Chapter 32 Inedible Pet

"- Are you still angry?"

Dumbledore lowered his head and looked at the unhappy Elena, inquired.

Although it is known that part of the reason may come from the Meiwa girl's lineage, in the face of the pure affection of the girl and the hint of "family" she occasionally showed, Dumbledore always unconsciously displayed a hint of indulgence.

Perhaps this is a previous performance, isn't it? Dumbledore shook his head slightly, self-deprecating.


The little silver-haired Loli lowered her head without saying a word, and her calf leather boots struck the uneven stones between the slabs of Diagon Alley, letting the elderly wizard drag her to Olivander's wand shop, apparently unwilling to give up.

Elena actually knows that with Dumbledore's meticulous character, he would never stand idly by watching her turn Diagon Alley into a magical version of a vegetable market.

But what could she do when she saw so many things she had never seen or tasted before? Especially, the large white rabbit always caught her attention dramatically, as if saying, "Eat me, eat me, eat me!" What could she do?!

She knew how to disguise step by step, but she could not control herself!

Well, except for the [Magical Zoo] earlier, the only pet shop left in Diagon Alley is not far away. [The Owl Shop] where Harry Potter bought his snow owl named Hedwig.

Elena would not be so naive as to imagine that Dumbledore, who knew the truth about the missing owl incident at Hogwarts, would also take her to an owl shop.

Understanding by inference, Dumbledore sneaked out of the shop twice in a row, which still left Elena quite unhappy. She had decided not to tell Dumbledore anything from that moment on.

As the girl sulked in secret, she suddenly felt Dumbledore around her stop her, and the gentle voice of the elderly wizard reached her ear.

"Wait here for me for a moment. Stay here, Elena, do not wander off."

Dumbledore let go of her hand, stroked the little Loli's silver hair, stooped to look her in the eyes, and asked her seriously.

Elena looked up and saw the sign of the shop next door, [Yī lā wū láng diàn].

Crossing the door and entering inside, it seems to take into account the lifestyle habits of the owl day and night, as the shop is dark. Only by the sound of flapping wings and eyes sparkling like jewels in the darkness, one can imagine the scene of the shop filled with owls.

As Dumbledore's back disappeared into the black hole of the "baby owl shop," Elena frowned, becoming increasingly unhappy. From her perspective, most of the time, the directors and adults she hated went to the shop to talk to the staff, not to sell her owls.

However, this emotion did not last long, Dumbledore placed a large birdcage into Elena's hands.

"This, this... Professor, you don't mean that this is for me, do you?"

Elena lifted the cage helplessly and stammered, her face full of surprise.

She knew she had lived tens of lives of round-faced, fat Scottish chickens and an emotionless cold butcher orphan.

Dumbledore pointed to the beautiful dark brown owl in the cage and said with a smile.

"I know it might be a bit surprising. However, after thinking about it, I have decided to give you an owl. Children love owls, and they can send you letters and packages."

In the cage, the dark brown owl was sound asleep under its wings at that moment, unaware of any looming danger.

Dumbledore paused, his blue eyes gazing kindly at Elena, and continued speaking softly.

"According to the wizard in the shop, this is a peculiar brown owl. Because its song and appearance are not like those of other owls, it is not very happy. But I believe you will be able to take care of it."

"Isn't it very similar?"

Elena looked at the fat Scottish chicken sleeping in the birdcage, confused. She observed closely and it was evident that it looked different in appearance from most of the round-faced, fat Scottish chickens she had seen before.

Compared to most of its kind, it was obviously smaller in size, a little larger than a fat pigeon. Unlike most solid-colored owls, this chubby round-faced chicken looked exceptionally beautiful.

A white stripe extended from its neck to the scapula position. The edge of the feather was outlined in white, the wings and tail had light brown stripes, and the color of the body feathers displayed a dark brown-yellow-red gradient.

"It's so beautiful... and looks very fleshy and clumsy."

Elena curiously extended her fingers, gently poking through the iron cage, and immersed herself in a sweet dream of the round-faced, chubby Scottish chicken. She licked her lips and said.

"Haha! Haha!"

The big dark brown bird suddenly woke up, flapping its wings, and panicked on the pole in the middle of the cage, emitting a series of strange chirps from its mouth, like a puppy barking or someone in the distance laughing with a tired buzz.

The chubby face of the bird looked funny, with the face behind and behind the big white eyes, and then gradually turned gray, and the brown stripes moved towards the center.

"Wait, Professor Dumbledore, did you just say what breed it is?"

Upon hearing the laughter in the cage, Elena suddenly raised her head and asked Dumbledore.

"Brown owl, but the sound and appearance are a bit strange, is there a problem?"

Dumbledore observed Elena in puzzlement, wondering why the girl's emotions were suddenly stirred.

"No, this is not a brown owl. It doesn't even belong to any owl family."

Elena carefully observed the small chubby chicken huddled in the corner of the cage, still unnamed, and slowly shook her head.

"This is a giggling owl from the original owl family, also known as WHēkau or white-faced owl. A species believed to be extinct in the Muggle world. Unexpectedly, they still exist in the magical world."

Though this had not been anticipated before, it did not stop Dumbledore from drawing conclusions from the information provided by the silver-haired girl.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, with a pensive expression on his face, and said thoughtfully.

"In other words, could it be the last one in the world? But I trust that, Elena, you will be able to take care of it."

Huh? The little silver-haired Meiwa blinked.

The last one in the world? If it gets eaten, wouldn't it mean the extinction of a species?

Elena instantly realized the dilemma she had gotten into, was it the owl that couldn't be eaten or was it the chubby round-faced Scottish chicken?

"Wait, Professor Dumbledore, I no longer want to have a pet, please return it to the store. Or you can give it to Mr. Newt Scamander!"

Elena reacted by taking the cage and eagerly wanted to return it to Dumbledore. Although she liked food, she always consumed foods that could regenerate and grow, and creatures that went extinct after eating them, like this one, distressed her.

"Of course not!"

Watching the little one with a concerned expression, Dumbledore shook his head determinedly.

His joy stemmed not only from seeing Elena discouraged but, most importantly, he had discovered additional valuable qualities in this girl.

Dumbledore continued cheerfully after a pause.

"Furthermore, I promised to buy you a pet, I wouldn't do something that doesn't count. Regarding Newt Scamander, he has started traveling the world again and I couldn't locate him for a while. So for now, it's up to you to take care of it."

"Come on, this time only Ollivander's wand shop is left."

Gohaha ~ Gohaha ~

Suddenly, she seemed much more assured, and the little owl in the cage made a sound of excitement at the right moment.

"Shut up! If you make me angry, I'll eat you!"

The little mixed-blood Meiwa clenched her teeth and glared at the small one in the cage.

Gu ~ QAQ ~