Chapter 3 Invitation from the magical world

"Agreed, the priest said he would let you in."

Outside the door, Bran opened his hands in front of the knob, gave a suspicious look to Professor McGonagall, and reluctantly yielded.

"Thank you."

He glanced at the boy who guarded the door like a sentinel. McGonagall shook her head with a smile, thanked him, and entered the room.

"Hello, nice to meet you for the first time! I am Professor McGonagall, and I am very pleased to see you."

She nodded amiably to the two and looked around the room.

Just as she had seen when she turned into a cat before, the room was not very large, a girl with silver hair was standing at the edge of the bed, and Benitez, the owner of the orphanage, lay on the bed. Next to the table, there was an unfinished breakfast.

——He tried to contain himself, not to think about the "fat Scottish round chicken soup".

Before going to the orphanage, Professor McGonagall had heard about Elena from the villagers.

Unlike most orphans, the relationship between Elena and Benitez actually resembled more of a father and daughter. The two had run the small orphanage together.

Therefore, after careful consideration, McGonagall believed that Benitez, as the "guardian," should know that Elena had been invited to study at Hogwarts, so she did not deliberately sideline Benitez to chat alone with Elena.

Benitez looked at the unexpected visitor with curiosity.

She seems to be slightly older than I estimated. The black curly hair in a high bun and the amber-framed glasses matched Benitez's impression of a professor, but she wore a traditional Scottish tartan coat.

Overall, she did not appear to be an untrustworthy scammer or a layman who came intentionally.

"Professor McGonagall, please have a seat," Benitez showed a pensive look. "Which school are you from? As far as I know, Elena has not applied to any school in the Scottish area."

Professor McGonagall looked at the steaming bowl of soup on the wooden table, hesitated, reached out and pulled the chair closer to the bed, sat back at the wooden table, cleared her throat, and looked at Ai with a smile.

"Our school is called Hogwarts, it is a school for people with special talents. I came here this time..."

"It goes without saying, I refuse."

Before Professor McGonagall finished speaking, Elena shook her head and rudely interrupted.

"Regarding the future, I already have my own goals. Not to mention that I don't believe I can learn anything from this unfamiliar school. So please, leave."

If this world is indeed the magical world described by JK Rowling, then Professor McGonagall hates characters who interrupt during class hours. Faced with such words, it would not be impossible for her to be directly enraged.


Benitez frowned slightly. In his impression, Elena rarely had this kind of aggressive attitude, let alone directly interrupting others. He was seeing it for the first time in years.

"I'm sorry, this child is not like this." Benitez stroked the head of the little silver Loli and looked at Professor McGonagall with some regret. After a pause, the man continued with a bit of confusion, "However, in my humble opinion, today I heard for the first time about the Hogwarts you're mentioning."

Professor McGonagall smiled indifferently and replied easily. "Being in the Muggle world, Muggles are what we call ordinary people. Not having heard of it is completely normal. Because Hogwarts is a magical school, a wizarding school used to teach young wizards how to use and control magic."

There was a silence.

In response to that answer, Benitez was stunned for a moment, his eyes quickly scanning the two eyes of Professor McGonagall, trying to see if there were lies or jokes in it.

"Magic...magic?" Benitez repeated softly, looking suspiciously at the lady in front of him. He began to lean more towards supporting Elena's original idea. Clearly, this Professor McGonagall was a bit strange.

Benitez sat upright, ready to end this boring farce, thought for a moment, and replied politely, "Do you mean magic, or something like acrobatics? I'm sorry, I still prefer Elena to go to public high school to study."

"No, I mean..." Professor McGonagall shook her head and the smile on her face brightened. She took out her wand from her pocket and waved it towards the chair. The old wooden chair "burst" into a beautiful high chair with goose feather fabric. " this, real magic."

After doing all this, Professor McGonagall took out an envelope made of thick parchment from her coat and placed it next to Benitez's bed. She lightly caressed it and looked at the two in front of her, McGonagall. Speaking more slowly, "This is the admission letter. After all, we all know that you are not an ordinary person. Elena, you are a natural-born witch. Attending Hogwarts can teach you how to take control and use your talents."

The calm on Benitez's face, who had always maintained a polite expression, could no longer be sustained. His pupils unconsciously contracted, looking surprised at the suddenly changed chair, between Elena and Professor McGonagall. Moving back and forth, he opened his mouth weakly and seemed to want to ask something, but in the end, he made no sound.

