Chapter 30 Accident

Calle Diagonal, a winding street made of stone slabs and cobblestones.

At that moment, a father and son were standing at the fork between Lizhen's Bookstore and Mrs. Mokin's robe shop.

The boy is about ten years old. He has pale golden hair like his father, a melon seed-shaped pale face, and a pair of gray-blue eyes.

"I'll go to the Lizhen bookstore next door to buy you a book. You don't have to follow me, go directly to the shop across the street and measure your size."

The man looked at his son, the wand in his hand spun, he slightly frowned and said in a somewhat unpleasant tone.

"Draco, I repeat. You are from the ancient Malfoy family, I don't want to see you show such a childish and weak appearance again."

"I just don't want to deal with those poor people. Father, don't worry, I know what to do."

The blond boy, Draco Malfoy, took a deep breath and tried to respond calmly, imitating his father's tone.

"That's better. In recent years, Hogwarts has recruited too many people, always remember your identity."

Old Malfoy nodded with pride, raised his hand, and caressed his son's shoulder, his tone calmed down.

"In short, let's split up here first. If I haven't arrived after measuring the size, you can go to the wand shop to find your mother."

"I know, I don't need you to tell me again."

Draco slightly shrugged and headed towards Mrs. Mokin's robe shop without looking back.

(When Lucius is not present, he will use Malfoy to refer to Draco Malfoy)

Following the directions, Malfoy arrived at his destination along the winding cobblestone streets.

Approaching the door, Malfoy noticed that on the front steps of Mrs. Mokin's robe shop, there was a girl his age sitting.

Malfoy curiously looked at the stone steps. At the next moment, his eyes were firmly caught by the silver-haired girl sitting on the stone steps.

At that moment, the girl was carefully licking a huge ice cream cone with the tip of her tongue, a concentration that seemed absent from the whole world, she looked especially cute and tender.

The sun shone on the girl's silky silver hair, with a dazzling golden gleam. On the delicate face like that of an elf, with long eyelashes trembling slightly, almost all passersby who walked by there unconsciously slowed down and looked at her more closely.

"Cough, companion, are you also a Hogwarts student?"

Malfoy slightly tugged at the wool shirt he was wearing, cleared his throat, advanced slowly, and politely extended his hand to greet the girl.


The girl did not speak, she didn't even bother to look away, and continued to lick her ice cream with intensity.

"Hey, did you also attend Hogwarts?"

Malfoy raised his tone slightly, and his hand trembled in front of the girl's eyes.


The girl with silver hair took a sip of the ice cream cone and squinted happily, still ignoring Malfoy standing in front of her, as if he were air.

The brave Malfoy remained a little embarrassed, but his right hand didn't know whether to lower it or keep it in the air, and a blush paled his cheeks.

"Hey, didn't you hear me talking?!"

Malfoy angrily climbed the stairs, extended his right hand, trying to shake the girl's shoulder.

This time the girl finally responded, just before Malfoy could reach her, she turned left, successfully avoiding the boy's movements, and then continued to eat.

The passersby around seemed to notice this interesting scene, and they all stopped to watch this "little accident" that happened in front of Mrs. Mokin's robe shop with great interest.

Audible were the voices behind their eyes, and whispers, and the blush on Malfoy's vacant face became more evident. His eyes were cold, and his whole person rushed towards the girl's arm exasperated.

How can there be so many spoiled children in this world?!

The girl with silver hair, that is, Elena, impatiently frowned, stepped aside to stand up, and once again skillfully avoided the boy who was approaching her.

It's just...

As the girl dodged, the half-eaten ice cream cone wobbled back and forth and fell to the ground with a thud.


The huge ice cream ball fell heavily to the ground with inertia, and on the cobbled sidewalk, a trail of chocolate color flew.

As if the pause button had been pressed, all sound stopped for half a second, and everyone looked at the chocolate ice cream ball spreading on the ground.



Elena looked at the empty egg cone in her hand, and at the "corpse" of the fallen ice cream ball not far from her feet. In Malfoy's overwhelmed expression, she sprayed it with blank. She ate the egg cone.

"Speak, how do you want to die?"

The girl raised her chin and stared at the seated Malfoy. Her long silver hair fluttered in the wind. The lake blue eyes emitted a cold chill, and a dazzling light appeared on the back of her left hand. The traces of sacred runes were visible.

The entire small space seemed to suddenly stop, and even the air became extremely dense.


"Beg... beg..."

A grimace of pain appeared on Malfoy's face, and his hands involuntarily grasped his throat, as if he suddenly couldn't breathe at all. His pale face turned red to the naked eye, and soon acquired a bluish tinge.


