Chapter 47 Three Meiji and Ferrero chocolate (thank you)

Time passed quickly. Around 12:30, a loud noise was heard from the corridor.

A smiling woman with dimples pushed open the compartment door, pointing to the cart in her hand and looking at the three children who were looking at the book, asking, "My dear, would you like to buy some snacks from the cart?"

Ron, who had been initially distracted, looked up first, gazed at the dazzling cart, and awkwardly smiled, "No, thank you."

With that, Ron hastily pulled out a bulging plastic bag from his arms, and several squashed sandwiches were tightly packed together. It seemed as though he wasn't very hungry and attempted to move his cheeks to display an awkward smile. He murmured,

"I brought my own sandwich."

Finally, Ron quickly set down the sandwich in his hand and gazed out the window. Elena noticed Ron's ears turning red again. Obviously, he was not very satisfied with the sandwich.

"Excuse me, madam, I don't need it."

Elena also shook her head and declined, not because she wanted to eat and drink on purpose.

In fact, since that trip to Hogwarts, Elena's little treasure had been confiscated.

Both pounds and gallons of gold were "reserved" by the abominable adults, to prevent her from escaping to something else.

According to the unified statement of Dumbledore and Benítez, if Elena wants to buy something, she just needs to say so directly, as for the money, at least don't think about it before school starts.

Therefore, apart from a large box of snacks, Elena is actually penniless at the moment, she cannot buy even if she wants to.

"Hey, Ron. If you don't mind, I'll use this to exchange with you."

She turned her head and silently looked at Ron. The little silver-haired Lolita pondered for a moment, approached the suitcase, took out a box of chocolate wrapped in golden paper, and handed it to Ron.

"I heard Fred saying when they got on the train that Mrs. Weasley wanted to take care of your seven children. I think her work must be quite good."


Ron looked at Elena a bit indecisively, instinctively trying to hide his squashed sandwich.

"Don't worry, this is just regular chocolate. The flagship product produced by the Italian company Ferrero, if you're not afraid of gaining weight, I won't give it to you."

Raising her eyebrows, Elena simply reached out, grabbed Ron's sandwich, and tossed the chocolate ball into his arm.

Like a faithful example of the magical world, especially after reading the Harry Potter books, it's hard to feel bad for the Weasleys, everyone will.

Almost everyone will fantasize about reading a book, if possible, it can make this family live a less embarrassing life.

After all, apart from not properly implementing family planning, there are hardly any obvious black marks on the model parents of the Weasleys.

"You won't like to eat this, it's very dry. The sandwich is filled with canned beef, in fact, it's not delicious."

Ron, taken by surprise when his sandwich was taken away, shook his head and said sadly.

"It's borne no time,"

He seemed to feel a little bad, and quickly added, "Look, I mean, she has to take care of all six of us at the same time... I mean, it doesn’t represent mom’s ability."

Ron blushed and stood up, trying to grab Elena's crumpled plastic bag.

"Don't worry, Ron. I'm not a spoiled child, [demanding in food] doesn't exist in my dictionary."

Elena shrugged, opened the plastic pocket, took out the cold sandwich, and took a bite.

"Remember that when the orphanage was established, to save grain for other children, Dad Benítez and I could only eat hard, almost stone-like dark bread every day."

A flash of nostalgia passed through the girl's eyes. Benítez, from Spain, originally did not want to be seen by the British church, apart from the little burden of not bearing language packs when traveling. During that time, a rookie in order to be able to maintain the small orphanage, the two tried every possible means.

Know that the dirt and ugliness in the London fog is much crueler and more unpleasant than people who don't know the truth about bananas. Maintaining an orphanage in the nineties is like walking through purgatory.

In comparison, whether it's the childhood bullying Harry suffers or the family shame Ron faces, it's really not worth mentioning.

Of course, this is where Benítez has always been more at peace. As long as the orphanage and he are there, Elena will never stray from the right path. Even if Dumbledore signed the unbreakable vow, there's no Benítez. Certain of that kind of assertion.

"Wait, Elena, are you an orphan?"

Upon hearing Elena's words, Ron and Harry opened their eyes in amazement. In their opinion, the elegant and knowledgeable silver-haired girl had nothing to do with the word orphan.

"In fact, strictly speaking, I am not an orphan, let's not talk about this."

Elena nodded slightly, not wanting to talk too much about this topic, raised her head and smiled at Ron, pointed at the sandwich in her hand and sincerely raised a thumbs-up in approval.

"Really, the taste is very good. Is the beef in the middle cooked in a tomato soup filter? Is it salty and has a moderate taste of cooked tomato juice?"

"And then the cheese in the middle is also cooked and firmly attached to the bread. It's done with care! It's not the kind that's in your mouth. You can handle the food carelessly."

