Chapter 46 The small train class of Teacher Elena (thank you)

The story of the Cola face wash, which I loved to watch, did not end as smoothly as Elena had planned.

The reason for the failure was not because Ron was cunningly aware of the mistake beforehand, nor because Harry Potter had the courage to discredit this prank.

In the early 1990s, the gas content of carbonated drinks was inherently unsaturated, and Elena overestimated the ability of the young pureblood wizards. Ron, who had never seen a Coca-Cola with a twist cap, took five or six minutes to master the proper way to unscrew the cap.

So the tumultuous bubbles calmed down a lot, but the Coca-Cola that came out of the bottle just vacated Ron's jacket pocket, lost its force, and fell, spilling mostly into the pocket of his jacket.


As the Coca-Cola spilled, Ron's jacket pocket suddenly began to move, emitting a series of panicked squeaks.

"Oh! Oh my God, stains..."

Ron was startled by the suddenly spilling Coca-Cola, then quickly moved the drink away from his body. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a fat, gray mouse from his jacket's inner pocket. He put it in his lap and looked at the two of them around while quickly explaining.

"It's called Stains, it's useless, and I can't wake it up all day. Percy came of age, my dad gave him an owl, they can't keep it, I mean, they only gave me the mouse."

After some explanations, Ron's ears turned red, and he turned his head. With a wounded look full of doubts, he looked at the little silver-haired Loli sitting in front of him and took the initiative to change the subject.

"What's happening, suddenly..."

"Oh no, I forgot to remind you..."

Without waiting for Ron to question, Elena hit herself on the head and sighed dramatically, her face full of regret, and actively, full of self-blame, said.

"Ron, you are very slow to open the cap. So the magical substance in the drink I shook reactivated. You should shake it vigorously before opening it."

"Magical substance?"

Ron looked up, looked at the bottle of Coca-Cola confused, frowned, "But didn't you say it was a Muggle drink?"

"Well, it seems that the magical world also drinks common soda. Isn't it normal for Muggles to pick up some magical substances as drinks?"

Elena extended her hand and explained seriously, "You wouldn't believe any common liquid can flow upward. Listen carefully, and you can hear the magical substance in every drop of liquid. Sizzle."


Upon hearing Elena's explanation, Ron suspiciously brought his ear close to the Coca-Cola bottle. Indeed, he heard countless subtle crackles and sizzles, and had a more convincing look on his face.

At that moment, a timid voice came from beside Ron's position.

"But, Miss Elena. If I remember correctly, as long as I don't shake the Coca-Cola, it won't spray out."

Harry Potter, who had always been by his side, finally couldn't help but raise his hand—although he didn't know why he had to raise his hand, he gathered the courage to interrupt Elena's words.

"Eh? Is that true..."

Ron looked skeptically at Harry with a serious expression and then at Elena, whose face was full of wisdom and confidence, and asked somewhat uncertainly.


Will he dare to smash Miss Ben's desk?

The proud little silver-haired Loli smiled stiffly, sank her face, and glared fiercely at Harry Potter sitting in the opposite corner, showing a nasty grimace.

Elena lifted her chin slightly, stood up, and hugged herself. She slammed the "Manual of Potions and Magical Potions" into Harry's hand, imitating the arrogant tone of Lucius Malfoy.

"Mr. Harry Potter, this world is much more wonderful than you think. Do you know why Coca-Cola produces bubbles? Do you know what magical substance it contains?"

Facing the imposing Elena, Harry Potter slightly retreated, shook his head, and honestly replied, "I'm sorry, I don't know."

"Well, you certainly don't know the ubiquitous hydroxylic acid and the terrible substance CO2?"

Elena hugged herself and looked up and down at poor Harry Potter, her tone becoming even more unpredictable.

"I'm sorry, I don't know." Harry shook his head again.

Indeed, Elena gleamed in her eyes. As she thought, even before living in the Muggle society, Harry Potter, a recent elementary school graduate, had the same chemistry knowledge as other wizards. Everything was a blank slate.

After getting a satisfactory answer, Elena hung a hint of mockery on her lips—Dare you dismantle the platform? Miss Ben owes me a limp, sorry for the nine years of compulsory education in the previous life. By the way, if you perform certain actions at Hogwarts later, you will already be ahead.

Elena cleared her throat, straightened her face, raised her fingers, and spoke hastily, as if she were talking about important ancient Sims.

"CO2 is an extremely terrible substance. Its danger, even Muggles can clearly realize. The ancients called it death. It can extinguish flames, it can suffocate people, and it is even believed to one day destroy all earthly civilization."

She looked at the two children listening attentively, the little silver-haired Loli paused, lowered her voice, and continued speaking mysteriously.

"As for hydroacid, this is a colorless, odorless, tasteless magical substance. It kills tens of thousands of people every year. According to incomplete statistics, the mortality rate caused by inhaling hydroacid liquid in the respiratory tract ranks among the top ten in human abnormal deaths. Hydrochloric acid is a necessary condition for the formation of most diseases, and people addicted to this substance will die 168 hours after quitting it..."

As time passed, the atmosphere in the compartment became more dignified. Harry and Ron's faces were filled with tension, and even their hesitant voices were low, listening carefully. Teacher Elena's small class.

After all, Elena's statement that it was well-founded and logically rigorous sounded especially convincing. Along with the undeniable drive the girl had always displayed, Harry and Ron couldn't believe it.

"However, Sister Elena."

Ron swallowed and raised his hand. After getting permission from Elena, he whispered, "What do these two terrible magical substances have to do with this Coca-Cola?"

Elena nodded contently, tapped her finger on the clear bottle of Coca-Cola, and smiled slightly.

"Good point, because... this dark liquid, the main components are actually hydroacid and CO2. You will learn this in a deeper potions course as you grow up. Remember not to show it in front of strangers, especially teachers, and it is forbidden to learn advanced potion knowledge too soon."

After glancing at Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, who had completely deviated and were nodding with a serious expression, saying they would never mention it, Elena narrowed her eyes and looked at Harry and Ron, enunciating the phrase again with a heartfelt tone.

"Please note that you are about to become mature wizards. Do not use the term Muggle to ruin magical drinks. For this substance, the correct way to drink in the magical world is to shake it first and then drink. When you can use your own magic to quell the disturbances produced by Coca-Cola, it means you have become a great wizard like Dumbledore. Do you understand?"

"Agreed! We will work hard! Thank you!"

The pair nodded in unison, their eyes full of hope and determination.

"You're welcome, we are classmates and friends. That's how it should be."

Elena shook her head with a smile.

It's really enviable to be young... Although a little tiring, but after helping to answer questions, it will give people a double sense of pleasure—how can she be so kind and helpful, oh no, and what about the little witch?

Returning to her seat, Elena opened "Standard, Elemental Charms" and was about to continue studying the spell when suddenly a low groan came from her stomach.


Why am I suddenly so hungry in my stomach?

The girl looked out the window, as fields and grasslands passed by—the train had already left London while they were talking.

It turns out it has been so long and it is almost noon. That is, the snack carts should be coming soon.

Elena looked up eagerly at Harry, who was focusing on preparing the potion textbook, and silently swallowed. This chance to enjoy a great meal like this could not be missed. Um... for now, let's say it's Elena's fee for chemistry classes.