Chapter 45 1 magical muggle drink (thanks to NN for~~

After giving Harry some casual suggestions, Elena squinted with satisfaction and reopened "Standard Spells, Elemental" to observe carefully.

As for whether these "small suggestions" will bring trouble to Professor Snape in the future, Elena doesn't care.

If she remembered correctly, an older cat woman captivated her and took her to Hogwarts. She used the water of life and death modulated by Snape.

"A potion? News about mom..."

Seeing that Elena had no intention of speaking further, Harry looked down at "Magical Potion and Potion" in his hand and repeated in a whisper, his eyes gradually hardened.

The carriage was silent again, only occasionally the sound of pages turning.


"Excuse me, may I come in? It's full everywhere."

The sliding door of the compartment opened and a redhead boy stood at the door, unconsciously lowering his voice, and nervously asked.

The style of the compartment in front of him seemed different from that of other boxes. This quiet atmosphere of reading and learning made him even think that he had accidentally entered the classroom.

Elena raised her head and looked at the redhead boy who was hiding behind the sliding door, raising her eyebrows. She had just seen him with Mrs. Weasley, although she didn't like Ron Weasley very much, but who has a good mother?

The girl nodded politely and smiled slightly, "Sure, please come in."

"Thank you."

The redhead boy came in and looked at the two people in the room. After hesitating for half a second, he sat next to Harry.

There was silence for a moment, seeing that the other two people didn't seem inclined to talk. The redhead boy scratched his nose, gathered courage, and tapped Harry on the side, and said actively.

"Um... hi, my name is Ron, Ron Weasley."

"Hello, he is Harry, Harry Potter."

Although still anxious for the potion class, after hearing Ron's greeting, Harry closed the book, turned to look at Ron, and made introductions courteously.

Oh, it's over. I can't read a book in peace.

Elena, who was sitting in the opposite position, weakly rolled her eyes after hearing their conversation, with the commotion of Ron's character. She calculated that she wouldn't be able to keep calm for at least half an hour.

As expected, Ron asked with a shocked expression, his eyes wide open.

"Harry? Is that Harry Potter?! Then you really have that--"

Ron pointed at Harry's forehead, nervously swallowed and murmured mysteriously, "I mean, that scar."

"Oh yes."

Harry smiled indifferently and generously brushed aside a lock of his forehead, revealing the lightning-shaped scar.

"Wow, cool."

Ron's eyes widened a bit, and he was about to ask something further.


Just then, the compartment door opened again.

"Hey, Ron. Looks like you've made new friends, haven't you?"

A pair of redhead twins stood at the door and peered inside.

Ron nodded, his eyes eagerly pointing at Harry beside his fingers, and said excitedly, "George, Fred, you can't guess who I met."

"Hey, isn't he the dark-haired boy who was with us at the station a while ago?"

The twins carefully observed Harry, and one of them suddenly spoke.

"Oh my god, Ron!"

One of the twins hit his head dramatically, interrupting Ron's words, and said with a desolate expression, "You mean we let him into this compartment and only just found out he's a boy?"

"Maybe our little Ron is shy, after all, apart from Ginny, he barely talks to any girls."

Said another of the twins, winking at Ron.

"Shut up, Fred, George!"

Ron glanced at the silver-haired girl who was watching the three of them with interest, his ears blushing slightly, raised his voice and said, "What do you know? He is Harry Potter- the one who defeated the mysterious man, Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter?"

The jest in the faces of the twins was repeated in unison as they turned to look at Harry sitting next to Ron.

At that moment, Harry's forehead hair was not lowered, and the lightning-shaped scar reflected directly on them.

"Oh my god, it's really..."

"Yes, it is, our little brother can meet a great person."

This time, the three brothers looked at Harry and observed him from head to toe together, as if they were contemplating some kind of precious animal, which made Harry feel a little embarrassed.

Blushing, Harry quickly lowered the hair of his forehead, covered the scar, and reopened "Magical Potion and Potion", pretending to read.

"Hey, Harry, do you remember what happened at that time..."

"Do you think he will remember the mysterious man..."

The two brothers suddenly got excited and, after looking at each other, asked almost at the same time.


Before the two finished speaking, Elena slammed shut "Standard Spells, Elemental", which surprised the four boys in the compartment, who unconsciously stopped their conversation and turned to look at her.

"Alright, we're done here."

The Lolita with silver hair lowered her gaze and glanced at the four boys in the room, raising her eyebrows.

"Fred, George! Do you want Harry to think of unpleasant things on his first day of classes?"

"And you, Ron, are you prepared for the course you started? How many spells did you remember? Can't you see Harry is reading?"

"And you, Harry Potter, don't look at people and stroke scars in your hair, it looks silly. Do you know the answer to those three questions? Do you still want to know news about your mother?"

She stood up, Elena looked at the four boys in the room with a furrowed brow.

The majesty of the elder sister, who had been cultivated in the orphanage throughout the year, made several boys involuntarily lower their heads in unison.

"I'm sorry, Harry, we didn't mean to."

"It's okay, don't be upset. Women are terrible, just like mothers."

Fred and George, the most shameless, took the lead, first apologizing by nodding towards Harry and then making faces in Elena's direction.

Then they looked at each other and at Ron, who looked confused.

"Listen, let's walk in the middle carriage. Li Qiaodan caught a big spider. You stay here first, listen to Sister Elena, and prepare the textbooks."


Ron nodded and didn't even consider questioning why he was suddenly being identified as a brother.

"So, goodbye."

The twins quickly waved their hands and left through the door.

"Wait! These two bottles of drinks are for you. As a previous token of gratitude, although they are not worth much money, they're from the heart."

Elena suddenly remembered something, hurried to her suitcase, took out two bottles of Coca-Cola from inside, chased after them to the door, and handed them to George and Fred.

"What is this? Potion to poison us?"

The twins exaggeratedly exclaimed, looking at the dark drink in the bottle and asked.

Oh? You really don't know Coca-Cola? In that case...

Elena's mouth curved as she said with a smile: "This is Coca-Cola, a magical drink made by Muggles. It's very popular. Ask Harry, I'm sure he has had it. Do you want to try it?"

The Weasley twins looked at Harry, who nodded, the sincere boy, reassured them and took the Coca-Cola.

"Magical Muggle drink? I bet Lee Jordan has never seen it."

"Wow, this color... awesome! Thank you."

The twins happily nodded, put the Coca-Cola in their hands, and left.

"Oh, right."

Elena stood at the door, slid the door halfway, blocking Harry's face in the compartment, and added sweetly: "I almost forgot to mention that it would be more fun to shake it vigorously before drinking."

Then, with George and Fred's gratitude, Elena closed the door, looking threateningly at Harry, who opened his eyes in surprise when she spoke, and crouched down to take out another bottle of Coca-Cola, shook it, and smiled, casting a glance at Ron, who was enviously curious.

"Of course, Ron... Here, this bottle is yours."