Chapter 36 Why is the cauldron bar broken?

"Terminal, London-Padington Station, when you arrive, please alight from the buses one by one."

The shaky train finally came to a stop, and the train crew rang the bell to remind passengers that they had reached their destination.

Elena looked at "Where is the magical animal?" in her hand, and closed it gently, stretching her stiff neck a little, and looked out the window.

The night had completely covered all of London. In the late 20th century, London was not as brightly illuminated as it is now. Pedestrians in dark coats hurried down the dim street lamps.

"So, the next step is to go to Diagon Alley through the broken cauldron bar... Well, yes, how is the broken cauldron bar?"

Sitting alone on the train station bench holding two books, the smile on Elena's face gradually faded.

Although her earliest memory came from the streets of London, she was actually picked up by the benevolent Benítez after wandering aimlessly for a few hours.

Therefore, for this great city, it can be said that Elena is completely unknown, not to mention that 99% will not trace the specific location of the broken cauldron on the Muggle map.

Elena first realized that the concealment ability of the magical world was too strong without a guide.

Only two spells, the unmarked spell and the muggle expulsion spell, are enough to hide any magical alley in any city in a low-intensity search state.

"It seems that I can only find a way to go to the Ministry of Magic for help..."

The train station at night was definitely not a suitable place for a girl to stay for long. The warm waiting room and comfortable benches would soon attract many people wandering the city.

If the original description is correct, Elena remembers that the guest entrance of the British Ministry of Magic was an abandoned red telephone booth near the British Ministry of Defense where the Muggle Deportation Spell was cast. Dial the number 62442 ("MAGIC").

According to the operator's indication, the issued pass will be dropped through the coin slot and the telephone booth will descend to the ground to reach the main hall on the eighth floor of the Ministry of Magic.

As a half-blood girl, the [Muggle Banishment] will have no effect on Elena, the only problem is that the original novel does not describe the location of this abandoned red telephone booth in much detail. She is not sure. How big is the "near" interval?

"Well, let's go see first."

Elena soon made a decision and was about to get up and leave the train station.

After all, once inside the Ministry of Magic, Elena can use the power of Jin Jialong to smoothly reach Diagon Alley.


At that moment, a strange owl's screech was heard in the air.

Immediately after, Elena felt a small furry object crashing into her arms from the air and rubbing against her in delight.

"Reserve Grain? Why are you here?"

Elena held the little owl in her hands and asked curiously, in her memory, it should be at Benítez's orphanage at this time.


The little owl stood on Elena's knee, spread its wings excitedly, and fluttered twice, and Elena noticed that there was also a thick envelope under its feet.

【Pay attention to safety, keep in touch every day. If I don't receive a response before tomorrow's dinner, I'll report to Mr. Burberry, the elf who provided the food. -Benítez】

In addition, an additional two thousand pounds were enclosed in the envelope, as well as some blank sheets of paper and a small pencil.

"It's annoying to report the schedule every day. I don't understand anything." Elena complained softly, with the corner of her mouth slightly curved, and carefully folded the envelope in her arms.

The problems she faced now cannot be solved with pounds.

Wait, besides seeking help from the Ministry of Magic, does it seem that there is an alternative?

The eyes of the little silver-haired loli were fixed on the reserve grain on her knees. At this moment, the little owl was flapping excitedly for its first long-distance delivery. Speaking of which, how did it accurately find itself at such a long distance?

Elena's eyes lit up, and she picked up the reserve grain and happily kissed it, looking at the little owl in the palm of her hand.

"Reserve Grain, I love you so much!"

Gu? ⊙▽⊙!

From Elena's point of view, in addition to delivering letters and making meat tastier, the magical world owl also has a wide range of derivative uses that can be developed.

In fact, as an important link between the magical world and the real world, the owl in charge of the postal service can be considered a magical animal in a broad sense, although it does not possess magical powers, it can perceive magical powers and enter a region hidden by magic.

As long as there is no shaman deliberately hiding or disturbing, the owl can always deliver the letter to the recipient accurately. Therefore, it is clear that the owl as a mail carrier can recognize, or more precisely, block the coordinates of a specific person within a certain range.

Another practical issue that this can cause is that, in a sense, the owl in the magical world can exist as a pathfinder and even a tracker.

After all, you just need to write a letter and then follow the owl, it has a high probability of helping you find the target. Especially when the target is at fixed coordinates, such as Hogwarts, and another example, the Broken Cauldron.

Walking across one common street after another, holding a small reserve grain, Elena passed by a bookstore, a record store, a burger joint, a cinema, and finally stopped in front of a large bookstore and a record store across the street. There was a small dirty bar in the middle, and the passing people didn't even look at it, as if they couldn't see it at all.

"It is difficult to save grains, cough, this letter does not need to be sent."

Observing the little owl holding a piece of paper in its claws, flapping its wings with excitement and attempting to fly to the bar, Elena smiled faintly and tore the paper from its beak, on which was written: [London - Broken Cauldron Bar - Tom Abbott (TomAbbott)].

Elena could recall the bar owner's name, Tom Abbott, thanks to the countless Harry Potter fanfiction writers in her past life who tirelessly mentioned him (in fact, the number of words copied in the book) when mentioning this character, leading her to specifically search for information on [Hannah Iron], only to learn such an unpopular piece of news.

Otherwise, her last resort would be to let the reserve grain lead Jin Jialong to find the goblin Garyvex to guide them, but this would surely cause an uncontrollable impact on the subsequent plans.

Shaking her head, Elena hesitated no more, pushed open the bar door, and walked in directly.

Contrary to the quiet and tranquil appearance, the bar was extremely crowded and lively. Obviously, for the wizards who had been busy all day, sitting down and having a drink was quite a pleasure. The dim and dingy room was warm and filled with smoke, and the bar's owner, Tom Aibo, who had a bald head and looked like a deflated walnut, was trying to greet the customers.

No one noticed that a girl had entered through the door. Elena walked straight through the bar to the small courtyard surrounded by walls. There was nothing but a trash bin and some weeds.

The little silver-haired Lori raised her head and counted carefully, "Starting from the wall tiles above the trash can, counting three tiles, then counting two more horizontally, I should be nearly there."

At first, she was a little worried if there was any problem with this original counting method, but from the moment she raised her head, she knew that within the area, there was clearly a wall tile much more worn than the others, and it seemed to be touched frequently.

"one, two, three..."

Elena placed the two books she was carrying under her feet, tiptoed, leaned against the wall, and extended her hand to gently tap the brick three times. Then she ran back and nervously watched the wall.

At the next moment, the brick she had tapped suddenly shook and started to move. A small hole appeared in the middle, which gradually grew larger. In no time, a wide arch opened up, leading to winding and seemingly endless cobblestone streets.

"Phew, finally here. The most important New Year's goal is accomplished."

Elena sighed in relief, with a joyful expression on her face. She raised the book with her left hand and pressed the reserve grain against her shoulder with her right hand, leaving only a small head exposed, and hurriedly ran inside.

"I hope the Gu Ling Bar is open 24 hours..."


Mengmengda Elena, please encourage everyone to recommend the recommendation for food. The recent collection and recommendation have been very poor, sniff, sniff, sniff!

If you vote for the recommendation, I can lend you a small reserve grain!