If we say that the level of British cooking is divided into 50 points, Mrs. Weasley's skill is at least about 70 points, although the sandwich looks simple and its appearance is not as delicate.

But as a food lover, whether it's a lightly fried layer of cheese or canned beef cooked in a tomato broth, Elena can clearly feel Mrs. Weasley's intentions.

"Eh? I'm not sure, is that right...?"

Ron nodded blankly, with a much more natural expression. Although he couldn't understand Elena's words, one thing was clear, it seemed that the sandwich made by his mother wasn't as bad as he thought.

"If you like it, I'll give it to you. I want to try muggle chocolate," she said.

He carefully observed Elena's expression. Ron furrowed his brow, gestured generously with his hands, lowered his head, and began to unwrap the Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapped in golden paper.

Seeing Ron's expression become clear, Elena maintained her smile and swallowed the sour, salty, and cold sandwich without changing her expression. The heart does not represent the kitchen, and the sandwich was originally a nuisance. A synonym for something that had not actually been washed.

However, it was not necessary to say this for Ron to know. In Elena's opinion, the character that Ron would later criticize in many people, in fact, could not be attributed entirely to the head of such a sensitive and young boy.

As a member of the "Golden Trio", Ron's existence is more often used to highlight Harry's bravery, or Hermione's wisdom, which was originally a particularly cruel arrangement against humanity.

"No one wants to live forever in the shadow of someone else's glory, even if that person is your iron companion," so that emotion burst forth in the competition of the first three years.

And at home, as the youngest son, unlike Ginny, who is adored by everyone, Ron is at the bottom of the whole family.

As he himself said, the siblings occupied almost all the positive roles. If he could do it, it was nothing remarkable because they had already done it before him.

If there was no unexpected situation, Ron would never use new things, wear Bill's old robes, use Charlie's old wand, and Percy would throw unwanted mice, and the ball would wear ungraceful second-hand dresses that had been bought...

Perhaps for the Weasleys, this was the best allocation they could make from a family perspective in a distressed living environment, but all this was unfairly unfair to a child.

Harry's generosity is certainly a manifestation of kindness, but in Elena's opinion, besides reaping a series of local despots and a follower, in fact, he has not been able to lead Ron in the positive direction he should.

It even makes him feel that the kind of self-doubt he has abandoned is more serious.

Because, from the beginning, Ron did not need mercy or to become a big star.

What Ron wanted was actually very simple, but also very complicated: that society and his loved ones recognize and value the existence of his "individuality."

The truth is there, but...

Elena looked as she entwined the Ferrero Rocher chocolate in Ron's hand.

The small chocolates are covered in milk chocolate and crushed hazelnuts, with wafers, smooth chocolate, and a whole hazelnut inside. At this close distance, Elena could clearly hear the crispy sound of the wafer layer breaking with her teeth.

QAQ ~ (touching the finger in silent grievance).

The silver-haired Loli swallowed, contained a smile, and took another bite of the sandwich. It seemed to be the snack that Father Benítez specially bought for her.

The big dog over there, what do you see? Hurry and say something!

She glanced at Harry Potter, who was sitting in his seat curiously looking at the items on the cart, Elena grumbled fiercely.

Help her at least to order a glass of pumpkin juice first ~ ~ Don't ever let her go to the suitcase to fetch a bottle of Coca-Cola, that's not doing yourself a favor!



P.S. Yes, to speak of something off-topic, let's talk about this chapter. (A bit long, you can skip it)

I know that many people may not like Ron. Many HP colleagues assume that the black Ron is a glorious political correctness.

Not only because he stole Hermione, but also because he is too mediocre compared to other characters, full of various deficiencies, just like us, fools, in reality.

At first, I wondered if I would continue writing about him as a background or harlequin to the protagonist. However, when I took Ron's perspective and thought about how he would see the world at this age, I suddenly felt sorry for him.

Why can Neville be mentioned with a little effort and change, and Ron's hard work and all kinds of growth along the way will be infinitely underestimated, and justified as if he were in the Weasley household? Many people say, why does Fred have to die, it would be better if Ron died. At first glance, it seems to agree with everyone's good news, but that known cruelty is actually the length of time that happens to each of us, and personal value is erased...

Therefore, Elena returns, she is not a complete white lady of justice. She is a bit diabolical, a great three-generation demon, and an enemy of magical animals, but like me, her purpose is to turn this story into a fairy tale. And fairy tales, all of them, will not be lacking in drugs or irrelevant.

It seems to me that villains, having a faceless schizophrenic killer, are enough.

As the human arsenal of the author of "The Age of Innocence Against the Current" said at the end of the edition, I hope everyone is treated warmly by this world.