Chapter 37 A deal with no precedent

Diagon Alley.

The streets under the night have emptied.

Originating from the British's lazy nature, many shops have closed. Besides Florentino's ice cream parlor, which also functions as a part-time lodging, only a few small shops on the street remain with candlelight glimmers.

Elena tightly pressed her chest to prevent the small reserve of grains from slipping, and her feet couldn't help but quicken a bit.

"It's not opening hours, please return."

Beside the gleaming bronze gate of Gu Ling Ge, a gnome dressed in scarlet and gold uniform waved his hand and impatiently asked Elena to leave, apparently treating her as a child still at play.

"I think there should be gnomes who can handle business in Gu Ling Ge."

Elena looked at the light shining through the slit of the bronze door and walked along the white stone steps towards the gnome before speaking. The gnome was shorter than her, with a dark face and a sharp beard.

"Girl, this is not a playground, go home and go to bed."

The fairy in uniform frowned and stopped in front of Elena, speaking impatiently again.

"However, this gold gallon told me it doesn't want to sleep. What do you think?"

Elena smiled faintly, took out a gold gallon from her pocket, and flicked it upwards with her thumb.

"Go and tell Gary Vickers and Andy Serkins that there is a major Hogwarts business that wishes to speak with them, it's yours."

"Oh, of course. You're right, Jin Jialong never sleeps."

A faint smile appeared on the dark-faced fairy, he reached out and caught the rolling gold coin, bowed to Elena, and let her pass.

"Enter, let me inform them..."


Gu Ling Ge, a VIP room with elegant decor.

Elena was seated in a comfortable armchair with "Where are the Magical Creatures?" spread over her knees, and the small owl perched quietly on the girl's shoulder with its eyes closed in sleep.

"Apologies, esteemed Miss Caslana, I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long."

The door of the VIP room suddenly opened, and a gnome quickly entered, with a slightly hoarse tone in his sharp voice. It was the gnome Gary Victor who had just received Dumbledore, Elena, and others during the day.

"Well, Miss Elena Caslana. Now that everyone is here, can you tell us what the big business is?"

Andy Serkins, who was already seated in the room, eagerly rubbed his fingers and couldn't help breaking the silence.

If it weren't for Jin Jialong's charm and the company of Dumbledore during the day, he even thought it was just a bad joke.


Elena gently closed the pages and set them aside, holding the owl grain in front of her, slowly stroking it along its flexible feathers, and spoke slowly.

"During the day, you once said that Gu Ling Ge can provide lending services similar to the Muggle Bank, right?"

"Muggle Bank, you say?"

Andy Serkins chuckled, a look of disdain appearing on his face, "Gu Ling Ge's appearance predates the Muggle Bank's by far. Even Merlin has done business with us."

Looking at the small silver-haired loli in front of him, Andy Serkis showed a disappointed expression on his face. He should have known long ago how an ordinary youthful wizard could really have a big business, raising his long, pointed finger in reproach.

"But I must remind you that Gu Ling Ge is not a cheap and dirty black market shop, we only accept certain high-value collaterals. If your idea is to pawn off some rare silver pieces or magic from your home, you'd better go to Knock Alley and try your luck."

Elena nodded satisfactorily, ignoring the tardiness in the gnome's tone, and continued to ask, "So, if the loan I want to obtain is in a certain Muggle currency, and then it will be replaced by Jin Jialong or another Muggle currency, can this be done in Gu Ling Ge?"

"Of course, the Fairy Bank is not only in London. Every wizarding country in the world has our figure. No matter how much you desire, we can give you a way to achieve it. But..."

Andy Serkins smiled and suddenly turned, slyly rubbing his fingers. "Our management fees and interest rates are not cheap."

"To be honest, management fees and interest rates have never been in my considerations."

Elena shrugged easily and leaned back on the soft sofa, her eyes fixed on the two fairies. "One last question, what is the extent of authority you two can grant? I said, this is a large sum for buying and selling."

Since entering the room, Gary Vickers, who hadn't found an opportunity to join the conversation, beat his chest and proudly said, "Miss Caslana, you can rest assured, no matter how big the sale is, we can proceed. Even if Mr. Dumbledore were to mortgage all his properties, there wouldn't be a problem."

"So, what if I were to mortgage Hogwarts?"

Elena smiled faintly and said softly.

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?"

The two fairies looked at each other and simultaneously showed a amused look, then burst into a series of sharp laughter.

"Haha, haha, haha, you're really joking. But you're right, that's really something the two of us cannot do."

Gary Vickers smiled as he shook his head and said, "Such a large business must be discussed and negotiated through the Presbyterian Council of Elders in the Gu Ling Pavilion. Of course, the premise is that you must... have..."

At the mention of the gnome, he stopped halfway, like a stuck old vinyl record, emitting a sound like the clucking of a muffled voice.

"Are you talking about this Hogwarts property certificate?"

I saw Elena pull out a roll of pale yellow parchment from her chest and slowly unfold it in front of the two fairies, and said smoothly, "As I mentioned before, this is a large sum for buying and selling."


Before the eyes of the two goblins could shift from shock to greed, Elena remained calm and spoke coldly.

"I suggest you do not entertain any twisted thoughts, otherwise, you will simultaneously enrage the two most powerful wizards in the current magical world."

With that, the little girl with silver hair raised her left hand and firmly clenched her fist.

Suddenly, three dazzling oaths appeared on the back of the girl's delicate hand, and two tyrannical magical auras quickly spread in the VIP room. The dazzling light reflected on Elena's delicate face, displaying a trace of inviolability. An appearance of a Valkyrie.

One of them comes from Dumbledore's magical aura, and the two goblins are naturally knowledgeable.

As for the other force that could be comparable or even boldly suppress one side: Gary Vickers and Andy Serkis looked at each other and gleaned the answer through each other's fearful eyes: Grindelwald!

So, was everything from the day just covering their eyes? Gary Vickers took a deep breath, quickly examined the real estate certification parchment with the magical mark, awkwardly opened the door, and shouted hoarsely into the lobby.

"Summon the elders immediately! Go kick those oldies! An unprecedented deal!"


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