Chapter 29 A girl who loves learning

Perhaps due to the early hour, there were no other customers in Lady Mokin's robe shop.

As soon as Elina entered the door, a witch in a purple dress, short and plump, and a smile came to welcome her: the shop's hostess, Mrs. Mokin.

"A first-year student at Hogwarts, dear?"

Without waiting for Elena to speak, Mrs. Mokin said with a smile.

The witch looked up and glanced at the figure momentarily leaving through the door. "Dumbledore? It's really rare. Since he stopped being the professor of Transfiguration, I have seldom seen him personally bring students to Diagon Alley."

Diverting her gaze, Mrs. Mokin curiously looked at the little silver-haired girl standing in front of her and smiled slightly, "Come, let me first try on the robes, then we can head to the store."

The robe shop has a large space behind it, much more spacious than it appears from the street. Mrs. Mokin gestured for Elena to step onto a stool, fitted a robe on her, quickly adjusted it to her length, and clapped happily.

"Perfect, the robe size is good. Darling, would you like to sit on the sofa and then calmly choose the clothing you need to buy next?"

"The clothing you need to buy next?"

Elena repeated a little hesitantly. This tone reminded her of the stylists in her previous life's hair salon: obviously just a simple bangs trim, yet somehow ended up being a member of the several thousand yuan skincare club.

The girl guarded her purse at her waist carefully and shook her head politely, "No, I remember it's only written on the list..."

Mrs. Mokin shook her head helplessly and chuckled softly.

"Oh dear, you wouldn't think that all Hogwarts students would only wear three sets of black wizard robes, a cloak, and a wizard hat to school for a whole semester, would you?"

The plump witch shrugged and went on to explain without thinking, obviously this was not the first time she had faced such doubts.

"As long as it's not too embarrassing, most students usually choose to order some shirts, short skirts, and standard sweaters for autumn and winter. By the way, Hogwarts is a full-time education. Be prepared!"

Isn't this the legendary semi-compulsory purchase?

From this perspective, if a poor child wants to go to a magic school, the first thing they have to learn is how to counter the dreaded magic of [Fuchsia].

Obviously, there is a high probability that an unnamed Potions professor may have a series of tragic love stories because they did not accept the semi-compulsory purchase provided by the clothing store.

In fact, this part of the income from the "custom-made" Hogwarts uniforms accounts for at least 80% of the operating income of Mrs. Mokin's robe boutique.

After all, compared to the robes worn throughout the year, the daily needs of corresponding uniforms for the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter are a considerable expense, not to mention that young witches will also have additional costs for undergarments and skirts.

"And, my dear, a pretty little witch like you should prepare more sets of clothes of different styles. Here, I suggest you can refer to the list of outfits that most little witches buy. After all, you will soon become a big girl, and when it comes to outdoor lessons..."

Although Mrs. Mokin spoke more euphemistically, Elena had completely understood her meaning. In short, if you don't want to be caught unprepared, you'll have to buy some normal undergarments beneath the robes.

Elena pictured it for a moment. The sour scene of her flying on her broomstick with wind filtering through her whole body. The boys from the whole school looking to catch a glimpse of her delicate backside, and she shuddered.

"No need to say, you're right, I will buy it! However, dear Mrs. Mokin, I think we still have much to discuss about some details."

The little silver-haired girl sat upright, opened the reference book handed to her by Mrs. Mokin, and began to carefully examine each item.

The situation is stronger than people. After all, she's not a tough person like Professor Snape, so she must buy it.

But if she gave in to her resistance and was obediently sacrificed, then she wouldn't be Elena Caslana, who used her first-hand bargaining skills in the Highlands of Scotland to make all the stores talk about fading.


When Dumbledore returned to Mrs. Mokin's robe shop, Elena's conversation with Mrs. Mokin was barely halfway through.

As Elina had imagined, Mrs. Mokin's "customized package" actually contained many items that could be trimmed down.

"Before sixteen, I will never wear high heels. Therefore, I request you to remove all shoes that do not keep my heel and sole level, please omit them from the list."