A thunderous roar came from afar, and an elderly man with silver beards anxiously waved his wand with an expression on his face.

After a screeching sound like shattered glass, the condensed air resumed its flow.

"Think of your oath! Elena Caslana."

"Snap!" There was a sharp sound in the air.

Dumbledore moved directly from the ghost that was a dozen meters away to Elena, quickly grabbing the luminous left hand of the little silver-haired Loli and pressing it down, looking at her seriously.

"We didn't have an appointment. After eating ice cream, just wait obediently for me to return in the robe shop. Why do you have to cause trouble?"

Luckily, I was in the nearby Lizhen Bookstore, in addition to the effectiveness of the unbreakable oath, so as soon as I felt the magical disturbance that erupted in the mixed-blood Xiaomeiwa.


Elena frowned with regret and looked away from Dumbledore.

Following Elena's gaze, Dumbledore saw that not far from the two of them, a barely touched chocolate ice cream ball lay quietly on the slate floor.

While the stone steps were supposed to be where Elena sat, Draco Malfoy curled up into a ball, his pale blond, slippery hair scattered on his now dazzling face. He trembled non-stop, and his eyes were filled with the terror of death.

"Oh... it's fine, but once you learn to control magic, stop hurting others with such things."

Dumbledore could roughly guess what was going on, he touched Elena's head in pain and said weakly.

"I will take you to Florin Ice Cream Shop later, and you will eat until you are happy."

"What happened, Draco? Dumbledore, what have you done to my son?!"

There was a commotion outside the crowd, and Lucius Malfoy rudely pushed aside the person in front of him, rushed to Draco Malfoy, who was on the ground, checked on him, and pulled out his wand from under his arms. He turned around and shouted at Dumbledore.

"Good morning, Lucius," Dumbledore said quietly, keeping Elena behind him in silence.

"I think I need an explanation."

Lucius Malfoy stared coldly into Dumbledore's eyes, and the anger in his eyes was almost bursting.

"As you can see, Lucius," Dumbledore said calmly and with a smile.

"It's just a little accident between children. After all, things like magical disturbances, we cannot predict in advance."

"Oh?" Lucius Malfoy asked sarcastically, dangerously narrowing his eyes, looking at the little silver-haired girl huddled behind Dumbledore.

"Is this called... a little accident?"

"I think Mr. Malfoy might need to learn more about how to properly relate to girls."

Dumbledore shrugged and said despairingly.

"You know, the little witches at Hogwarts are not a minority."

"Mr. Malfoy, I can prove that it was your son who first wanted to chase after the girl, which caused the magical disturbances that scared her. Fortunately, Dumbledore arrived in time to save your son."

At this moment, Mrs. Mokin suddenly came out and looked at Lucius Malfoy and said:

"Yes, before that, the girl had never said a word."

A witch among the crowd also nodded and agreed.

"Yes, fortunately Dumbledore is here."

"Did he just do it without a wand? Is Dumbledore...?"

Immediately after, the wizards who witnessed the whole process also echoed each other, describing the incident in detail.

"...thank you very much, Dumbledore. Let's go!"

Lucius Malfoy's face turned green, and after forcing a thank you, he roughly dragged Draco Malfoy to the ground, ready to leave.

"Wait, why do you want to leave? It was just an accident, I haven't even entered the shop to measure the size yet."

Draco Malfoy stood up and stared calmly at Elena with a good look in front of her. Suddenly, he let go of his father's hand and stood there, with a stubborn expression on his face. He looked up and stared fearlessly at Lucius Malfoy.

"If you haven't bought the book after I've measured the size, I will go to the wand shop on my own."


Lucius Malfoy lowered his head, reading the book at, looked coldly at Draco Malfoy, raised his eyebrows, and laughed indifferently. He said nothing more, glanced at Deng Bu Lido and Elena, and headed straight to the Lizhen Bookstore.

"Uh, Professor Dumbledore, I haven't finished talking about the price yet..."

Elena gently tugged at Dumbledore's sleeve and cautiously said.

Although it was not her fault in this matter, and Dumbledore was clearly favoring her, after all, she almost hurt him, and still felt a little guilty.

"I really am scared of you. Forget it, darling, I have made all your clothes for free."

Hearing the words of the little silver-haired Lolita, Mrs. Mokin standing at the door shook her head with a headache and smiled as she looked at Elena.

"I think maybe I understand why Dumbledore brought you here. It seems that it won't be long before Hogwarts has another amazing witch."

"Eh? A word is law, thank you beautiful Mrs. Mokin!"

Elena blinked in surprise, nodded vigorously, quickly agreed, then raised her head, looking happily at Dumbledore.

"So shall we go quickly? The goal is Florin Ice Cream Shop!"