Chapter 31 Elena, come out to meet me! (Thanks to Yan Ba.)

After a morning experience, Dumbledore now has to admit that personally taking Elena to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies is one of the wisest decisions he has made this month.

Throughout Dumbledore's long life, he has met many wizards passionate about potions or herbology. Even today's Hogwarts teachers have one of the best in their age group. The potions master. When faced with all kinds of potions and herbs, they show a completely different enthusiasm than usual.

Dumbledore has no doubt that after entering Hogwarts, this little silver-haired loli must have excelled in potions and herbology classes. Of course, under the premise that she hasn't been expelled from the classroom by angry professors.

Because Elena's enthusiasm is different from everyone else's.

"Hello, please help me cut half a cabbage."

"This double cow liver, Iza, please give me a pound."

"Hey, can I add a little salt to the turkey Mani's blood and sell it to me after it coagulates into a blood clot?"

"Mint? Sounds good. It should be nice to sprinkle some on grilled fish. Thank you for helping me."

"There is this white bean, I think I can buy half a pound..."

"......Hey hey! Professor Dumbledore, don't pull me, I haven't finished talking..."

Dumbledore nodded gently to the pharmacy staff, placed the learning utensils on the counter and a standard dose of various powders in a small pocket, and reached out to pull the silver-haired loli slug out of the pharmacy.

"Let me see, we've already bought books, tin cauldrons, scales, and the potion class materials I just bought..."

Ignoring the noisy Elena, Dumbledore took out the first-year student's shopping list from his arms and reviewed it again.

"Next is your wand..."

"I won't listen to you! I'm going to buy food!"

Elena wrinkled her nose and made a face. While Dumbledore wasn't paying attention, she wriggled free and ran back to the pharmacy, looking at the wizard behind the counter.

"Nana, as I said, help me prepare it quickly."

The little silver-haired loli said as she opened her small wallet around her waist, preparing to continue her "shopping plan."

"I'm sorry, but Professor Dumbledore specifically told me a moment ago that I can't sell you anything except the admission list. So..."

The pharmacy employee was a young wizard, but he shook his head politely and mercilessly rejected Elena's needs. As a Hogwarts graduate, he naturally wouldn't challenge Dumbledore's refusal.

Therefore, no matter how poorly Elena speaks or uses Jin Jialong as a temptation, it ends in failure.


Elena, who got nothing, puffed up her cheeks in anger and stormed out of the pharmacy.

Outside the door, the elderly Dumbledore remained smiling in his previous position, watching with interest as Elena returned to him, shaking his head and explaining carefully.

"Miss Elena, potions and herbology are quite advanced knowledge. I don't want you to buy too many dangerous and strange items before taking a systematic course."

"For example, the white bean you wanted to buy is actually the fruit of the sleepy grass, which contains a thick silver juice, and taking it directly will temporarily erase a person's memory. The potion knowledge related to that is only for a sixth-year student. That’s what you will learn."

Looking up and giving Dumbledore a serious explanation, Elena asked dissatisfiedly.

"So... what's wrong with cutting the bitten cabbage in half and taking it back to the orphanage to cook? Isn't it just cabbage! After cooking, it's not like an ordinary cabbage. Can vegetables move? Isn't it a vegetable?"

"On this point, you can ask Professor Sprout later, who is in charge of the herbology class. In short, you need to learn about the treatment of magical plants."

Blushing slightly embarrassed, and Dumbledore rarely showed a jam, rigidly changing the subject.

"I think you must be eager to have your own wand now, but this is the most anticipated desire of all young wizards."

Dumbledore said as he reached out, trying to take Elena to Olivander's wand shop at the end of Diagon Alley.

"No, I don't want to! You just abuse your power to intimidate people!"

Elena waved her hand violently, avoiding Dumbledore, and said angrily.

For gluttons like her, it is important where the wand has real food. What angered her the most was that Elena clearly felt she was being pointed out by Dumbledore.

"No se me permite comprar mascotas, no se me permite comprar escobas voladoras, no se me permite comprar pociones, e incluso los libros de texto tendré que esperar a que comience la escuela. ¿Iré a Hogwarts a estudiar o a la cárcel?"

The little silver-haired loli built up some excitement in the morning and finally exploded. In this journey, Dumbledore was like a repeater. There were two-way sentences: "This cannot be bought," "You cannot go."

Although Elena had made up her mind to find time to sneak into Diagon Alley in the future, that wouldn't help Dumbledore go to a store, so please ask the employee to put her on the restricted sales list.


Facing Elena's problems, Dumbledore touched his long beard with a hint of embarrassment.

He thought so, also feeling a bit nervous, but did not know why, since he left the Gu Ling Pavilion, he had always felt restless.

Elena glanced sideways as she kicked the little rocks on the ground. Even when she was angry, she looked extremely cute, and he couldn't help but squeeze her pretty cheek.

Dumbledore thought for a moment and said cautiously.

"Then... shall we go to the pet store first? I remember you said I liked magical animals."

Whether to open the purchase of magical materials or allow Elena to buy those strange magical accessories, Dumbledore felt very likely that this would cause very dangerous consequences.

On the contrary, if you can shape Elena's character by raising a pet, it's not a bad thing to try.

Pet store? Alright!

Elena's eyes lit up, her face instantly went from cloudy to radiant.

"Since Professor Dumbledore has said so, I have no objections... Haha, is the pet store you're talking about that magical zoo?"

Silver-haired little Lolita initially spoke a few words of courtesy with some reservation, and then made a twist in her words, letting out a series of giggles like silver bells, cutting through the crowd and heading straight to the store she had been paying attention to for a long time.

"Hey, run slowly and be careful not to bump into people."

Dumbledore shook his head resignedly and followed Elena to the store called [Magical Zoo].

There isn't much space inside the store, the walls are densely covered with cages, there's a faint smell in the air, and the noise is bustling, because the creatures in the cages are screeching, screaming, or hissing.

Two huge purple toads were in the cage near the door, eating dead flies. A terrifying turtle remained motionless by the window, as if it were in a bad mood, and the shell on its back shone like a gem.

Furthermore, there were cats of various colors, a noisy raven in a cage, a funny fluffy ball the color of a custard basket, and a buzz. Two double-tailed salamanders in the glass jar were interacting with each other over a piece of food. They were fighting.

A chubby white rabbit bumped into a satin hat ~ ~ and then backed away, and kept changing like that, trying to attract the attention of people in the store.

Elena moistened her lips gently.

It's really cool!

As Mr. Newt Scamander said, every magical creature is full of fascinating charm, which makes people unable to help but approach and study them.

As Elena's eyes swept the store, the bustling small space suddenly fell silent, and even the loudest raven suddenly stopped, trembling, and taking faltering steps back and forth in the cage with fluttering wings.

Throughout the magical animal store, only the clear voice of the girl echoed in the room.

"Hello, I want to buy this chubby white rabbit."

"I'll take the two double-tailed salamanders that are fighting as well. Oh, that pretty fluffy ball also needs three or four."

"There is also a large turtle that looks a bit depressed, why don't you sell it to me...?"

"Elena Caslana! Get out of here!"

"Hey, hey, hey?!... Professor Dumbledore, you promised to buy me a pet, you can't go back on it!"

Dumbledore, who had just entered the store, did not hesitate at all. With a furrowed brow, he grabbed the clothes of the little silver-haired Lolita and pulled her out.

-"He was a bit obsessed a moment ago. One should not expect this young lady, who dares to bite the Phoenix, to purchase a pet calmly from the start.