Chapter 27 I have little time for Elena

As for the causes and trends of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, scholars of later generations can conduct a detailed analysis.

However, at this moment, hardly anyone would believe that this immense red country would collapse overnight.

As evaluated by the most failed Soviet intelligence agent in the world, "Who does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union will have no conscience; and whoever wants to restore the past Soviet Union will have no mind."

(After him, the second most important failed intelligence agent is the British James Bond, and his worldwide exposure is incredibly high).

In Elina's opinion, if there is a timeline that ends in this world, then the most severe geopolitical disaster that occurred in 1991 is definitely one of the most "inevitable" events in human history.

If she really could participate in the major event of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Elena would definitely not choose to go against the tide of the times and try to stop the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Essentially, like most travelers, she belongs to the forest fruit consciousness type. All she thinks about is how to surf the bear's hair in this great wave.

But before stepping into the magical world... To be precise, before arriving at Guling Pavilion, Elena didn't pay much attention to the event of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

After all, for Elena, all of this is too far away, and she is too young.

Whether it's trading cheap everyday goods for expensive industrial military supplies, or imitating the financial economy of many Soviet financial crocodiles, it's not an area where a ten-year-old girl from the Scottish highlands can tread.

However, the opportunity came unexpectedly.

"If I say... I want to take out a loan at Gu Ling Pavilion to obtain some muggle currency?"

Elena took a deep breath and tried to contain the excitement in her heart, calmly asking the goblin in front of her.

Do you want to obtain muggle currency from Gu Ling Pavilion?

The goblin behind the counter rolled his eyes, revealing a cunning smile, like an intelligent human wizard.

As the only bank of wizards in the entire magical world, they consider themselves a pretentious existence. Foolish wizards will never know that goblins still have a strong influence on non-magical currencies.

"Of course, but the fee charged by our Gu Ling Pavilion is not affordable for the average person. Well, girl, the question service that satisfies your curiosity has ended, hurry up and exchange your Jin Jialong to leave!"

The goblin impatiently responded, touching the sharp beard on his chin. Looking at Dumbledore's face, he thought he had been patient enough.


Elena did not hesitate to pull out two bills from the small bag around her waist and slapped them on the wooden table.

"I don't have Jin Jialong, here are fifty pounds, it should be almost equivalent to ten galleons. Can I have some questions?"

"Oh, dear Miss Caslana, this is enough for you to ask questions all afternoon. Andy Serkis will be delighted to answer your questions."

Self-proclaimed Serkins gleamed his eyes. Two thin fingers quickly twisted the coin and slowly stowed it away. He sat upright with a smile on his face, making a humble expression to please her ears.

"It's too much, Serkins! Just to answer a few simple questions about a girl who hasn't been to school. You really feel comfortable with the charges. You cannot continue the transaction with guests for too long."

Standing behind Elena, Gary Vickers shouted with dissatisfaction, then retracted without a trace. He clenched an empty right hand on the table. Due to the standing position, it was roughly comparable to Serkins' hand. The speed was slightly slower by half a second.

"Shut up, Vickers! If you interfere in the transaction between me and the guest again, I have the right to call the guards to throw you out! ... Well, Miss Caslana, continue."

Andy Serkins dangerously narrowed his eyes, his long sharp nails tapping on the wooden table, threatening with an unpleasant tone, then looked at Elena with a smile on his face and spoke respectfully.

Elena smiled gently and asked softly.

"So my question is, if I take out a loan, is there any way to break the 50,000 limit per year and convert muggle currency to galleons? Or to another currency."

This... Fairy Serkins looked embarrassed, leaning back a bit with hesitation, lightly rubbing his right index finger and thumb.


Fifty more pounds fell onto the table.

Elena shrugged. In comparison to complex humans, sometimes the city band elves have more character for her.

"Of course, no problem! Even though the rules require it, we only need to pay a small commission, and we can assist you in completing the additional exchange. After all, Gu Ling Ge is not only open to human mages, even Hu Meizi just needs to start. In print, we can also help you complete the exchange."

Serkins' attitude became friendlier. Looking into Elena's eyes, almost as if looking at Jin Jialong. He had never seen such a big and clueless witch before.

"Oh, so it is..."

The little silver-haired loli gazed slowly across the magnificent Central Hall of Gulinge. With the affirmative response given by the elf in front of her, she felt every cell in her body tingling with excitement. Such a bank that can ignore the country's restrictions, at this time node, if operated correctly, what tremendous benefits will burst forth?

You must know that despite the Soviet Union experiencing a decline in these years, as one of the poles of the non-magical world, the Soviet ruble still holds quite a strong monetary value.

If Elena recalls correctly, the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the ruble still remains stable in the range of [1 U.S. dollar: 1.8 to 2.0 rubles] until the abrupt pattern shift in mid-August.

However, with the permanent fall of the Soviet Union flag this Christmas, only by the end of 1991, the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the ruble would suddenly become [1 U.S. dollar: 170 rubles].

Then came the suffocating shock therapy from the Russian government: starting from January 2, 1992, 90% of consumer goods prices and 80% of production means prices were liberalized. At the same time, the restriction on income growth was lifted, public officials' salaries increased by 90%, and pension for retirees was raised to 900 rubles per month. Family allowances and unemployment benefits also increased.

By April, the price of domestic Russian consumer goods had risen 65 times compared to December 1991, which meant that in terms of purchasing power, the ruble had depreciated by 65 times, and after that... (well, take the graduation thesis. There is some blame on the word count in Lai Shui. If you're interested, please ask Du Niang for the rest).

In summary, apart from political and national games, purely from a financial benefits perspective, anything buying and selling short positions is weak. The easiest and most impolite way to profit is to borrow a large scale ruble and exchange the available Lu arrangement for any currency from a non-Soviet system, such as the U.S. dollar or a gallon of gold.

And then? After that, you don't need to do anything. Just leisurely sip a cup of black tea at Hogwarts, wait for the ruble to collapse completely, and then convert the dollars or gallons of gold in your hands into rubles, and pay the debts to earn thousands of times more.

(As a simple example, your reader's father borrowed 11,700 rubles at this time, and the equivalent turned out to be 6,500 U.S. dollars. When the exchange rate plummeted to 1 U.S. dollar: 6,500 rubles, you would only need to take out a maximum of 3 dollars to pay off all debts, including interests).

Elena thoughtfully stroked the back of her clean, white left hand. As Dumbledore said, as long as she didn't deliberately inspire it, she couldn't see any trace of the unbreakable vow.

If you want to preserve a school forever, the two most important points are people and money. As for the personnel, as long as human society continues to exist, students will never be lacking. As for funding, she seems to have found a way, once and for all, in her life.

She only needs to resolve all this, and there are only two vows she has to fulfill. She didn't want to bear the mission of running a great school in the long life ahead.

The only problem is...

Elena glanced at the old wizard standing behind her, listening to his question curiously, at least until Dumbledore left.

"In short, help me convert this pocket money into gallons of gold first. Time is money, my friend. We still have many important things to do afterwards."

Elena withdrew a bundle of pounds from the package and placed it on the counter, emphasizing slightly the words "us" and "later," while casting a casual glance at Serkins, signaling for him to notice Dumbledore standing behind her.

-As for how she will be involved, for her, it is likely a good thing.

The urgent task now is to conclude this purchase in Diagon Alley as soon as possible and send Dumbledore away.

The current time is July 31, 1991, 9 a.m.

Elena is short on time.