Chapter 33 The ancestral creation of wands by Ollivander (thanks to

No matter where, if there is an open market economy, it is quite difficult to form a monopoly in the region.

Because all commercial activities that can be copied, market competition will inevitably occur. The innate learning ability and imitation capacity of human beings have been quite clearly exercised in this regard.

Even on a not too large diagonal street, the same law of competition applies. For example, there are three clothing stores: [Duofan Clothing Store], [Mrs. Mojin's Toga Specialty Store], and [Second Toga Store]. When wizards want to buy magical creatures, magical herbs, and even various types of newspapers and books, they often have more than one option.

If we count the stores in Upside Down Alley, this market competition will become more evident and fierce.

However, there are two industries that are exceptional.

One of them is completely controlled by goblins, a large global chain bank [Gulinge].

And the other is a wand shop operated by the Ollivander family, which has been making wands since 382 BC.

The long heritage of family skills and word-of-mouth spread has given the Ollivander family an extremely high status in the world of wand making.

Especially the heir of this generation, Garrick Ollivander, was influenced by the wand-making skill passed down through generations in the family and showed his talents very early on.

He had the ambition to improve the core and wood of wands currently in use, and resolutely pursued the ideal wand when he was young. He soon became one of the three largest wand makers in Europe and is known as the world's best wand maker.

Therefore, many foreigners came to London specifically to buy a wand produced by Ollivander, rather than buying locally. Naturally, Ollivander's Wand Shop completely monopolized the wand business in the London area.

Finally entering the world of magic, Elena was naturally full of expectations for her future wand. What she said before was not because she didn't want to, but just a matter of annoyance.

"Is this Ollivander's Wand Shop? The legendary, the best wand shop in the world?"

Elena looked at the small and dilapidated shop with some uncertainty, if not for the gold sign that had been peeled off the door clearly indicating: [Ollivander: since 382 BC Wand Manufacturing]. She even wondered if Dumbledore had taken her to the wrong place.

"The value of a thing does not always correspond to the beauty of its appearance. Ollivander is a pure wand maker, and for him, every addition of gold to the wand is a kind of shameful waste."

Dumbledore smiled gently and led Elena to the small wand shop.

The lobby is very small and there is nothing but a counter. Almost a thousand long and narrow boxes of magical wands are stacked up to the ceiling.

"Dumbledore? Albus Dumbledore! I'm so glad to see you again! Welcome, I didn't expect you to come."

Before Elena could see the wand boxes around her, an old man suddenly stood in front of them. His clear silver eyes were like two bright moons in the dim shop.

At the sudden visit of Dumbledore, Ollivander showed a clear expression of joy. The old man approached Dumbledore and rubbed his palms, his voice was a little nervous and excited.

"Mr. Dumbledore, do you have that wand with you? Can you give it to me for study? I can promise you any request."

"Ollivander, we will talk about that matter later."

Dumbledore raised his hand slightly, stopped Ollivander's follow-up words with a look, reached out and brought forward the little silver-haired Lolita who was behind him, "The protagonist today is her."

"Oh, of course, yes." Ollivander quickly halted the previous discussion, turned, and looked Elena up and down.

"It's very strange, quite strange, I feel a very whimsical and extremely powerful magic."

Ollivander whispered softly, his white eyes made Elena a little nervous, and the old man's dry fingers gently stroked Elena's long silver hair on her shoulders, and a meaningful expression appeared on his face. Strange smile.

"Mr. Dumbledore, according to the Wand Regulations, magical creatures are not allowed to have a wand."

"Thank you for reminding me, I am fully aware of the contents of the "Wand Regulations." Miss Elena Caslana is a true human witch, but she has some unique talents."

Dumbledore said solemnly, which is another reason why he must accompany Elena to the magical wand shop, as a half-blood Eve, Elena's blood concentration is too high.

If it were an ordinary wizard, one might only think that this girl possesses extraordinary magical potential, but for Ollivander, who has been dealing with magical substances for almost his entire life, there is no hiding for Elena.

"I've heard that Hogwarts is the only place in the UK that has successfully domesticated Ye Qi..."

Ollivander suddenly fell silent.

"I think there shouldn't be too many problems in this regard." Dumbledore smiled slightly.

"Well, a great little witch."

Mr. Ollivander frowned, looking at the little Lolita with silver hair in front of him, and moved his fingers away from the girl's long silver hair. "Well, Miss Caslana, go ahead. Let me see." He pulled out a long measuring tape with silver markings from his pocket. "Which arm are you accustomed to?"

Elena did not respond directly; she frowned and asked, "It's just a magic wand. Why do you need to measure my body?"

"Because every wand from the Ollivander family is unique. To help you choose the right wand, I first need to measure the length of your arm, the length of your forearm, your height, the circumference of your head, and other dimensions, and then based on these parameters, I select the wand."

Ollivander, who had just received Dumbledore's assurance, was evidently in a good mood, smiled, and patiently explained to Elena.

"But I'm only ten years old now. Will I grow?"

After hearing Ollivander's explanation, Elena was even more confused, shook her head, and asked in confusion, "The data you measure will be meaningless after a year. Do you change wands once a year?"


The smile on Mr. Ollivander's face suddenly froze. The corners of his mouth twitched. Over the years, he had never considered this problem before.

"According to your theory, if a child with a height of 1.2 meters uses a twelve-inch wand, then after becoming a two-meter man, he will no longer use such a small wand, right? If it increases proportionally, how would it be? Would he have to switch to a short stick with thick wrists, and the magical substance inside should also increase, right?"

Elena tilted her head and gestured. She had always had doubts about wands that could be considered weapons. As a significant tool to enhance magical effects, adult wizards' weapons should be bigger, thicker, and more powerful, even if it's not something like a two-handed wand. The existence of something like that should be at least a rolling pin!

"The strength of the wizard will increase with age and knowledge, so why doesn't the wand upgrade with the increase in strength?"


Faced with the naive problem of the girl in front of him, Ollivander suddenly felt like a door that had been holding back his mind was suddenly opened, and a completely new world of wand-making appeared before him.

Before this, he had been trying to change the wand materials mix and different wand cores. At one point, he thought that was the future direction of the wand-making career, but he never considered fundamentally changing the wand's shape.

"...You make a lot of sense."

Mr. Ollivander struggled to speak, his expression became more solemn, and his voice responded dryly.