Chapter 34 Wand sticks!

Alas, here again.

As Dumbledore observed Olivander, who was in a melancholic state, he raised his right hand and gently rubbed his slightly pained forehead. From yesterday to today, he had witnessed similar situations too many times. Ai Linna always seemed to be able to question some of the common perceptions in the magical world from very peculiar angles.

"Ah, Mr. Olivander, you don't have to worry too much about this issue. As far as I know, most Hogwarts graduates continue to use the magical wand they purchased when they entered the school. Please, go ahead, choose the wand."

Dumbledore coughed lightly, looking majestically at Elena, who wanted to say something, and gently patted Olivander on the shoulder to try to restore everything to normal.

"Oh, yes, yes. Dear, please raise your arms."

Suddenly, Olivander recovered, flicked his fingers gently, the silver measuring tape unfolded automatically and flew to measure Elena's size. Meanwhile, Olivander himself moved among the shelves, busy moving the long wand box.

"Every Ollivander wand possesses a superb magical substance, which is its essence, Miss Caslana."

Olivander returned to Elena with many teetering long boxes and explained, "We use unicorn hair, phoenix feather, dragon tendon, snake nerves, etc. as the core. If you want to fully harness these powerful magical elements, you need to grow at least four or five years."

"Dragon tendon? Snake nerve?"

The clever little silver-haired Lori caught the words in Olivander's mouth and quickly asked after Dumbledore didn't stop her. Activity, I say, of magical nature?

"Of course, in a certain sense, each wand has its own life. This is an art, not a simple stick of wood."

The elder nodded proudly. The Ollivander family's determination of the wand core, the wood material, and the process of integrating them, as well as the selection of the ideal wizard by the wand, have always been envied by other wand makers.

"Very well."

Clearly uninterested in delving further into this topic, Olivander took a wand from the long box in his arms and handed it forward, "Then, Miss Elena, try this one. Vine wood and dragon heartstring, ten and three-quarters inches, you should be more suited with superior wisdom."

Grunt ~

At this moment, Ollivander was convinced he heard a very faint sound of swallowing saliva.

Elena took the wand and murmured softly.

"So, the magic within each wand... the ingredients (whispering)... do they all have a long lifespan?"

As she spoke, the eyes of the little silver-haired Lori slowly grew intense, looking around at the dense long boxes around her, her small tongue gently licking her upper lip, every wand seemed like a tiny can in miniature!

Hum ~

Elena's wand in her hand quivered strangely, and the glow flowing on the wooden surface instantly dimmed at a visible speed.

"Oh, my goodness." Before Elena could react, Mr. Olivander's face changed, and he immediately took the wand from her.

"Maple, thirteen inches long, dragon heartstring. Try this..." This time, he didn't even wait for the little silver-haired Lori to hold the wand, as soon as her fingers touched the wand, it trembled slightly and wilted.

"No, no, try this one, beech with unicorn hair, nine inches, inclusive and full of wisdom... whew!"

As Elena tried wand after wand, she could clearly see a series of fine sweat drops emerging from Olivander's forehead, and the entire wand shop was covered with benches and floors, as well as all kinds of magical wands, without exception, in a state of inactivity.

Even in the late period, it was like some kind of terrible infectious disease. Row after row, the wands became inactive under Elena's fingers, and the entire wand shop was filled with a strange and inexplicable atmosphere.

"Hey, isn't this a bit too much?"

Elena slightly furrowed her brow. Why do other people's protagonists enter the wand shop after all sorts of visions and lights, but she is like some kind of plague, all the wands in her hands acting as if they were going to die?

"Calm down, don't worry, don't worry."

Olivander took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead, took a deep breath, and wondered if there were more ingredients to comfort Elena or more to console himself.

Many wands over so many years, Ollivander has never seen a wizard like this one who scares the wands, yes, it is fear.

As the creator of these wands, he could feel the slight tremor in each wand, as if the small creature had encountered a fierce predator.

"Hmm, a special customer. I believe there is always one that is least fearful of you, um, I mean, the one that suits and is closest to you, let me think, of course!"

Ollivander looked at Dumbledore, then suddenly hit himself on the head with a sudden realization, rushed to the shelf, and rummaged through a long box deliberately placed in a corner, handing it solemnly to Elena.

"An extraordinary combination, holly wood, phoenix feathers, eleven inches long. Holly, a symbol of patience and perseverance, and phoenix feathers of courage and hope, I think there should be no problem."

"Erm, Professor Dumbledore..."

Elena blinked and unconsciously looked back at Dumbledore. Isn't this the wand of the savior Harry Potter? She was not worried that the wand had chosen her. She was worried that if she accidentally scared the little wand, what would happen when Harry arrived.

