Chapter 43 A fairy tale

"I think you might need a little help, classmate Elena."

Just as the little silver-haired lolita was trying unsuccessfully once again, ready to seek help from the train crew, a boy's voice came from the side.

Elena turned her head and saw a tall boy with flaming red hair and glasses who she didn't know when he had appeared beside her. A boy with a cart similar to hers was also being pushed alongside him.

"And who might you be?"

The girl furrowed her brow slightly, unable to recall having met such a boy before.

"Don't be afraid, my name is Percy, Percy Weasley, the head of Gryffindor. My mother specifically requested that we come and find you first to help you organize your luggage and seats."

Percy smiled kindly, pointing to his chest, where a silver letter P gleamed.

The boy extended his hand and placed it on the girl's leather suitcase.

Percy frowned slightly, calling behind him with a gesture.

"Hey, Fred, George, I've found the girl, come and help with the luggage!"

Wait, if the boy in front of her is Percy Weasley, then George and Fred in his mouth...

Upon hearing Percy's words, Elena turned sharply, gazing at the approaching twin brothers with a cart, the only geniuses in the history of Hogwarts who could make Pippi greet the mocking brothers.

For no apparent reason, the girl suddenly remembered that in a past life, in a fan story about Harry Potter's victory over Voldemort two decades after "The Rebirth of Hogwarts," Chapter 11 [Against the Waterfall], there was a story that particularly moved her.

In that world, George can no longer use the Patronus, because to call forth your own Patronus, you need to remember your happiest memory.

And George's happiest memory in life is related to Fred. Fred's death seemed to George like a world crumbling, and all the happy memories about Fred were filled with despair.

"Hey, hello, my name is George, George Weasley."

Without waiting for Elena to think too much, one of the fiery red-haired twins took the initiative to open his mouth and offered a greeting.

"Hey! My name is Elena, Elena Caslana..."

Elena composed herself, nodded, and raised her hand in readiness to respond. The other twin's shoulder bumped into his brother, shaking his head and laughing.

"Oh, Fred, though I don't mind you doing it in front of girls, help me with the pitch. But the first time I introduce myself, can I not deviate my lines?"

"I said George, but I'm helping you create opportunities. You won't get jealous when I win over Angelina. Plus, you won't think that next time, she'll be able to tell who we are."

"George Weasley," also known as Fred, rubbed his arm and grasped George's genuine shoulder, smiling.

"Fair enough, that makes sense."

George blinked, nodded seriously, coughed, and extended his hand to Elena in introduction.

"Hello, I'm now Fred, Fred Weasley. Although I think you might confuse me with George next time."


Elena silently gazed at the two living treasures before her. Over the years, Mrs. Weasley hadn't bothered them until death. Most of the reason probably was due to her own health.

"Alright, you two! It looks like a senior student in front of a rookie."

Percy Weasley, standing to the side, frowned, rapped the suitcase, and unpleasantly interrupted, "Don't talk nonsense, hurry and grab the luggage! Mom and Ginny are still waiting for us."

"Alright, Head Boy, don't you want to deduct points from us?"

"Shh, respect, maybe next year I'll be the president of the boys' student union."

The twins looked at each other. Although their mocking continued, they quickly let go of their cart and approached to help Percy lift Elena's heavy suitcase together.

With the help of the three Weasley brothers, Elena finally pushed her two large boxes into the corner of the compartment.

"Thank you, but why would your mother, I mean, Mrs. Weasley, allow you to help me?"

Elena rubbed her wrist and asked somewhat confusedly.

The three Weasley boys looked at each other. Fred raised his hand and pinched Percy, who was standing in front, and whispered to him, "Commander, you explain."

"Hmm." Percy Weasley thought for a moment, looked into the girl's eyes, and responded seriously, "Classmate Elena, you have a father who loves you very much."


"That silly dad, I told him to leave."

Elena's eyes softened as she murmured in a complicated tone.

The girl raised her head and looked at the three stunned boys, thanking them again earnestly.

"Thank you."

Although she didn't know what had happened, she could assume that Benítez had probably bumped into the wall at the entrance of the platform and met the Weasleys.

"Fred? George? Percy? Are you in the carriage?"

Just then, a woman's voice echoed outside the carriage.

"George and Fred are with me, Mum. We'll be down in a minute."

Percy responded loudly and nodded to Elena without saying anything. He greeted the other two brothers directly and jumped off the carriage.

Elena sat by the window, watching the red-haired family on the platform talking and laughing, opened the suitcase, took out the paper, and wrote-

[Idiot Dad, I didn't tell him...]

The girl thought for a moment, shook her head, crossed out that phrase forcefully, and rewrote-

[I'm now on the train. The Weasley family is very nice. Don't worry.]

After writing, Elena handed the paper to the messenger owl, gently stroked the owl's beak, got off the carriage, and found an empty place to let the little owl fly away.

"Go. Help me send the information to Father Benítez."

After doing all this, Elena turned around and approached the red-haired family, ready to personally thank Mrs. Weasley for her help.

Dudu ——

There was a whistle on the platform.


Mrs. Weasley quickly embraced her children, and then pushed them one by one onto the train.

The four Weasley children leaned out the window to receive their mother's farewell kiss, and their little sister seemed to be crying again.


Elena raised her hand and took a step forward. Her light blue eyes looked enviously, her hands fell slowly, and then she turned around and boarded the train.

With the rapid rattle of the Hogwarts Express, Elena quickly began to relive the scenes of the magical world she had seen in her past life, like a walking light, and finally stopped at the iron tracks that continued to stretch forward.

She was born to grow, wasn't she?

Elena shook her head mockingly. She knew she couldn't reject this dream at all.

It is exactly like the paragraph written on the base of Fred Weasley's statue: [We only distinguished him from his brother George Weasley after his death, but how much we wish we never had to distinguish them.]

If another magical world awakened the fairy tale through a cruel sacrifice, it became the real world.

So what Elena wants to do is turn everything, except herself, into a fairy tale.

Those unfinished goals, those regrets from the past, she will let them all come back in the future.

With a long whistle, all the stories have returned to the first grade where the fairy tale began.


With a good imagination of the future, Elena returned to her compartment and closed the door. As she opened the box, she was about to start putting on her Hogwarts uniform.

Oh, the compartment's sliding door opened.

Outside the sliding door, a slim-faced boy with dark hair and green eyes stood at the door and said a little embarrassed, "Sorry, the front compartment is full. Can I come in...?"



The boy's expression was perplexed, and he peered into the empty compartment, his tone weakening again.

"Get out."

Elena held onto her dress with one hand, raised an eyebrow with a finger, and said coldly to the "saving companions".

"Do you see any lady here changing clothes?"

Well, on the first day of the fairy tale, her first goal, she will not play the original lead role.