behind your navel with an irresistible urge, and then you will feel your feet lift off the ground. Flying like the wind, nothing can be seen right in front of you.

At least, from the description in the novel, Feiluwang's travel experience is obviously more comfortable than the magical key.

One is moving quickly in the warm fireplace (maybe a little dizzy), and the other is pulling your navel forward with a hook, this sounds eerie, doesn't it!

"But, Miss Elena. You said just half an hour ago that it was your last request."

Dumbledore looked at the little terrified loli for some unknown reason, playfully blinking and said.

"I'm a little confused, what is your last request?"


Elena's expression hardened, she thought for a moment, and timidly extended her hand, whispering tonelessly.

"By the way, was the previous one the penultimate, is this the last one?"

Although I don't understand why Elena is so reluctant to travel with the magical key, that does not influence Dumbledore's choice.

"Returning to Hogwarts and using Floo powder?"

Dumbledore looked at the hopeful little loli, elongated his tone and mischievously and quickly said, "Of course... not!"

Upon hearing Dumbledore's response, the little silver-haired Lori instantly dropped her face and pouted without saying a word. The large lake-blue eyes stared at Dumbledore with a saddened expression.

When speech can't win, it usually has the last resort, that is, casting the talent magic in the bloodline, the mixed Dream Pass.

Did they not instinctively consider the replacement request?

Dumbledore shook his head with a foolish smile. He vaguely guessed why Benítez was so enamored with this girl.

Dumbledore thought for a moment, raised three fingers, and explained softly and carefully.

"First, only the fireplace connected to the 'Dust Network' can be used for transmission. Hogwarts' fireplace is temporarily closed to this ability."

"Second, our first destination is the goblin pavilions of the fairies, who have never granted permission for fireplace connection to the magical world."

"Third... time is up."

Having said that, Dumbledore's left hand behind his back was suddenly drawn out. In his palm, there was a small tattered bag that shimmered with a faint blue light.

"Welcome to the magical world!"


Without waiting for Elena to react, after a flash of light, the two disappeared.