Chapter 44 Professor Snape feels a little strange

Hogwarts Express.

In the shaky corridor of the carriage, Harry sat on his large and heavy trunk and watched as the houses quickly passed by the window. The excitement in his heart began to slowly fade, pondering a bit uneasily about what lay ahead.

Thanks to his cousin Dali Dursley, Harry had no friends at the previous school. He had finally escaped from Dudley and was now entering a completely new environment. He hoped to make some friends, although it seemed that the first step wouldn't be too easy.

Just as Harry was distressed, the sliding door of the compartment slammed open.

"I'm sorry, I don't know..."

Noticing the movement behind him, Harry immediately stood up from the trunk and explained helplessly.

Perhaps it has something to do with Harry's long stay in the empty black room. He looks thinner than his peers. After Elena approached, she realized that the "Salvation Star's" classmate was now shorter than she was by half.

"Well, why are you so nervous? I won't eat you again."

Elena glanced at the panic and tried to mend the relationship with Harry Potter. Finally, Elena, pretending to be serious, couldn't help but laugh.

In fact, apart from attitude and learning ability, Elena had always admired the real Harry Potter.

Being a child who was bullied and excluded from school for a long time, and clearly mistreated at home, Harry Potter did not change like a certain Mr. Snape, who did not want to be named, and Mr. Riddle, who also did not want to be named. He was so somber and eccentric, but had been trying to express goodwill towards the people around him.

Although Elena does not fully agree with this lifestyle, it does not stop her from holding respect for those who hold such naive beliefs, even if it's just a little person who is not as tall as she is.

Elena looked and observed the boy's trunk in the hallway. She crossed to Harry Potter and walked towards his large and heavy trunk. She rolled up her sleeves and smiled.

"It's okay, don't get stuck at the door. Hurry up and give me a hand; let's move this pile of stuff together first."

"Oh, alright."

Seeing the sudden blooming smile on the delicate face of the girl, Harry was stunned, then recovered and nodded vigorously, and the two pushed the trunk down the hall to the corner of the compartment.

"Thank you. I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

Harry took a deep breath and pushed his sweaty hair away from his eyes.

"My name is Elena, Elena Kaslana."

Back in her seat, Elena blinked and looked curiously at the boy in front of her. After reading the book and watching the movie for so long, it was the first time she had seen the real Harry Potter in person.

Under the girl's gaze, Harry Potter felt uncomfortable and touched his nose.

He didn't know why, but he always felt that the silver-haired girl in front of him seemed special, not like the reaction of any ordinary stranger, but closer... like when Hagrid looked at him, with that affectionate look?

To the point of having the illusion that he was facing an older sister or aunt who had followed him in his growth, rather than a little wizard of the same age. Although, in reality, he had not experienced dealing with a sister or aunt.

"Sorry, do you know me?"

Harry hesitated for a moment; it seemed not right to say that, and then stammered and added with his hand.

"I mean, since I entered the magical world, it seems like everyone knows my name. But actually, before Hagrid told me, I knew nothing about the magical world, nor about my parents, or about Voldemort. Well, yes, Hagrid is the one who picked me up to take me to school. He is from Hogwarts..."

In front of the girl's blue eyes, Harry became even more nervous. Some stuttering expressions became even more confusing at first, and his inexperienced face blushed a little, his hands were waving, wishing he could cast a spell to directly change everything.

"Keeper of the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts, groundskeeper, I know."

Elena shook her head and leaned slightly like an adult. She reached out and stroked Harry's head, smiling to reassure him.

"Hey, do you also know Hagrid? Did he also take you?"

Harry's eyes lit up and, after finally finding a common ground, the expression on his face evidently relaxed, and he asked with curiosity.

"No, actually, strictly speaking, I've only met him. It's just that I like to read more, so I know a lot about you."

Elena shrugged and added secretly to herself, "The Harry Potter Series 1-7" is undoubtedly a kind of book.

"Wait, did you mention me in the book?"

Harry's eyes widened in surprise and pointed to his nose.

"Of course, but I didn't buy those books. If you're interested, you can go to the bookstore and find them slowly."

The little silver-haired loli waved her hands with interest. She was not like a certain lady with a serious addiction to reading, who would deliberately collect those books.

By the way, even if she wanted to buy them, she couldn't. Since the trip to the Ghost Valley Pavilion, Dumbledore had been extremely strict about her prevention. Except for "History of Magic," she couldn't touch any books related to magic at all... Eh, wait...

Elena's gaze wandered between Harry Potter and his large trunk, and touching her chin thoughtfully, she asked slowly, "By the way... Harry, you should have brought all the textbooks."

"Huh?" Harry nodded in confusion.

"If you can, could you temporarily lend me a copy of 'Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1'?"

Elena spread her hands helplessly and explained to Chen Ken, "For some reason, my teaching materials are temporarily unbalanced. It's still half a day away from getting to Hogwarts. I want to preview a bit in advance."

"Oh, my goodness! Yes, I didn't even realize that I should have previewed it in advance. When I finish, I dare say that I will definitely be the worst student in the class."

Upon hearing Elena's words, Harry Potter slapped his head, quickly got up, opened his large suitcase, and pulled out all the textbooks in a frenzy, placing them on the compartment seat, annoyed.

"Actually, don't get too nervous. I dare say that most first-year students shouldn't have opened the textbook yet."

From the large pile of books, Elena pulled out "Standard Spells, Elementary," which she had been longing for a long time, and reassured Harry with a smile. According to her observations, even wizarding children like Malfoy and Ron didn't seem to have done any prior preparation.

"However, some people must have done a lot of prior preparation."

Elena's comfort obviously didn't have much effect.

He was already worried about this. After realizing that he had spent a whole month playing, his small face crinkled in a sea of confusion, and he almost cried.

Unlike the intentional silver-haired lolita, Harry Potter was perplexed in front of a thick pile of textbooks, sometimes looking here, sometimes there, and for a while did not know what to do.

"If you don't know where to start, I suggest you first look at the potion book."

Elena looked at Harry Potter and opened "Standard Spells, Beginner" while casually saying, "I think I've seen this book before, your mother Lily Evans Potter was exceptionally talented in potions."

"Really? Did you mention my mother's book? Do you remember the title?"

Harry Potter lifted his head upon hearing the news, and asked eagerly, as he had heard his aunt Petunia mention his mother's name and remembered it in his heart. Naturally, hearing Elena's words excited him greatly.

Bah, I must restrain myself in the future.

The silver-haired lolita knew she was mistaken as soon as she said it. She wished she could fiercely slap herself. She looked into Harry Potter's hopeful eyes and shook her head apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I can only remember it vaguely."

Seeing the faint light in Harry's eyes, Elena felt a little sorry in her heart. After thinking for a moment, she said with a slightly curved lips, "I mentioned your mother. Of course, the condition is that you're at the top of the potions class."

She paused for a moment, and the silver-haired lolita rolled her eyes. They became brighter, as if she had thought of something very interesting.

Elena closed the book in her hand, sat up straight, raised her finger, and added very seriously.

"At least, I think you should understand some basic concepts. Let me give you some examples, for instance, if you add daffodil root powder to wormwood infusion..."