Chapter 39 Pre-sworn oath

Diagon Alley.

In London, at six in the morning.

The first light of morning filters through the thin mist, casting dappled light and shadow on the cobblestone street.

On the quiet street, it would be at least an hour or two before it slowly came to life.

At Gu Ling Pavilion, where the bronze door remained closed and unopened, a difficult negotiation that had lasted all night had just concluded.

"Dear Miss Caslana, you can really reconsider. If Hogwarts funds are deposited in Gulingge, we can even make some concessions regarding the handling fee."

An elderly elf with a wrinkled face rubbed his palms without hesitation and said with a smile, hoping to change Elena's thoughts.

At that moment, Elena was accompanied by Andy Serkins and Gary Vickers, standing in front of a huge "Golden Mountain" stacked with gold coins. The unique fairy calculation magic made the whole process much easier than expected.

"Not to mention that all loans must be guarded by Hogwarts, which is one of the cornerstones of the entire contract."

Elena firmly refused, unflappable, not even bothering to turn her head, and continued to watch the two fairies counting the gold coins.

Although the Hogwarts mortgage contract has a variety of terms and conditions, if all the embellishments are set aside, the central idea boils down to just four points.

【All loan funds must be safeguarded by the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry】

【The borrowed and repaid currency is the Muggle world currency: rubles】

[Gu Ling Pavilion must convert the rubles to gold Galleons to the extent possible when paying, (according to the negotiation, the insufficient part can also use the Muggle currency-US dollar or British pound according to the exchange rate to make up)

[This content is temporarily invisible to Muggles, wizards please use the revealing spell to see for themselves]

Compared to the endless commercial villains of past generations, in Elena's view, the fairies at that time still retained a relatively pure and simple state.

Apart from some subtotals on interest rates and handling fees, as well as some wordplay, the contract deliberately did not incorporate too many traps or malicious clauses.

Therefore, Elena's response was also extremely simple and direct. She directly transferred the mature style and terms of the commercial mortgage contracts she had in her memory to more than half.

And another result of this is that, in the elaborate eyes of the demon, the mysterious and wise aura enveloping Dumbledore's body became even more dazzling.

"I'm sorry, because time is scarce, we only mobilized 400 million Galleons of gold and 1.5 billion US dollars, and the rest was completed in pounds, a total of 730 million..."

Gary Vickers wiped the sweat from his forehead, holding a trembling parchment in his hands, and gave Elena a quick glance as he explained.

"Well, I know, I don't need to keep reading. After waiting at Hogwarts, someone will naturally come forward to collect it."

Elena waved her hand indifferently, interrupting Gary Vickers' words, then turned around and looked back.

Behind her, hundreds of heavily armed goblins were waiting there. Each goblin held in their hand a small, tattered bag. She knew it was a storage bag with a seamless extension spell.

"Oh, finally you ask a trivial question, is Gu Ling Pavilion a stock system?"

Elena blinked and asked the elf at her side a strange question.

"That's right, of course, the goblin is not behind the original low-level animals, we only believe in the contract and in Jin Jialong," the old goblin responded without hesitation.

"So, it turns out, I understand it."

Elena nodded slightly without saying anything. She looked at the dazzling wealth in front of her and took a deep breath.

"It's time to start teleporting: destination, the main entrance of Hogwarts Castle."



The sky in the Scottish Highlands usually lit up late, at this moment the sky still had a slightly hazy blue.

Huh ~ ha ~

Dumbledore in blue pajamas suddenly sat up on the bed and breathed heavily, he didn't know why, but suddenly he felt a strange oppression in his chest.

He turned his head and Dumbledore looked at the clock on the wall headboard. It wasn't even half past six yet.

"I really am getting old... I'm not as young as I used to be."

Dumbledore smiled self-critically. If Madam Pomfrey from the school hospital found out, it would be a fuss.

Tuk, Tuk, Tuk.

Just then, there was a rhythmic tapping sound outside the window.

Dumbledore raised his head and saw a small owl the size of a fist standing by the window, flapping its wings, anxiously tapping on the window of his room and attaching a small letter to its leg.

Isn't that Elena's owl, Vika, so anxious, has something happened?

The old man's expression froze, he quickly got up, opened the window, brought the owl into the room, and took the envelope from the owl's leg.

Dumbledore walked back to the bed, put on his glasses, and shook the letter to read it aloud.

