Chapter 41 It starts from King's Station 10

A month later, King's Cross Station, London, England.

"Okay, just go, I don't want to say goodbye to you on the train."

Elena held the trolley and stopped between Platform 9 and Platform 10, turning her head towards Benitez and said, as the girl caressed the owl's chest, "Keep food, leave and say goodbye to dad."

The girl's chest moved, and a sleepy owl poked its head out from the collar of her coat, as if bidding farewell.


Since the day she returned from Hogwarts to the town of Russ, Elena had been forbidden to touch all books related to magic, and even until the day of going to school, Elena felt her wand for the first time.

Before this, the two black walnut wands sent by Oliver had been kept by Benitez.

As the failed coup 819 was launched as scheduled, Elena stopped paying attention to Soviet news.

This wave of change had been fully formed. Unless someone can reverse half of human civilization in three months, no one can stop the Soviet Union on its path to disintegration.

Therefore, Elena spent most of her time and energy learning culinary skills and training the grain reserve.

After experiencing the benefits of several hot baths, the small grain reserve quickly learned very important rules for survival, such as not being able to kill the mouse and return home, shrinking in the arms of the little mistress at night, not flapping wings, and helping to sharpen the knife when there is prey to fight (currently, the only opponent is just lake fish)...


Benitez shook his head helplessly, lifted the grain reserve from Elena's bosom, and put it in the suitcase on the trolley. He stroked the girl's silver hair and said indulgently.

"After going to school, don't be as informal as at home, how about letting the grain reserve sleep on your chest all the time?"

Although she was psychologically prepared, at the moment of parting, Benitez still inevitably worried, he squatted down, seriously touched Elena's head and said again seriously.

"Two large suitcases, one is a quilt for clothes, and the other is for books and snacks. After arriving at school, remember to take out the clothes and hang them well, so they won't wrinkle, it won't look good. A layer of bedding."

"There are many snacks I have brought you this time. You can share them with your classmates and make more friends. If it's not enough, let me send you a grain reserve letter and I'll send you more by mail."

"There is also a set of imported Zwilling knives from Germany. Be careful when using them. I saw them. They are heavier than the tools you usually use. Don't hurt yourself."

"Pay attention to safety at school, if there is a conflict with your classmates, or if a classmate intimidates you..."

"Hey, I know and understand... I will try to get along with my classmates as well as possible, and ask a teacher for help if there is any situation."

Elena sighed helplessly. In the same way, Benitez didn't know how many times he had been scolded on the way, and his ears were almost torn.

"Alright, relax... dad."

The little silver-haired loli grabbed the large hand above her head and gently caressed it. The man's blue eyes reflected the man's unshaven face, and his voice rose slightly.

"Hogwarts is in the Scottish Highlands, not in Africa or Antarctica. Besides, I'm not going to school for the first time. When the orphanage was built, the conditions were much harsher than this."

Looking at the clock hanging on the platform, Elena bit her lip, walked past Benitez, took the trolley, and headed towards Platform 9.

"It's not early, the Hogwarts Express will leave at eleven, and I have to go."

So she said she felt more uncomfortable facing a scene like that. At this moment, she should still walk away without saying a word.


Seeing the girl about to pass through the door between platforms 9 and 10, Benitez suddenly shouted loudly.


The silver-haired loli turned and watched the man tilt his head in confusion.

"I just thought about it, don't torture yourself."

Benitez's body became slightly heavy, his hands were clenched in front of his chest, and he made a standard boxing gesture. The big pan's fist vigorously waved in the air.

"Do you remember I taught you how to box? If someone intimidates you, hit them hard!"

Indeed, she still remembered the first lesson to convince people, hit the spines with closed eyes, and then reason again!

This is the storm monk in her memory. Elena's mood instantly became clearer, her lips curved, showing a cute tiger's fang, she turned around and shook her white fist.

"Relax, I will never embarrass you, dad. I won't make mistakes even for boys."

After Elena finished, she didn't turn around, took a light step, and pushed the trolley towards the ticket gate.

Behind her, Benitez raised his hand, as if he still wanted to ask for something, but in the end, he made no sound, and watched as the girl's long silver hair disappeared into the air.

Benitez rubbed his eyes. The barrier Elena passed through, the railing still looked strong, and the passers-by around didn't seem to notice that a little girl suddenly disappeared at the train station.

"Your daughter? Is she a very sensible girl and the first newcomer to attend Hogwarts?"

At that moment, Benitez heard a soft voice of a woman in his ear. He turned his head and saw a short, plump woman standing next to him with four red-headed fiery boys. Each boy was pushing a suitcase like Elena, and they also had an owl in their suitcase.

"Excuse me, I did not intend to eavesdrop on your conversation."

Benitez saw the woman turn her head, and the woman blinked apologetically. "It's just that I think you should take her to the station if you can, after all, she's such a little girl."

"Not yet, it can be dangerous, and..."

Benitez thought carefully and shook his head, his eyes slightly darkened. "... I'm not a wizard. I can't teach her either magic or other knowledge. She should belong to a broader world."

For a month, although Benitez could not fully comprehend the situation of the magical world, it was enough to make him understand the magnitude of what Elena was planning.

Whether it's the magical magic that Dumbledore showed, or the immense wealth of astronomical figures, or the game through the world, any of them is enough for Benitez to subvert decades of experience and knowledge.

For the first time in his life, Benitez has developed a sense of powerlessness and frustration. He could clearly feel that once he was proud of the strong body and the orphanage that could protect the girl from wind and rain, now he had become the chains that prevented Elena from accessing the broader world.

Oh, the man... is just like her, even worse.

The woman, that is, Mrs. Weasley, shook her head helplessly and gently stroked Benitez's shoulder.

"Children will eventually grow up, leave us, and follow their own path. However, this does not mean that the meaning of family will disappear. Children may choose to escape, but as parents, we have to try to stay with them until the last moment."

There was a pause, and Mrs. Weasley added gently, "Besides, I saw the girl crying in the end, should I really go after her and comfort her?"

"Elena crying?"

Benitez's complexion changed, he looked up and realized that the girl had disappeared.

"Of course, this is the observation result of a mother who raised seven children."

Mrs. Weasley smiled proudly and patted Benitez on the back. "Go, you should be inside by now. Just go straight through the boarding gate between platforms 9 and 10."

"Thank you, ma'am."

Benitez nodded, eagerly advancing and hurrying forward.

"Mom, why would you say that girl is crying, she seems quite happy to me?"

Mrs. Weasley's red-haired daughter asked with curiosity, raising her head.

"Oh, Ginny, I might be mistaken. Now, hush."

Mrs. Weasley smiled slightly, stroked her daughter's head, turned around, and clapped her hands, "Kids, scurry on. Percy, you're in front..."


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