"Any questions? According to Mr. Oliver's recommendation, try it first..."

Dumbledore smiled gently, and there was no other reaction.

"Ah, indeed, I have an ominous premonition..."

Elena sighed and picked up the wand with slightly hopeful and disturbed eyes of Ollivander.

As she held the wand at the end, Ollivander's wand shop suddenly echoed a strong phoenix song, and a red glow shone from the tip of the wand, tinting the space with a warm golden hue.

Mr. Ollivander breathed a sigh of relief and clapped with a smile, "Oh, fantastic! Truly, fantastic... Oh!"

I saw the wand Elena held in her hands suddenly go mad, trembling violently with an unprecedented amplitude, more intense and violent than all the wands shown before.



Then, the uncontrollable phoenix wand slipped from the petite silver-haired girl and soared directly upwards, hitting the hard ceiling forcefully, only to fall back to the ground after losing power.

"Ah, so this wand, symbolizing courage... scared me?"

Elena frowned and rubbed her palms with a pained expression, rubbing so hard that a clear red mark appeared on her palms. She had already decided that during her time at Hogwarts, she must try phoenix meat.


Ollivander nodded in astonishment, gazing at Elena with a suspicious look and the wand "corpse" scattered around her, falling into a long silence; even for him, it would take time to find a suitable wand.

At that moment, Dumbledore, who had been quietly watching by his side, suddenly spoke.

"It seems, Garrick, you will need to commission an additional wand for Miss Elena Caslana, as you did before."

Indeed, before Garrick Ollivander took over the family business, most wand makers in the magical world were more casual in that regard. A customer would often give the wand maker what they preferred, inherited from their ancestors, or a magical substance the family trusted.

This concept did not change until Garrick Ollivander appeared, Mr. Ollivander before them.

Garrick Ollivander is a purist, insisting that the core of the best wand will never be the raccoon beard the customer prefers, nor the freshness that protects the customer's father from poisoning. Branches, or the hair of a mermaid that customers find on vacation in Scotland.

On the contrary, the best wand must contain a wand core with strong magical energy, and the wand wood must be made of carefully selected materials complementary to the characteristics of the wand, and the wand chooses the most appealing wizard.

Although initially everyone opposed this revolutionary method of wand making, they soon discovered that Ollivander's wand was superior to any other wand.

"Custom wand? It seems that it can only be done this way."

Ollivander frowned, somewhat reluctant, but apparently that was the only way. After all, the emblem of the Ollivander family could not have flaws in his hands, but there was only one problem.

"I have some options for magical wand material, but Albus, what core do we use?"

"A hair."

"My hair."

The voices of Dumbledore and Elena sounded almost at the same time.

Ollivander thought carefully, extended his hand, and said seriously.

"It is not possible. If my assumption is correct, this Elena Caslana should be half mermaid, correct? The magical material in her hair is not sufficient to make a powerful wand."

"Ella no necesita una varita demasiado poderosa." Dumbledore shook his head. "The magical potential in her body is already astonishing enough. For her, the most important thing is to learn to control it, not seek more power. I believe that shouldn't be difficult for Garrick, right?"

As he said this, Dumbledore waved his wand gently, and a long strand of silver hair fell silently, floating into Ollivander's hands.

"Well, alright. If you insist. However, it's not cheap to order a magic wand in advance. For the material, I would recommend black walnut wood."

Ollivander pondered for a moment, then shrugged helplessly and nodded.

"Wait, hiss, there is a small... request."

Elena gritted her teeth and tore out several long strands of silver hair from her head at once, tears in her eyes as she handed them to Ollivander.

嘤 ~ It hurts ~~ ???????????

Then, the little loli asked pleadingly, "Grandpa Ollivander, could you help me make two magic wands? After all, I am special. If one breaks, I'll have a spare."

Two wands? Ollivander looked at the little loli with silver hair in front of him with a smile, and the girl thought that making wands was a simple craftsman's job. He shook his head and said proudly.

"Each Ollivander wand is unique, therefore..."

"Cough," Dumbledore looked at the tearful girl with silver hair and cleared his throat. "I recall there is a herd of unicorns living in the Forbidden Forest..."

"Of course, due to the use of precious magical materials, sometimes we use the same materials to make magic wands. Leave an address, and I will send you an owl after a week."

Ollivander smoothly changed the subject, not even noticing Dumbledore's subtle change in expression beside him.

"Eh? Thank you, Professor Dumbledore, thank you, Mr. Ollivander."

Elena was delighted and thanked them repeatedly, the black walnut wood, which is quite rare for making wands, wow, the top wand wood.