Chapter 35 The show is starting...

After purchasing the wand, the two of them did not continue shopping in Diagon Alley; instead, they picked up the uniform made at Madame Mokin's robe boutique, and then, at Elena's insistence, they went to the chatty owl shop to buy some food for their new owl.

Although Dumbledore suggested naming her Vika, they settled on the pronunciation of the smiling owl WHēkau.

However, Elena had already thought about it. Once she returned to the orphanage, she would rename her as Reserva Grano, so that every time she fed her, she would feel like she was taking care of a pet rather than raising a little ancestor.

She didn't know if Dumbledore did it on purpose. Not until Dumbledore took Elena back to Gulingge and used the key to return to Lake Lomond did Elena not see Hagrid or Ha. The benefit of this couple's combination made Elena, who had been looking forward to meeting the young Xiaozheng, feel a little disappointed.

"I think we are almost there."

After finishing most of the journey in Diagon Alley, Elena suddenly became extremely quiet and polite, which made Dumbledore a little uncomfortable, but it could also be due to her thinking.

Dumbledore patted Elena on the shoulder and handed her a letter.

"Are you exhausted today? Go back and rest. This is your ticket to Hogwarts. It's for September 1st at King's Cross Station. Do you have any other questions?"

Elena took the ticket and put it in her small bag. She tilted her head and thought for a moment, then reached out her white hand to Dumbledore.

"One more thing, Professor Dumbledore, did you forget to give me the textbook?" the girl said seriously, her eyes full of curiosity. "After all, I am completely dedicated to the courses I am about to face. I know nothing. If I can have a little preview, it should be more helpful for further study."

Dumbledore lowered his head, looked at the little silver-haired girl, and shook his head, showing a kind smile.

"There's a month left until the start of classes. During this time, relax and play. Don't think too much about studying."

"But..." Elena tried to continue striving, the complete and attractive good student.

"Relax, at Hogwarts, everyone learns from the basics. It doesn't matter if you don't get ahead. Besides, I believe with your talents, you can definitely stand out. When school starts, I will send the textbooks directly to your dormitory, so you'll have less luggage, right?"

Dumbledore remained firm in his denial.

You should know that if you are not too sensitive, Dumbledore even planned to send Elena directly to Hogwarts after she had done the wand. storage.

Because there is actually a loophole that is not a loophole in the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Wizardry Law, it does not explicitly limit young wizards who have not yet started learning magic.

To be more precise, every first-year student at Hogwarts, from the moment they bought the wand in Diagon Alley until they entered Hogwarts to start school, was in a complete regulatory void. After all, in general, wizards' ability to cast spells during this period amounts to nothing.

However, Dumbledore already had a considerable understanding of the level of intelligence, mobility, and ability to cause things from the little silver-haired Loli. He did not want to wait until the [Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes] was sent before being forced to clean up the mess for Elena.

"Um, then I can't read magical potion books, some basic popular introductory books can always show me hobbies?"

Seeing the old wizard's firm attitude, Elena blinked tenderly and took a step back.

"Basic popular introductory books? Tell me more..." Dumbledore tapped his fingers thoughtfully, showing a trace of relaxation on his face, and asked curiously.

Elena raised her right hand, jumped happily, and covered her face with curiosity. "The first one is 'History of Magic.' I think there must be many interesting stories in the long history of the magical world."

"This is not a problem, although I suppose you might be disappointed."

Dumbledore shrugged easily, and pulled out a large book from a package where he had conjured an innocent stretch and handed it to the little Loli, rather than allowing Elena to fare worse than sleeping in Professor Binns's History of Magic exploiting her interest and how much she could learn.

"Well, there's 'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi' by Phyllida Spore. When she was in the headmaster's office, she suggested I acquaint myself with this knowledge. You can ask her about this."

Seeing Dumbledore's expression gradually relaxing, Elena's mouth tilted slightly, and she continued step by step.

"'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi,' um, did Headmistress Filida Spear say that?" Dumbledore frowned slightly and thought carefully, as if Elena should also be in touch with magical plants over the next month, and if the former headmistress suggested it, he had nothing to object.

"Alright, but you must assure me that you won't eat or buy any magical plants without permission."

"I swear!"

After Elena solemnly swore, she soon had another book in her hands. The little silver-haired Loli narrowed her eyes happily, showing cute tiger teeth, and said cautiously.

"Well, that, Professor Dumbledore, and the last one..."

"I know, I know. Where's Mr. Newt Scamander's 'Magical Creatures'?"

Without waiting for Elena to speak, Dumbledore stepped forward and pulled out a large book with a green cover and put it into Elena's hands. "However, since you have three books ahead, you must agree to one thing with me: no magic is allowed before classes begin."

"No problem, you can rest assured!"

Elena accepted without hesitation. In fact, Dumbledore was too worried. Magic is not as simple as reading a few spells, but often requires specific tones and gestures to be combined. Since there are teachers in the school who can teach them personally, why should she be alone?

Please note that there will be more important things waiting for you next month.

Dumbledore suddenly felt another panic attack for no apparent reason and stopped to look at the little girl with silver hair. Based on his years of experience, the girl's response was obviously not evasive.

So, what's the problem? Is there anything new about Voldemort and Harry Potter?

Dumbledore furrowed his brow and suppressed the unease in his heart. He planned to return to the school to investigate. He caressed Elena's little head and said goodbye.

"So that's all for now. If there's any problem, write a letter for your little owl to deliver. She knows where Hogwarts is. However, I suggest you let her rest for a few days."

Dumbledore pointed his finger to the corner of the cage, and the little owl huddled in a "food reserve", which seemed to be a "Haloway key".

"Well, I understand. It seems like you need to eat more and get stronger."

Elena looked at her weak little chick, frowned, and nodded in agreement.

Then, with a crisp sound in the air, Dumbledore walked directly away from the shore of Loch Ness.


"Professor Dumbledore?"

"Professor Dumbledore, are you still there?"

Elena stayed by the lake and called out several times for the empty man, confirming that Dumbledore had indeed left.

The little girl crouched down, shook the owl cage, and said pityingly, "Food reserve, I see your body is so weak, it is estimated that you will not live long. Let me eat you, or let me eat you!"

Huhu! ⊙? ⊙!

The little owl, who appeared to be half-asleep at first, narrowed her eyes and instantly stood up, showing a renewed spirit as she flapped her wings.

"Hmm, I knew you were pretending to be dead."

The girl frowned angrily. When an animal is sick, its ears can still move flexibly.

The facts proved that, as the last smiling owl in the world, the "food reserve" intelligence is at least good.

"Get up, I need you to send a message to Benítez, that is, the man who lives in the blue stone cabin behind the village church. Then, bring him here, and he will feed you in a few days."

Elena reached out and took her little pet out of the cage ~ ~ She tore a blank piece of paper from the History of Magic book and took out the pencil she had just bought today to write on it.

[Dad, all my clothes and luggage are by the lake. Please help me move it to the room. This owl is the "food reserve" of my pet, don't eat it, just feed me for the time being.]

[I will go to London again and will return soon.]

She paused, and Elena added another sentence.

[If I don't return after three days, let the "food reserve" send a letter to Dumbledore telling him that I was captured by the goblin of the Gu Ling Pavilion. —Your faithful, charming, and cute, Elena Caslana]

After writing the message, Elena picked up "Where are the Magical Animals" and "Thousands of Magical Herbs and Fungi" and stood up to walk to the train station leading to London, while solemnly touching her capsule chest.

The Fairy Tale Diagonal Tour had ended.

And the show was just beginning...


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