Elena pointed to the contents in the album and said seriously.

The plump witch's face was completely devoid of the previous calm at that moment, and she pondered for a while as if deliberating an enemy, and responded slowly.

"Well, I suggest that in reality, they can be replaced with a few pairs of flat shoes, sneakers, and lady shoes. In this case, around 11 wests will be saved."

"No, I already have several pairs of white flat shoes, tactical boots."

Faced with Mrs. Mokin's suggestion, Elena rejected it again, unmoving.

She looked up, and just then saw Dumbledore standing by the window holding two large ice creams, and the little silver-haired girl suddenly brightened.

"Well, I'm sorry... A little bit out of company, Professor Dumbledore approached me."

"Go ahead... let me take a break and have a look at what I discussed earlier."

Mrs. Mokin rubbed her eyebrows with a headache and weakly waved her hands; to be honest, she had never faced such a terrible and difficult opponent since she started running this father's robes shop.

From fabric sizes to materials for buttoning cloaks; from labor costs to human physiology... this silver-haired girl could always patiently find different difficult angles to refute in order to cut prices.

So much so that, afterward, Mrs. Mokin even had the feeling of having a conversation not with a ten-year-old Hogwarts student, but with some Gulinge Fairies to discuss the sensation of a great business transaction.

"After so long, haven't you finished buying the clothes?"

Dumbledore handed the ice cream in his hand to Elena and asked in confusion, as in his impression, Mrs. Mokin had always been a quite capable witch.

"I've only reached halfway... I have to admit that Mrs. Mokin is much more powerful than the clothing shop owner in the village. She is undoubtedly a successful businesswoman who can open a store in Diagon Alley."

Elena sat directly on the stone steps in front of the robes shop, squinted her eyes, and licked the strawberry ice cream that was almost the size of her fist.

Under the summer sun, a slight ice mist floated over the pink ice cream. The raspberry jam as a condiment and the crushed nuts made it even more appetizing. The sweet and cold flavor instantly dispelled all previous fatigue.

"Just halfway? Hmm..."

Dumbledore was slightly stunned. He couldn't imagine why it was taking her so long to buy a few school uniforms.

But after living together for a while, he could sense through Mrs. Mokin, who was grimacing inside, that most of Elena's time had been devoted to her almost malicious bargaining.

"Since that's the case, let me go to the Lizhen bookstore to help you buy all the books you need for school. If you finish here early, just wait for me for a while and then we'll buy your wand."

Dumbledore reflected for a few seconds, made a quick decision, turned around, and was about to walk to the Lijian bookstore.

"Hmm, wait..."

Upon hearing Dumbledore's words, Elena, who was still nibbling on the ice cream, quickly stood up and stopped in front of Dumbledore (because her hands held two huge ice creams, left and right, so she could only do it this way).

Dumbledore quickly stopped in his tracks, so as not to accidentally collide with the little silver-haired loli standing in the way, and asked with some confusion.

"Hmm? Any questions?"

"Hmm, Jin Jialong. Buy the books and use my money."

Elena swallowed the ice cream in her mouth, turned around, and showed a small bag with Jin Jialong on her waist to Dumbledore's eyes.

"You know, Hogwarts has special funds, and there's no problem in buying a set of books for you..."

Dumbledore crouched down, looking into Elena's eyes, and said with a smile.

"Daddy Benitez said that I'm not an orphan. So I don't need help for school."

Elena shook her head and said firmly.


Dumbledore fell silent for half a second, nodded solemnly, and took out twenty gold galleons from the small bag at Elena's waist. "I'm sorry, I'll give you the receipt for the books later. Is there anything else?"

"Other things..."

The little silver-haired loli blinked her big bright eyes, slightly pursed her lips, swayed for a moment, and whispered.

"Well... if possible, besides the "Monsters and their Origins" on the list, could you help me buy a few more books by Mr. Newt Scamander? I've always loved magical creatures in the magical world."