Chapter 40 The bear child will not have a good ending

"Apparently. I understand what you're thinking."

Dumbledore glanced over the parchment papers filled with numbers and charts scattered on the bed. He rubbed his tired forehead and sighed sincerely.

"Is this the Muggles' developed arithmetic divination?"

Having comprehended all of Elena's plans, the old wizard suddenly showed a bit of respect, not only towards Elena but also towards the people from another world who were exploring the realm of God as wizards.

Not long ago, the alert Elena explained for the first time the inevitable deduction of the collapse of the ruble and the inherent loss of the Soviet constitution, and how Hogwarts used rules to extract huge wealth reasonably.

She was clearly in the Slytherin student dormitory on the lower floor of Hogwarts Castle, but the girl's thoughts seemed to be above the vault, and all kinds of seemingly unrelated information were intertwined.

Through a multitude of overlapping, nonsensical numbers, from the British Isles to the American continent across the ocean, from the calm after the roar in 1945 to the dark tide in 1991, it was like a precision gear ring. Interlaced like a prophecy, the performance of tremendous changes that are about to occur – no, even more terrible than prophecy, as if the higher beings were moving the pieces.

From the moment Jin Jialong was transported to Hogwarts Castle, they did not need to do anything. Unlike any previous plans and programs, this is an event that starts directly from the results, and only needs to wait for the moment to settle the next steps.

"Arithmetic divination? No, we call it science. Or, scientific deduction."

Elena shook her head slightly, her voice explaining hoarsely, and the light in her eyes was extremely bright.

The most essential difference between the magical world and the non-magical world is not the level of the economic system or technological power, but the difference in social thinking between the two. There may be an artificial gap between magic and non-magic, but science and magic have not been opposed from the beginning.

Common humans have narrower horizons than wizards from the start, but that is not a reason that prevents them from understanding the world.

Science is a way for humans in the non-magical world to perceive the world. All the magic that seems incredible is simply that the state of the art is inexplicable.

From Elena's perspective, as long as it can be observed, it can be studied; as long as it can be studied, it can be influenced; as long as it can be influenced, it can be controlled and mastered, no matter in which world, this is a universal basic rule.

"But, have you ever thought that whether it is science or divination, there will always be accidents if it fails? Hogwarts may no longer exist because of your reckless behavior. In the worst case, what are you thinking?"

Dumbledore reached out, carefully picking up the scattered handwritten papers on the girl's bed, and posed the final question.

This was also his most doubtful point: according to the oath, once Elena performs such an act, it is equivalent to putting Hogwarts in crisis. Before the final result arrives, it will somehow trigger an early warning of unbreakable vows.

"Worst case? Then simply hand the castle over to the goblins, and then find a way to get another loan... Goblins could never destroy or harm Hogwarts at all from the beginning."

Elena stretched and responded indifferently.

The girl slapped the soft bed beneath her body, lifted the blanket, and stood up from the bed, walking towards the mirror in front of the window, while arranging her hair, and said softly with a gentle tone.

"Professor Dumbledore, let me ask you, when will Hogwarts disappear? Will the castle no longer belong to us? No. Will the knowledge we have be transferred? No. Is it the organization of the Ministry of Magic or something else that forces the placement of headmasters or professors? Certainly not. But when Hogwarts no longer educates and nurtures young wizards."

Elena turned around, her pale, delicate fingers mischievously pulling on the thick, warm wool rug, and the light blue eyes looked at the magical lake scenery outside the hall, and she said with a gentle smile.

"Even if Hogwarts were destroyed by war, the entire castle was razed, the Forbidden Forest no longer existed, and the great lake dried up into a hole. As long as there are enough financial and human resources, Hogwarts can continue to transmit knowledge. Even if the magical world disappears, and as long as human civilization continues to exist, Hogwarts will never disappear."

"Moreover, if we really can't pay the money, the goblins are the most eager. to avoid this loan from becoming a bad debt, they will do whatever it takes to help Hogwarts continue in the long run. Mortgaging Hogwarts to get a loan has always been a means, not an end."

Elena playfully blinked and said with a conceited expression.