The entire room was temporarily enveloped in a strange silence. The air was like a frozen ice crystal, which would shatter even if it became slightly heavier.

It might have been only a few seconds, but it felt like several minutes had passed. In short, from the beginning, Elena, who had not spoken again, first broke the tranquility of the room, but not in the way Professor McGonagall had imagined.


The girl responded briefly, lowered her gaze, and ran her finger over the envelope she had seen dozens of times next to the bed. She didn't even think to raise her hand to pick it up.

"As for being a natural-born witch? The teacher at the Scottish public primary school has said more than once that I am a natural-born mathematician. But that doesn't mean I will definitely choose the mathematics department in the future." The girl responded impassively. Obviously, nothing the Professor McGonagall said moved her.

She paused. Elena raised her head and looked into Professor McGonagall's eyes for the first time. She asked calmly,

"Excuse me, ma'am. As far as I know, a graduation certificate and the learning experience from a magic school don't differ much from a piece of paper in the Muggle world, as long as they really issue a graduation certificate."

Upon receiving the invitation to attend Hogwarts, Elena had been thinking more clearly since she received the first owl letter. As someone who had been reborn, she was very aware that the future now belonged to Muggles.

Instead of spending a full seven years on skill-based courses like magical spells, potions, and transfiguration, she would rather dedicate that precious time to computer programming or corporate strategies. At least that would guarantee decades of security in terms of clothing and food in the future.

"As an ancient magic school, every qualified graduate of Hogwarts can find a good job in the magical world. You don't have to worry too much about that. It seems you don't understand, in the world of wizards and the Muggle world, there are two different worlds, and there is still a Ministry of Magic, hospitals, schools, etc. in the magical world."

Professor McGonagall shrugged. Most children from Muggle families have those concerns. However, as long as the two worlds are clearly explained, both parents and students can accept this fact.

"It's you who really doesn't understand. I know the magical world much more than you think." Elena sighed. She had no intention of continuing with that kind of mysterious dialogue. Her voice fell, and her entire expression instantly became mature and serious.

"Professor McGonagall, may I ask, what is your monthly salary at Hogwarts?"

Upon Elena's abrupt question, Professor McGonagall was momentarily stunned, and after some thought, she modestly replied,

"80 gold Galleons per month, but that's because I am also the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. Compared to other professors, naturally the monthly salary will be higher. Oh, regarding the currency and Muggles used by our magical world. It's not the same, so it doesn't make much sense to ask this question."

Although the tone was extremely modest, both Benítez and Elena could clearly feel the hidden pride behind it. Obviously, Professor McGonagall was quite satisfied with her treatment.

"Of course it makes sense, as long as it continues to exist in human society, then only a simple purchasing power conversion is needed to easily understand all monetary systems."

Upon hearing this response, Elena unconsciously raised her eyebrows, and the light in her eyes became bright. Even by just hearing UU's voice reading, she could feel the strong sense of confidence in the girl's words. It was as if the king had returned to the domain of his own territory, after all, the financial industry was her past life.

The little silver-haired Lori clasped her hands, and her two index fingers rhythmically tapped, and she said softly, "If I'm not mistaken, 1 gold Galleon = 17 silver Sickles = 493 copper Knuts, as far as I understand. A pound of potatoes costs 25 copper Knuts, and I heard that a pound can buy 4 pounds of potatoes. That is to say, to teach a good job in the magical world, the monthly salary is about 400 pounds."

Having said this, Elena paused, slightly tilted her head, and exchanged looks with Benítez beside her. A strange and amused expression emerged in her eyes.

"What do you mean?" McGonagall frowned, vaguely feeling that something ineffable and uncomfortable was spreading in the air.

The girl raised her head, a flash of pity shone in her eyes, and for a moment, McGonagall even seemed to hear a slight whisper.

"In this country, I mean the Muggle government in your mouth. The average weekly wage of an ordinary worker is a hundred pounds, and the salary of a formal university professor is..."

Elena said she made a deliberate pause here. After the professor McGonagall's eyes widened, she deliberately flung her long silver hair.

"1,959 pounds."

"So, what do you mean?"

Professor McGonagall unconsciously straightened in the chair's backrest, raised her voice, and asked uncomfortably.

Elena's mouth curved slightly, and then it was her turn to act.