Chapter 26 The Gu Ling Pavilion and this grand era

Guling Pavilion.

A VIP room with a slightly peculiar layout.

It is peculiar because it differs from the layout of most VIP rooms in banks; in the center of the room, there is a small circular platform with high steps.

At this moment, a goblin with a dark complexion was waving his thin arms, shouting anxiously, urging the waiter beside him.

"Is the tea and cookies ready? Hurry, do not waste time, time is money... oh my, they have arrived!"

With a twist of light, two figures, one tall and one short, appeared on the small round platform.

"Dear Mr. Dumbledore, welcome to the Gu Ling Pavilion, how may I assist you?"

The goblin bowed deeply, his sharp beard nearly brushing the floor.

As the most powerful wizard of this era and the headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore is undoubtedly one of the few individuals at the forefront of the magical world in terms of personal wealth. (Although many speculate that much of his wealth comes from the loot he obtained after defeating Grindelwald).

For the goblins, the most intuitive feeling was that almost every time Dumbledore visited the Gu Ling Pavilion, it meant another commission contract with a significant income.

"Perhaps this time might be disappointing for you; this time the client is not me."

Dumbledore placed the small worn fabric bag on his metal tray and shrugged.

"Please assist this Miss Elena Caslana in exchanging currency so she can purchase some supplies for the school later."

Through Professor McGonagall's message and observations, Dumbledore did not mention anything about sponsoring orphans. He pointed to Elena, who was standing around the small round table, explaining to the goblin.

"Just a currency exchange? Wouldn't you like to visit the vault and have a look?"

The goblin's voice became faster and sharper, and Elena noticed his two thin hands clasped together, evidently anxious.

"No, just the exchange." Dumbledore declined with a smile.

Upon receiving Dumbledore's response, the goblin's euphoric face almost instantly fell; he knew he had spent a lot of money to seize this opportunity to receive Dumbledore.

He thought he might earn a good commission like previous peers.

The goblin carefully looked at the young witch in front of him, about ten years old, and displayed a smile uglier than weeping.

"Very well, my name is Gary Vickers... Miss Elena, please follow me here."

However, as the sole elite bank employee in the magical world, Vickers quickly adjusted his attitude.

Bowing flawlessly, Vickers introduced the two into a grand marble hall.

This is an extraordinarily bustling space. Around a hundred goblins are seated on high stools behind a long row of counters. Some of them are weighing coins with copper scales, while others are inspecting gems as they record in the large ledger.

In the hall, there are countless doors leading to different places. Many goblins are guiding people entering and exiting through these doors. Elena and her group exited through one of the doors.

With Dumbledore's appearance, the noise in the entire hallway slowly dissipated.

Everyone seemed to be spellbound, silently turning their heads to gaze at the old wizard with a silver beard passing through the corridor.

Sensing the stares around her, Vickers proudly puffed his chest and led the two to an empty counter.

Then, to the excited goblin behind the counter, Vickers cleared his throat, revealing the young silver-haired girl behind him, and whispered.

"Ahem, my friend, help me exchange this girl for Galleons..."

"Just exchanging Galleons?"

The goblin behind the counter gave a strange smile, looked at Vickers, who was slightly embarrassed, and suddenly laughed, turned his head toward the next counter, and laughed.

"Guess what kind of brilliant business deal Gary Vickers achieved by helping a student of Dumbledore exchange currency, hahaha--"

"Good heavens, the future prince of transactions is truly not what we thought."

"I was startled. Looking at his expression, I almost thought Vickers was about to make a huge sale of 100,000 Galleons, hahaha~"

As if a replay button had been suddenly pressed, all the goblins wore a patient look and a series of laughter.

And the individuals in the lobby also moved aside and went back to their own affairs. Although they were slightly surprised that Dumbledore personally escorted first-year students to Diagon Alley, there was truly nothing noteworthy about the currency exchange.

"Are you still going to continue with the business? If you can't work, please resign and leave quickly, do not affect the reputation of Gu Ling Ge."

Upon hearing the mockery around him, Vickers' face could no longer conceal a certain sense of shame, and his long fingers tapped the wooden table.

"I will... of course, I will handle the business as directed by the brilliant Vickers."

"According to the contract between the Gu Ling Pavilion and human wizards, young wizards in the school have a limit of exchanging 10,000 galleons per year."

The goblin behind the counter shook his head and playfully looked at little Elena with a smile curling at the corner of his lips.

"Excuse me, miss, how much would you like to exchange?"

"Eh? Exchange limit?"

She looked with interest at Elena, turned her head, and blinked in confusion; this did not seem to have been mentioned in the original book.

"Of course, you wouldn't think that muggle currency can be exchanged for galleons without restrictions, would you?"

The fairy filed her nails and, with a defiant arrogance, said slowly.

"How can muggle's paper money compare to the noble golden galleon? The golden galleon can be easily exchanged for all muggle world currencies.

Can all currencies be exchanged? A vague thought crossed Elena's mind.

It seems like she forgot something very important! But what is it...?

Just as little Loli was thinking deeply, a series of strange language sounds came from the counter next to them, catching her attention.

"Oh, Davarich, Dakenemozhtwig..."

Several burly wizards were also exchanging gold, and it seemed they were discussing among themselves about the amount of money exchanged.

The very distinctive pronunciation and appearance of the rough Nordic man made Elena instantly realize where they were from.

"Actually a Russian wizard? The goblins at Gu Ling Pavilion are very good at foreign languages."

Elena looked curiously at the next counter, where they were also fluently speaking Russian, and exclaimed.

"Russia? No, they are Soviet wizards, a very vast wizarding country. Well, let's finish exchanging the golden galleon quickly and go to Diagon Alley."

Dumbledore caressed the head of a little silver-haired Lori who was curiously watching like a baby, and said helplessly.

"Wait! Professor Dumbledore, what did you say?"

The little silver-haired Lori suddenly turned her head and looked at Dumbledore and asked, her long silver hair waving due to the abrupt movement.

"We quickly exchange the golden galleon and then buy..."

Dumbledore started and repeated involuntarily.

"Not like that,, one more sentence!"

Elena quickly shook her head.

"...Soviet wizard?"

Dumbledore's blue eyes filled with confusion, and he responded with some uncertainty.

That's right! It's not Russia, but the Soviet Union.

A flash of realization instantly cut through the girl's brain, she realized she had nearly missed one of the most impactful events in human history.

Now it is July 31, 1991, and on December 25 of this year, the most impactful event in human history: the fall of the Soviet Union!

And in the following years, financial capital would plunder all the wealth accumulated by the Soviet people over sixty-nine years in an extremely brutal way.

Due to the lack of qualifications to participate in the competition, Elena had not paid much attention to this matter before, but if it were about the magical world...


Elena slammed the wooden table of the counter in front of her heavily, making a loud noise, her eyes fiercely looking forward, and her voice hoarse and trembling with excitement.

"Can the Gu Ling Pavilion provide ruble exchange service? Can... they provide loans?"

Facing the impending era, witnessing and participating is the right way to open up the world!

Human civilization can never truly be separated.