"What do you think, Professor Dumbledore? Don't you feel that I am very powerful! There's a Muggle vocabulary you can learn, it's called lying to win, which is very fitting to describe the current situation."

The silver-haired young girl cheerfully raised her finger and waved it, revealing a pair of small tiger teeth, the delicate little face seemed to be full of expression [Come to me! Come and praise me!].

"Indeed, it is a surprisingly brilliant idea. I have no doubts about it, and we will do our best to cooperate with you in the future."

Dumbledore gently applauded, nodded approvingly, and whispered with a smile, "Then, I think there are other minor matters to discuss..."

The old wizard looked at Elena, whose tail was about to curl into the sky, and his voice became calmer.

"——About the extraction of property writings from the director's office without permission and the falsification of director's authorization to sign important contracts without authorization."


Elena's cheerful face hardened slightly, and a silver strand of uncombed hair at the top of her head suddenly stood up. Why did the atmosphere feel a bit strange?

"Indeed, what time is it now? I haven't sent a letter to Father Benitez to inform him of my safety, he must be very worried."

The silver-haired Lolita anxiously slapped her palm, put on her small leather shoes, and quickly ran to the door of the Slytherin Common Room, speaking loudly to herself.

Seeing Elena suddenly in panic, Dumbledore's eyes showed a smile as he slowly drew his wand from his long sleeve, gently pointing it forward.

(→? →) つ — ☆ …… 【All petrochemicals】

Elena felt stiff, and before falling to the ground, her whole body lifted into the air and finally landed on the soft bed in the dormitory.

"Professor Dumbledore, have you cast a spell on a girl who hasn't gone to school! I must inform the Ministry of Magic! You are such a powerful wizard who tortured a child with magic, where is your conscience?!"

Feeling the approaching danger, the small silver-haired Lolita loudly condemned, while emitting a whine like a kitten, she had an ominous premonition.

"I'm sorry, please consider the misleading behavior of an older person with inconveniences. I won't cast anymore."

In the glow of Elena, Dumbledore, with silver hair and a long beard, stowed his wand and approached her slowly, smiling gently.

"According to Mr. Benitez, there is a relatively primitive form of Muggle education, which is usually more effective in helping children like Miss Elena realize their mistakes."

Having said that, Dumbledore rolled up the sleeves of his left and right arms and sat on the edge of the bed, holding Elena in his lap.

"Wait, wait, wait……"

Seeing Dumbledore roll up his sleeves and raise his arms, the small silver-haired Lolita instantly realized the impending fate, struggling with her head.

"Help, murder, Dumbledore has turned into a dark wizard..."



Tap, tap, tap...

At this moment, there was a rhythmic tapping at the door of the dormitory and the common room, and the sound of the house-elf Burleigh was heard from outside.

"Professor Dumbledore, I have brought Mr. Benitez to the door."

Before he finished, the door of the dormitory was pushed open by Benitez.

"Elena, are you all right?" The man rushed in, seeing the scene in front of him, he was stunned and asked with some hesitation, "Well, Professor Dumbledore, what's going on?"

"Dad, save me, save me!"

Finally, she awaited the savior, the small silver-haired Lolita was so excited that she was about to cry, and the bony hands of the old shaman spanked her, causing her much pain!

"I just learned, Miss Elena, that the school was mortgaged this morning. Reading books UU"

Dumbledore raised his head and explained calmly, as if something unusual had happened.

"The school was mortgaged before it started?!"

Benitez felt overwhelmed for a moment, finally understanding what Elena meant by the big problem.

"I get it, now hand Elena over to me."

After pondering for a few seconds, Benitez nodded, before the smile drew on the girl's face, he added in a low voice.

"I'm strong, it will be easier for me to remember."

Eh! Eh eh!

Elena's eyes widened instantly, the script shouldn't be so sudden, she is a heroine! She is the cutest and most intimate sweetheart!

"Wait, I'm doing everything for the good of the school, I don't have money for corruption..."


"Let me go, I was wrong, I guarantee there won't be a next time..."


"Professor Dumbledore, you promised to protect me..."


"Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... you harass people!"

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