Chapter 48 You Are Looking For A Frog, What Is The M

Big dog... Oh no, to be precise, Harry Potter's kind classmate didn't keep Elena waiting long.

He turned to look at the two people in the carriage who were exchanging food. The poor little wizard shone in his eyes. Harry felt the Gringotts in his pocket burn like fire.

"Ma'am, what kind of food do you have here?" Harry asked.

"Oh, dear, that would be too much, everything is inside."

After banging the wall continuously, he finally saw hope in the little wizard, the attitude of the fat witch clearly improved a lot, she took out a list of products and hastily handed it to Harry.

(Hogwarts Express Snack List-click to expand)

Harry quickly glanced at the list of products, nearly all strange foods that he had never seen. The boy pondered it, handed back the little list to the fat witch, and took a handful of gold from his pocket. Holding the gold, he said cheerfully.

"Hello, I think you would give me a bit of all varieties."

So, under Elena's gaze, Ron and the train crew adoring the local tyrant, Harry returned to the compartment with lots of food, and it all fell into the empty space next to Elena at once. Sitting (Ron), smiled at the little friends in the cubicle, and said shyly.

"Let's try it together, I can't finish eating so much alone."

Before this, Harry had never given anything to anyone, and no one actually shared with him. Now that he had the chance to sit with his classmates and enjoy the snacks and cakes he bought, it made Harry feel great.


"Don't worry about me, I'm still not hungry."

The little silver-haired loli burped helplessly, waved her hand stubbornly and recast "Standard, Elemental Spell".

To prove that Mrs. Weasley's sandwich was really delicious, Elena had to bite the bullet and finish all the sandwiches. The hole she dug herself had to jump through tears.

I must say that although she dared not praise the taste, Mrs. Weasley had put love into it. With four large sandwiches, Elena felt she could almost hold out until the evening feast.


Harry nodded and didn't insist further. He couldn't wait to pick up a pancake and stuff it in his mouth, he hadn't eaten anything in the morning and was already hungry. Ron, beside him, took a piece of pumpkin tart and learned to eat Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Invisible, invisible, invisible...

Elena focused all her attention on the "Standard, Elemental Spell", whispered softly, trying to ignore the two boys in front of her who seemed ravenous, and continued making sucking noises with their mouths.

"What's this?"

At that moment, Harry lifted a small pentagonal box with [Chocolate Frog] written on it, and asked curiously, "Aren't they real frogs?"

"It's just magic."

Ron shook his head and replied vaguely, trying to swallow the food in his mouth, and continued, "In fact, most people buy it just to collect cards, each pack contains a famous man and woman. I've saved almost 500 wizard cards, and now I have no cards for Agrigba and Portormi."

Magical chocolate?

Harry turned the small box in his hand with curiosity, and couldn't wait to break the seal and open the box.


As the box opened, a chocolate frog wriggled from side to side, before Harry could touch it. The chocolate frog wiggled its legs and hopped out of the box.

"Be careful!"

Ron's eyes widened and he loudly reminded Elena that she could avoid it in time.


Before Ron's voice faded, there was a clear collision in the air.

Elena raised her head to look at the black shadow flying towards her, calmly closed the book, and pressed the spine of the book with her left hand. The seemingly aggressive chocolate frog fell to the ground with a thud.

"Oh, it's really unfortunate, I forgot to warn you that after unpacking, it will be very unpleasant the first time, unfortunately."

Ron looked at the chocolate frog that was awkwardly crawling on the ground, and said with pity that it seemed impossible to eat...

Without waiting for the thought in his mind to finish, a small white hand grabbed the body of the chocolate frog and pinched it precisely.

"No matter, haven't you heard of the three-second rule?"

Elena gently shook off the ashes of the chocolate frog and said carelessly.

"Three seconds...rule, what's that?"

Ron frowned and repeated Elena's words, asking in confusion.

Elena smiled slightly and was about to respond.

Just then, there was a knock on the door outside the compartment. A girl with thick brown hair entered, and like Elena, she was also wearing the Hogwarts school robe.

"Have any of you seen a frog? Neville has lost a frog." Although she was asking for help, her tone sounded arrogant and unassuming.

There is no doubt that the last member of the original Golden Trio, Hermione Granger, who can be called the forbidden catalogue of magic in the world of Harry Potter, finally appeared, although due to not having gone through the monster event, the character is still a bit off.

Elena raised her head at the sound and looked at the door expectantly. She couldn't help but brighten her eyes.

Well, she's not black. From the aspect of appearance, she at least has more than 90% similarity to the young actress Emma Watson from the previous life movie. To be precise, I don't know if it's an illusion. Elena feels that the girl looks even prettier from a beauty standpoint.

However, according to the original plot, at this point Ron should be performing a spell in front of Harry, trying to turn the spots on his mouse yellow. But due to Elena's appearance, Ron still seems to have no idea of taking his broken wand out of the box.

From Elena's point of view, there is no desire to actively cast magic to provoke the thinking of a dangerous and insignificant witch who has transformed into a mouse. After all, she is acting boldly and not arbitrarily.

The little dwarf Peter is different from Professor McGonagall. Just like him, a wicked man who has no bounds to save his life, Elena has no doubt that once something threatens her life, Peter will revert to his original form and then be devastated.

Therefore, without fully understanding, Elena has no intention of actively trying to confront the star dwarf Peter.

Anyway, Rina doesn't care whether Ron has failed to cast spells or if Hermione Jr. has successfully demonstrated the power of a bully in front of Harry Potter and Ron. She just wants to be part of the crowd silently observing.

The silver-haired loli narrowed her eyes and happily nibbled her chocolate frog.


The crisp chocolate echoed in the small box, and the three instinctively turned to look at Elena.

They saw a brown chocolate frog without a head weakly writhing in the girl's right hand and gradually stopping moving.

"You!" Little Hermione's eyes instinctively widened, her right hand covering her horrified mouth, her face turning pale.

Elena looked at the three people incomprehensibly, blinked, and murmured.

"Harry, Ron, why does it seem strange to you? Haven't you seen anyone eat a chocolate frog?"

With that, the girl continued to chew calmly. Navi lost a frog, what does it have to do with Elena eating a chocolate frog?

The train compartment suddenly fell into a strange silence, leaving Elena nibbling on the chocolate frog.

Click, click.