Chapter 4 Professor Elena and McGonagall

"I mean..."

Elena glanced past Professor McGonagall, pausing for a moment at her checkered coat that seemed to be at least six or seven years old in a popular style, and shrugged. "You're right, we are truly people of two worlds."

When she was in college in the past, Elena took a particularly interesting course called Social Economics.

In the class, a phrase uttered by the middle-aged Mediterranean professor, who seemed a bit cynical, made Elena feel especially suited for this scene.

"Mystery and unknown, only distance, not class."

Elena raised her finger and said seriously, word by word, "the only person who can divide a natural social creature like human into two worlds, ultimately, there is only one: poverty!"

There is no doubt that since humans first recognized the existence of magic, the group of wizards who controlled supernatural powers had advantages over ordinary people in terms of wealth, power, and fame. After all, before the explosion of technology, the efforts of ordinary people were not much easier than those of the wizard wielding a few wands.

Looking back in history, the 28 most famous pure-blood families in the magical world are all noble families with at least a hundred years of heritage, prestige, and wealth. Families like the Gunters, Longbottoms, Potters, etc., at that time, with their own magical power, gathered a great deal of wealth, rights, and fame.

Therefore, a long time ago, the magical world and the Muggle world were artificially distinguished. If one seeks the cause, it is nothing more than an admission that the ancient and arrogant wizards deliberately raised, to maintain their mystery (high strength) threshold.

However, over time, the positions of the two worlds have inadvertently changed.

She knows that magic is not a panacea. More precisely, in Elena's opinion, the role of magic is to provide comfort, to break the inherent limitation of natural laws, and to add a finishing touch.

Unfortunately, it is clear that most wizards are not aware of this. The outdated workshop-based education system has even caused generations of wizards to face a serious test even for their most basic livelihoods.

For example, the Gangte family, born from Voldemort's mother who shall not be named, was once a rich evil person, but by the 1990s, almost all of their wealth was defeated, except for an old, dilapidated house, no decent industry remained.

"Times have changed, Professor McGonagall."

Elena shook her head and said softly, "This world is no longer on the stage of magic. I have no interest in the poor and backward magical world from your mouth. There is nothing there that can teach me."

In fact, it is not that there has been a great decline in the magical world, but because the Muggle world's technology was spurred on by war, the speed of progress was too overwhelming, and the wizards were left to accept time to digest all of this, and it was too short.

Even in this, a few wise adult wizards can see this, but when they begin to try to integrate into the Muggle world, they will become painfully aware. As a person in the magical world who has not received any basic disciplinary education, they find it even more difficult to lead a normal life in the Muggle world.

The arrogant magical ability, in addition to enabling them to smoothly progress on the path to becoming thieves or terrorists, has almost no other useful place. In comparison with hundreds of years ago, a more distant and solid global barrier has been formed again, and Elena has no interest in actively joining this leaky great ship that has begun to sail.

"Poverty and a backward magical world, how dare you say this! You do not understand what vast and mysterious world you are facing."

As if she had been seriously offended, Professor McGonagall frowned, her voice beginning to become severe, and she quickly counterattacked without thinking.

"Every adult wizard will learn dozens of courses at Hogwarts, including potions, history of magic, astronomy, herbology, transfiguration, spells, etc. However, even during seven full years, they only learned a little of these courses. No matter in which branch of magic, it is enough for a wizard to spend their entire life studying."

"But what is the value of these courses? If the content of study cannot guarantee basic survival, then, no matter how unpredictable, it is simply unreal empty talk." Elena twisted the silver hair on her shoulder and casually replied.

"Every Hogwarts graduate can find decent employment in the magical world," Professor McGonagall continued to refute, a little angry inside.

"If everyone can find decent employment, what is the point of working hard? You know, although the certification model of academic titles in the Muggle world is somewhat imperfect, at least it is an objective basic skill. It seems that the efforts of the magical world are not so important."

Elena lifted her gaze, looked at Professor McGonagall with a steadfast gaze, pursed her lips, and continued to question without hesitation.

In comparison to Professor McGonagall, in some way, Elena believes she knows better about the "adult society" of the magical world. After all, even the school bully, like Hermione Granger, in the end, is only an employee of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The savior Harry Potter and his little companion Ron directly joined the official violence organization of the magical world.

In other words, in fact, the certificates and exams they cared about during school hardly had any effect on their actual work. This led tens of millions to struggle in the abyss of judicial examinations before they could finally head up justice and society. Why are diligent Muggles so affectionate?

Professor McGonagall raised her eyebrows and frowned. She had never seen such a stubborn new student, and her tone turned cold.

"We will award TIMO certificates and higher-level EUPHORIA certificates based on the students' scores. At the same time, the knowledge that students acquire at Hogwarts is not independent but permeates a wizard's life, being much more important than Muggle courses."

