Chapter 49 The World Is Amazing

"Is it really just chocolate?"

After Ron's explanation, Hermione's color finally returned to normal, and she looked suspiciously at the small pentagonal box in her hand. [Chocolate Frog].

"My name is Hermione Granger and I am very pleased to meet you. I think I'll continue looking for Neville's toads now."

After the little scare, Hermione's tone was significantly weaker. Her eyes quickly glanced at Elena, who was putting the last chocolate frog leg into her mouth, nodded and was about to leave.

Do you want to run away? That won't work.

Elena narrowed her eyes, sucked the chocolate off her fingers, smiled at Hermione, and said softly.

"Wait, please stay."

The grammar used by the silver-haired loli is very strange, like the extremely rigid usage of foreigners who don't understand English. While speaking, Elena stood up and quickly approached the door.


Hermione hesitated, watching the silver-haired girl approach slowly, wondering what she meant.

"You are moving very slowly this way, and the efficiency is not high. Don't be so anxious when you encounter problems, come and sit for a while, we can discuss and help you together."


Elena curled a corner of her mouth and stretched her feet to push the compartment door back, while pulling Hermione's hand. Although she had not yet responded, she dragged Granger halfway into the seat.

Hermione, who was normally a gentle girl, had some strength, which could not be compared to the strange power of Elena who had been training with the priest and father since she was a child, and weakly resisted for a moment, and was firmly pressed into the seat.

She looked at the delicate face of the silver-haired girl and the traces of chocolate left at the corners of her lips. Hermione panicked, weak and finally struggled.

"No, wait, I have to..."

"Shut up, obediently eat sweets, listen to me first."

Elena shook her head and involuntarily took the remaining half of the Ferrero box from Ron's hand, peeled a chocolate ball into Hermione's mouth, and directly blocked her subsequent words.

"First, do you know the appearance of this toad? Secondly, have you estimated the distribution of the toad's position according to its movement speed? Finally, as a first-year student, can you guarantee that so many older students will be willing to help you?"

With a bunch of problems like fireworks from Elena, Hermione's body, which was originally full of resistance, gradually softened and shook her head in astonishment. Indeed, she had started out with enthusiasm, and just wanted to help the poor-looking boy with the round face and had not thought too carefully.

"So what should you do?" Hermione quickly swallowed the Ferrero in her mouth, raised her head, and asked slightly disapprovingly, "You should never give up in the face of difficulties."

"Of course not."

Elena raised her eyebrows, laughed proudly, and turned to look at Harry, saying, "Harry, can you lend me some galleons temporarily? I'll return them when we get to school."

"Eh? Oh, okay."

Listening carefully to the conversation between the two, Harry quickly nodded, counted out a galleon from his pocket and placed it in Elena's palm, looking at Elena curiously, not knowing what she was up to.

"Wait for me..."

Elena collected the galleons, opened the compartment door, looked around, and quickly ran out.

After about two or three minutes, the girl returned panting to the compartment door, clapped happily, and said with a smile, "Alright, I got it. Granger, you can sit here quietly. I think it won't be long before Neville's toad is delivered here."

"Eh? Why?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

"It's very simple, have you heard of a reward?"

Elena proudly narrowed her eyes and wagged her index finger.

"I just asked the train auntie, told her that every time I passed by a drawer, as long as I picked up a street toad and sent it, not only would I get free carriage food worth two galleons, but I would also know a secret passage that most Hogwarts students have never been to."

"A secret passage? I remember it was mentioned in 'History of Hogwarts School,' but it was never recorded where they are. Do you know where the secret passages are?"

Hermione reacted immediately with curiosity in her eyes, looking at Elena.

"Of course, this is the secret that Dumbledore personally told me. On the eighth floor of the castle, behind two ugly stone beasts, there is a need to say the password to enter that mysterious place. The password changes at random, but most of it gets eaten."

Elena smiled mysteriously, looked at the three children with bright eyes, and was eager to see what expression would be encountered in the headmaster's office if they followed the guide to clear the way.

"In short, thank you. If there's nothing else, can I go first?"

Hermione nodded, and after carefully recording Elena's words, she got up and straightened the folds of her robe, preparing to leave.

Since you've all come, do you want to leave? This little Hermione is not good...

Elena rolled her eyes, suddenly frowned, licked her lips, and added in a murmuring and low tone:

"Of course you can leave. However, I can't guarantee that I won't end up accidentally eating the poor toad like another chocolate frog later. So, I suggest you stay here and watch with us."

QAQ!!! X3

This time, not only Hermione, but also Ron and Harry's expressions changed, looking in horror at the silver-haired girl standing at the compartment door, as if they had seen a particularly terrible beast.


After glancing at the three children who were close to the enemy, Elena laughed wryly. The terrifying expression she deliberately put on her face disappeared as fast as the first snow that met the sunlight.

"I was joking, how could I do such a thing?"

"Ugh...I just said it, Elena, the expression you just put on scared me. Harry, don't you agree?"

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief, she couldn't help but roll her eyes and angrily hit Elena's hand.

Beside them, Harry and Ron nodded in agreement, particularly in combination with Elena's skillful set of maneuvers - hitting, grabbing, biting - which left a small psychological shadow on them.

"Yes, I almost believed it was true."

"Yes, it was truly terrifying."

Elena blinked. It seems that during the time she was absent, the trio had already introduced and completed the preliminary construction of the small group.

Without the damage caused by the two magical contrasts, it seems that at least the first impression is not as bad as in the original.

But... Hermione, the girl, dared to shoot at her, that's not right. In the future, the family should have a clear distinction between right and wrong from the start. Elena thought about it and said softly,

"Not to mention that the toad has a certain toxicity, even non-toxic toads contain many parasites, so try not to eat them raw."

The silver-haired girl said as she stuck out her pink tongue and licked her upper lip. In the eyes of the three little wizards who were gradually becoming astonished and frightened, she seemed excited and serious.

"However, toads not only have high nutritional value, but their meat quality is also exceptionally delicious and healthy. Therefore, the correct way to cook them is to pinch, remove the head, peel, remove the viscera, and then cook or roast it. After all, it's cooked..."

Knock, knock.


Before Elena could finish, there was a rhythmic tapping on the exterior door, and then the door swung open.

Three boys entered through the door, led by a pale boy with shining golden hair. Behind him were two chubby boys, like his bodyguards. The chubby boy on the left held a greenish-yellow toad in his hand.

"I heard that just by bringing this here, you can meet one..."

Draco Malfoy asked as he opened the door, looking expectantly towards the cubicle.

As the door opened, the boy just caught the last words from Elena, and then he stared intently at the figure with silver hair with her back towards him. His expression suddenly turned fearful, and subconsciously he wanted to shut the door.

"Sorry, we got it wrong."


The cubicle's door was firmly grabbed by the person and couldn't be shut again.

Elena turned around, and the blue eyes of the lake gently looked at the toad on the chubby boy's back, and then turned her gaze to the blonde wizard in front of her. Unexpectedly, Malfoy and his entourage had found Neville's toad...

"Hey, Draco, we meet again, aren't you in a hurry? The world is truly wonderful, don't you think?"