Chapter 38 The party begins


An old elf with a white beard slowly put down his magnifying glass, a clear sign of fatigue reflecting on his rugged face, and carefully placed the yellowed parchment in the center of the stone table.

It was a picturesque and semicircular stone table. At the end of the arch, seven clearly ancient elders sat.

And one of the elves just made a sound. He lifted his head, looked around at the other fairies, nodded solemnly, and both he and the other six elder fairies of the Gulingge Presbyterian Church of fairies arrived at the exact same conclusion.

It was the legendary, long-lost or hidden, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to be precise, it is the original property document of the Slytherin Family Castle.

"Human girl, I don't quite understand what you mean."

The central elf interlocked his fingers delicately on the stone table. His deep eyes rested on the silver-haired girl who was sitting across the stone table. He spoke slightly proud and calm, "As you can see, this is a proof of Slytherin family real estate. It seems that legally, your surname cannot inherit or dispose of this incredible treasure."

"Yes, but unfortunately, as far as I know, the only remaining descendant of Salazar Slytherin, the last member of the ancient and pureblood Gunter family, Mr. Morfin Gunter, has died while serving his sentence in Azkaban."

Elena looked up, her blue eyes meeting the elf's calmly, and replied quietly.

"Oh? Is it really unfortunate?"

The elf nodded casually, but there was no grief on his face, and snapped his fingers.

A few minutes later, a young elf entered and whispered something to the elder elf. The elder elf's eyebrows relaxed, and the wrinkles on his face eased considerably. He looked at Elena with great interest. "Mr. Brido has considered everything. Tell me about it."

There is no doubt that the elves have verified Elena's words through their special channels in recent times, but obviously attributed all of this to Dumbledore's arrangement. After all, from any point of view, it is impossible for a girl under ten years old to know so many secrets.

Upon hearing the fairies' words, Elena neither denied nor accepted, but remained charming, as if reciting the content incredibly, saying slowly, "According to the rules of the ancient contract, in this case, Hogwarts, having a real estate certificate as a third party, is supposed to have obtained the right to dispose of the land."

"Ah, yes, we are all familiar with this rule."

The elf nodded in approval and shrugged, "If Mr. Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, came in person, there would be no problem. However, the words of a normal student seem a bit disjointed."

"It's not the tedious test papers of the Ministry of Magic, you know..."

The old elf narrowed his eyes, extended his long, shriveled index and thumb in the air, and said slowly in a low voice, "I mean something about magic. Hogwarts, not a silly house of stone made of Muggle bricks and stones."

(Friendly reminder, if you can, please fill in English if you are an elf, it will feel very good).

Finally, with her complete confidence, initiating the final step of this huge game intended to surprise everyone, Elena exhaled a little nervously, raised her left hand towards the Regiment of Elder Fairies of Gulingge, and spoke coldly.

"A pledge. An unbreakable pledge with life as a guarantee, led by Dumbledore, binding me and Hogwarts. Is that enough? Professor Dumbledore naturally has a reason why he cannot come."

Unlike before, this time Elena's hand only had a trace of dazzling oath, the traces of magic entwined in it were particularly clear, and the edge of the parchment on the stone table also shimmered, as every time Elena stimulated the "Sacred Mark" before, she felt a slight warmth in her chest.

At the sudden light, the elves instinctively raised their hands to shield their eyes, and then looked at each other, emitting a soft murmur of discussion.

The long years allowed them to effortlessly identify the two sources of tangled magic constraints and capture the minimal connection between the silver-haired girl and Hogwarts.

Ten seconds, twenty seconds...

Maybe a minute, five minutes...

In short, in Elena's consciousness, it seemed that after a long, long time, the fairies sitting behind the stone table finally stopped discussing.

"Human girl, oh no, respected Miss Elena Caslana."

The eldest elf, still in the center, coughed gently and said respectfully, "Gulingge will be happy to assist you. Downstairs, we need to talk about Hogwarts' mortgage, first. The point is the currency of the loan..."

While the fairies spoke, they took out their glasses and placed them on the bridge of their noses, prepared paper and quills, and began to elaborate and record the details.


Seeing the reactions of the elves in Gulingge, Elena's tense nerves suddenly relaxed, she squeezed her right hand with a bit of force on the reserve bead, and glared at the hypocritical owl.


"Is everything all right?"

The elf drafting the basic terms tilted his head with some suspicion, and his sharp eyes scrutinized the girl in front of him through the lenses.


At that moment, another series of strange chirps came out. This time, almost all the elves stopped and looked curiously at the source of the sound.

"Sorry, the journey has been more rushed, so I haven't had time to have dinner... please?"

Elena held the reserve bead with both hands, pressing it firmly against her still growling stomach, and whispered embarrassedly.

Speaking of which, she ran around all day and had only consumed an ice cream and a quarter in total. (Mentioning it, her teeth tingled)

Since she stepped into the Gu Ling Pavilion, she had been nervous the whole time, and now suddenly she relaxed, only to feel the terrible hunger in her stomach that was about to melt the stomach wall. Reading at UU

"Oh, pardon me, it's so rude. Please, enjoy it."

An elf dressed like a classic knight, in the distance, elegantly shook his head and raised his hand to give her a gentle pat.

In the next moment, Elena appeared out of nowhere in front of a white tablecloth, the exquisite dinner plate was filled with exquisite pastries, and a pot of hot black tea appeared in the most comfortable position in the girl's right hand. Right in front, there was a menu written in English with curly flowers.

"The next request may be a little bold. But, if you can, could you talk while you eat? After all..."

The elf slightly rubbed his palm, embarrassed, and tentatively said.

"Time is money, my friend. Of course, no problem!"

Elena nodded without hesitation and directly interrupted the old elf guest, getting straight to the point, "Almost every second, I can see the charming Jin Jialong slipping away from my eyes. So, what are we waiting for? What's it about?"

All the pieces have fallen, even if the Soviet Union has not fallen, Elena, the reborn, is not afraid.

The fallen bear is just the easiest piece of cake to eat in the tide of the great era. She has countless pieces to replace. From the beginning, all she needed was the power to open the world.

The little silver-haired loli forked a piece of mousse cake and happily narrowed her eyes.

And now, the banquet began.


Elena, everyone, please encourage everyone to recommend feeding, the recent collection and recommendation have been very bad, sniff, sniff, sniff~~

If you vote for the recommendation, Elena's cake will be yours!