Feeling the displeasure of Professor McGonagall, Elena, who had decided not to attend Hogwarts, shrugged disdainfully and said, "But this cannot change. The same person invests the same time and energy, and given the fact that the Muggle world can obtain a more generous compensation."

As she spoke, the girl glanced at the wall clock beside the bed. This conversation had been going on for almost a quarter of an hour. Although she was sure she could refute Professor McGonagall's arguments from every angle, it didn't mean she was interested in listening to an ancient witch of grandmotherly age analyzing the woes of the magical world.

Elena decided to make a bold move to quickly end this unnecessary debate.

Without waiting for Professor McGonagall to refute again, Elena raised her hand and interrupted, saying, "Well, for the time being, let's not discuss the usefulness of these courses. Dear Professor McGonagall, may I ask if there are really so many students who fully master the content? Or may I ask in another way..."

Elena pointed with her finger and nodded towards the magnificent chair under Professor McGonagall, raising her eyebrows. "How many graduates can accurately reproduce their transformative magic? How many students have actually achieved their expected teaching goals?"

"In the magical world that you mention as a world of skilled wizards, how many people can there be? Let's take a simple example. How many adults are guaranteed to easily confront a Muggle criminal with a knife at close range?"


Professor McGonagall opened her mouth and fell into an awkward silence. Of course, she could have given a random number, but her long-standing habits prevented her from lying; the magical world was not that powerful, otherwise the panic caused by Voldemort and the Death Eaters ten years ago would not have been so severe.

Elena was not surprised by Professor McGonagall's silence.

You should know that, like Harry and Ron, they never read textbooks in advance and do not listen carefully in class. Still, they pass the exams mainly through guesswork. They are good students with average to high grades. I can imagine that most Hogwarts students are mediocre. To what extent, it can be inferred that after the little wizards who are not even as good as Harry Potter graduate, they are likely to have nowhere to go.

And yet, Hogwarts is already one of the top schools in the magical world, so we can imagine the educational level of the entire magical world. Even the children who came out of the most remote primary schools of the previous generations of Huaguo probably have better opportunities than these people.

However, faced with Professor McGonagall's silence, Elena had no intention of giving in. She intended for all the topics about magic to end today and for her path to return to a happy urban renaissance.

"How many of the students you have taught over the years have higher salaries than yours? I believe, in most cases, it is better. Or more directly, are there absolutely the majority of people who if they accidentally encounter a disaster and cannot go to work, may go hungry next month? Even if they add some new clothes that fit themselves and their children at the end of the year, is it considered a comfortable life?"

Professor McGonagall's nose grew heavier, her lips tightened firmly like a thin line. Among her former students, Lucius Malfoy is the most generous in his current life, but his generosity mainly comes from the Malfoy family's savings and has little to do with his personal efforts.

"So you have destroyed your students. Because of your outdated, narrow, closed, and irresponsible teaching methods, and the magical world that you pride yourself on, you cannot see your position.

The most ridiculous thing is that the generations that you are still interested in are destroying the endless possibilities of your students."

Elena stood upright, looking up, fixing her gaze fearlessly on Professor McGonagall, and spoke aloud.

"You are just a group of terrorists immersed in magical illusions built by magic, who dare not look towards the outside world and misunderstand your children, poor and backward."

"I, Elena Kaslana, will never step into your inexplicable world."


Professor McGonagall stood up, her chest heaving like a bellows, her eyes glaring angrily like swords at the silver-haired girl in front of her, she opened her mouth and seemed to want to refute, but in the end, she didn't make a sound.

Looking at Professor McGonagall, who was on the brink of rage, gripping her wand in her right hand. Elena secretly swallowed without making any sound, had she gone a bit too far?

Glancing back at the pale and thoughtful Benitez, Elena gritted her teeth, opened her hands in front of Benitez, and continued her chatter.

"Finally, I am ready to start my speech. Did you forget everything or do you have a fearful heart? Come on, let me see what the pride of the great wizard looks like."

"Hum. Remember what you say, we will meet again."

Professor McGonagall made a heavy nasal sound, took a deep breath, and tried to lower the pressure in her chest.

Then, she stared at Elena, put away her wand, picked up the lady's hat that was on the table, and walked away without saying a word, without even asking Elena how she knew the spell of the magical world. She didn't want to ask.

- She was afraid that if she kept talking to this annoying girl, her emotions would get out of control.

"So, are you really a teacher, but from the magical world?"

At that moment, Benitez, who had been observing from the beginning, finally managed to sort out his thoughts, glanced at the back of Professor McGonagall and subconsciously held her.

"Since you are here, would you like to sit and have a bowl of hot soup before you leave?"

"No wizard is going to eat an owl!"

Professor McGonagall roared from outside the door. Miss McGonagall, who was well-protected, eventually could not help but slam the door shut.

Elena innocently extended her hands and shrugged.

"But it's a plump, round Scottish chicken."