Chapter 28 Jin Jialong is not a gold coin

After paying fifty pounds as a consulting fee, the process of exchanging Elena for gallons of gold was unexpected.

In less than fifteen minutes, the Fairy Serkins completed a series of tedious tasks for Elena, including information registration, account opening, currency exchange, etc., and sent bags filled with coins in front of the small Silver-Haired Loli.

By the way, in addition to the majority of Jin Jialong, Serkins also carefully arranged a certain proportion of Yin Xike and Tong Nat for Elena, thus facilitating her shopping trip.

"So, this is Jin Jialong, and the craftsmanship is very good."

Elena curiously lifted a gold coin and examined it closely. It's not very large in size. It's only about half a circle larger than the previous dollar coin.

The front of the gold coin is imprinted with an abstract fire dragon logo, and the edge is a circle of numbers. That is the number carved by the Fairy of the Mint's Mansion and the number of the Genie of the Mint's Mansion.

"However, this weight and texture... seem a bit strange?"

At the next moment, the girl lifted the gold coin in her hand and her nails slid over the surface of the gold coin with a little force: the shiny and gleaming coin still retained its luster without any depression or scratches.

Elena frowned, undoubtedly, both in weight and texture, this shimmering Galleon definitely will not be a gold coin directly melted from natural gold.

As a fan of the Harry Potter series and a master of quantitative economics in her past life, Elena once explored a very interesting question with many people in a book fan group.

Being the first country to implement the gold standard, even after entering the credit standard monetary system (i.e., paper currency standard), gold still has a significant influence on the British economic system.

And the magical world's gold world is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for the new credit standard coin.

That is, once Jin Jialong sets aside the currency attribute, the real value assigned to it is greater than its exchange value, then it will be a catastrophic economic collapse for both worlds.

In 1991, where Elena is now, the price of an ounce of gold was $360.75, which is approximately equivalent to 8.68 pounds per gram of gold.

Knowing that the weight of a nickel-coated dollar coin with a steel core is approximately 6 grams, and the weight of pure gold of the same volume is approximately 15.7 grams. Well, it is worth 136 pounds.

However, the goblins of the Gu Ling Mint used the exchange rate: one Galleon of gold is equivalent to five pounds!

To explain it more clearly, if a Galleon of gold were to be melted into gold, the price at which it can be sold is much higher than the coin price needed to exchange it, the gold reserves of the magical world will first show a sudden decrease followed by a foreign exchange blockage until all exchange channels with the Muggle world were completely closed.

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In short, under the contradictions of purchasing power and exchange rate, if fairies and the magical world want to continue maintaining a normal financial system, only one conclusion is reached: large-scale issuance of bad coins.

Therefore, the current [Jin Jialong] is not a [gold coin], at best, it is a magical coin minted with an alloy of a small amount of gold and cheap metals.

In this way, it perfectly explains that in the original "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", Fudge, then Minister of Magic, casually threw a bonus of a thousand Galleons of gold to Harry Potter, such incredible things, which is equivalent to about 80 kg in weight!

"Excuse me... Dear Miss Elena, what's wrong with this Galleon of gold?"

Andy Serkins asked a little nervously.

Ever since the generous human girl obtained Jin Jialong, she was like in a daze. She only spent five gold coins back and forth for almost five minutes, even for the most obsessed goblin.

"Oh, nothing. I just suddenly thought of something else."

Elena, shaking her head, did not respond. She gently rubbed her finger and skillfully put Jin Jialong at the tip of her fingers in a small cloth bag around her waist.

"So, Professor Dumbledore, where are we going now?"

"Well... the next step is, of course, to go to Diagon Alley to prepare all the school supplies you need. Let me see it first."

Dumbledore took out a piece of parchment with some ink stains on the back, pushed his glasses, read the listed items above in silence and said softly, "Uniforms, books, wands, class tools, and in addition, students can bring a... uh, cough, I know approximately."

The old wizard was thinking when he suddenly coughed strangely, before Elena could see the content of the parchment in his hand, he quickly folded it back into his arms.

"First, I will buy you a uniform. From a personal point of view, I recommend Madame Malkin's Robes Shop."

Dumbledore smiled gently and couldn't help but take Elena's little hand and head towards the door of the Gu Ling Mint's Mansion.

He didn't know why, Dumbledore had an ominous premonition just now. It seemed that if he continued with Elena in the Gu Ling Mint's Mansion, something even more problematic might happen.

"Wait, Professor Dumbledore, did you intentionally omit something?"

Elena, standing on the sunny commercial street outside the Gu Ling Mint's Mansion, looked at Dumbledore with some discontent.

If I remember correctly, at the end of each first-year student's class supply list, it should explicitly state that students may bring an owl, a cat, or a toad as a pet.

"Are you there? You may have misheard. As the headmaster of Hogwarts, I'm sure you need these school supplies for Elena."

Dumbledore blinked in confusion, solemnly explaining to the little silver-haired Loli that if Elena had not read the original at least ten times, she would have almost fooled him.

"Pets! Every little wizard can bring a pet to Hogwarts! I saw the list on the second page with Father Benítez last night. Professor Dumbledore, how could you do this?!"

Elena puffed out her cheeks and abruptly brushed Dumbledore's hand away. She was no demon. As for the possibility of keeping only small pets, should she try to bring them along?

"Hmm... is that so? Turns out this ink was only blocking the content behind. By the way, what flavor of ice cream would you like?"

Dumbledore pulled out the parchment with a surprised look, opened it with a pretentious expression, and revealed a sudden look of enlightenment, then abruptly hardened the subject and inquired.

Ha ha--

We're back here again.

The silver-haired Loli rolled her eyes and ignored Dumbledore. She entered Mrs. Mokin's robes shop next to the street.

For this kind of unscrupulous old wizard who can't even come up with excuses, if it weren't for the disparity in combat power, Elena even plans to directly shave off his beard.

Swaying back and forth in the shop doorway, the girl's voice could be heard.

"...chocolate flavor and strawberry flavor. It's best to sprinkle some crushed nuts on top."