[Honorable, gentle, grand, kind and never angry... Professor Dumbledore, Master:]

【When you read this letter, the lovely Elena has arrived at the entrance of Hogwarts Castle.】

[With me, there are also 350 goblins from Gu Ling Pavilion, and around 750 million Galleons of wealth.】

[Due to the huge amount of money, except for you, I suggest bringing all the house-elves from the school to help with the inventory.】

[Of course, you can rest assured. This is a completely reasonable and legal asset that can be controlled by Hogwarts. Anyway, this money must be transported to Hogwarts!]

【This asset comes from a mortgage loan from Gu Ling Pavilion, with the Salazar Slytherin family's property certificate as collateral, which is now the property title of Hogwarts Castle.】

【Look, you shouldn't get angry, as it will not only be harmful to your health, but it also won't solve the problem. I can explain.】

【——Your loyal and charming, Elena Kaslana.】

Under the letterhead, there is also a loan contract signed by Gu Ling Pavilion and Elena, with a flash of magical insignia.


After reading the letter, Dumbledore suddenly felt a black eye and a painful sensation in his chest, as if a curse had been cast upon his heart.

He finally realized what ominous foreboding had been circling his mind since yesterday: Elena Kaslana shouldn't give this terrible girl a chance to contact the greedy fairy group in Gu Ling Pavilion.


It seemed as though Dumbledore's emotions were not well. He curiously lifted his head while sipping reserved grain water, flapped his wings, and flew to Dumbledore's side, tapping the old man's finger with his small head.

Indeed, it's not the time to be in a trance when there is a frightful amount of wealth in front of the school.

Dumbledore quickly regained his composure, took his wand, and pointed it at his throat: [loud sound]

"All house-elves of Hogwarts must know that all will join me at the castle gate."

At the same time, there was a flash of light in the room, and Dumbledore nodded at the sudden appearance of the Phoenix, "Fox, please."

The door to Hogwarts Castle, over the vast open space, is now filled with a huge pile of gold galleons, and underneath the Gold Mountain, there are hundreds of huge bricks of pounds and dollars bundled together.

"So, how much longer do we have to wait? Why hasn't Professor Dumbledore arrived yet?"

Andy Serkins anxiously twisted his fingers, looking at the closed castle door in front, shouting.

After leaving Gu Ling Pavilion, every second of waiting was nothing less than a catastrophic torment for him. Not only for him. All the fairy spirits at the scene had collapsed to their extremes, all eagerly awaiting Dumbledore's appearance soon.

"Calm down, it's fast. After all, Professor Dumbledore still needs to summon…"

Elena tried to maintain a relaxed expression to comfort the elves on the verge of collapse, while repeating in her mind: it's all part of the movie props, it's all movie props.


The air in front of the castle suddenly made a sharp explosion, and a small figure appeared on the castle bridge.

Then, a series of crackling sounds like firecrackers continued to sound.

One after another, the house-elves appeared in front of the door of Hogwarts Castle.

"Elena Caslana!"

With a bright fire, Dumbledore in dark blue pajamas with a pattern of stars and moons appeared in the foreground of the castle.

Dumbledore's blue eyes were filled with anger. On the back of the old man's left hand, a silver and white oath chain gleamed with a dazzling light.

"Ah, Professor Dumbledore, I was waiting for you."

Seeing the tall figure with the long silver and white beard, Elena felt relieved in her heart and raised the back of her soft left hand, weakly waving it at Dumbledore.

She could feel that with Dumbledore's appearance, the energy that had kept her going until now was quickly diminishing.

"I ended the oath prematurely, this is the past, present, and future of Hogwarts," Elena pointed with her finger, showing a hint of a tired smile, "First we transport them to the castle, then you listen to me…"


The little silver-haired loli had not finished speaking. A strong sense of exhaustion quickly swallowed her consciousness. Her eyes blurred. The small body trembled and fell to the ground.


"Miss Caslana?"

Without much thought, Dumbledore's face changed, his right hand waved his wand, and the unconscious girl was summoned into his arms, carefully examined.

"Well, she's alright, but I'm so tired that I'm going to sleep."

The old man sighed in relief, cast a pensive glance at the girl's clean hand, and ordered the house-elf beside him, "Take Elena back to the student dormitories and let her rest well."

As for the situation in front of them…

Dumbledore looked up and looked at Jin Jialong as if he were a mountain, his eyes slightly squinted imperceptibly.

"Cough, it seems that cooperation is very smooth."

Dumbledore coughed lightly, took out Elena's contract and quickly flipped through it, then became serious and said calmly and unsurprised.

"Then, Fairy Sir, let's get started in counting. It seems it's not an easy project."

No matter what happens, in summary, transporting these gold galleons to Hogwarts, there is absolutely no problem.


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